13 years earlier - the camping trip

Posted Feb. 22, 2021, 10:47 a.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Leslie Dean (Xorem) (Anomalous Individual) in 13 years earlier - the camping trip

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in 13 years earlier - the camping trip

Posted by Civilian Leslie Dean (Xorem) (Anomalous Individual) in 13 years earlier - the camping trip
OOC: At this time, Leslie thought of herself as female. She is also known as Leslie; Xorem hasn’t happened yet.
Adam - name of older boy Leslie and Eve has eye on - athletic, tall, good looking, 16 year old, brother of Sarah. Joins the police at colony as adult and rises through ranks to become Police Chief. (age 16 (camping trip) - 29 (Leslie’s return))
Sarah - best friends with Eve and Leslie, firstly Eve, then Leslie. Doesn’t understand their interest in her brother. Taste in music similar to best friends, academic. Enters science to help work out why Leslie disappeared, still on planet when Leslie returns as Xorem) (age 13 (camping trip) - 26 (Leslie’s return))
Eve - Leslie’s friend who has eye on Adam - best friend with Leslie since they first met years earlier. Before that friends with Sarah. Ecclectic (unusual) taste in music. Enters the colonial’s medical department and rises through ranks to being a leader in emergency medicine on the planet, the kind that would be called on if someone appears years later. (age 13 (camping trip) - 26 (Leslie’s return))
(Adam, Sarah and Eve can have names changes - if you want to change names, go for it)

IC: Leslie sat in her room brushing her hair, it was golden blonde and long, if she was going to go camping she had to look her best, Adam would hopefully be there with his dreamy blue eyes and …

“Leslie, we’re going camping, not on a cruise,” her mother called up to her.

“Coming mum,” she replied, but instead focused on brushing her hair and made no move towards the door and stairs.

Not being able to catch up on Risa Heights 90210 would put her at a disadvantage over these next few days, but at least Eve and Sarah won’t have seen the episode either and won’t spoil it for her. The backstabbing Betazoid on the show would hopefully get her commupance in the upcoming episode for the stunt she pulled to break up the new Klingon female character and the hot Deltan life that had rejected her like a million times already.

But camping, ewww, insects, dirt, no proper showers, no proper toilets for three days. Horrible! But she couldn’t stay here by herself, or so her parents told her.

“You got your bag ready, hon?” that was her dad, Nicolas, and Leslie nodded and said, “over there, dad!”

“I said 1 bag, honey, not 3. Remember I said we’re hiking to the camp and then setting up the tent?”

“But the makeup, the remover, the hair gel, the straighteners, all of that’s in one of them, and I need new clothes each dad, and if Adam is there, I need to look my best.”

“You look beautiful anyway, dear.”

“Well of course I do, but I’ve got zits. And Adam doesn’t want to see my zits, he might go far Eve not me if there are any zits he can see.”

“Leslie! Eve’s here,” her mother, Caroline called up to her.

“Coming mum,” Leslie replied, but she looked one more time in the mirror and brushed an errant curl out of her face, before putting the brush and another lipstick in her makeup kit and heading downstairs.

“Three bags, dad, I have three bags,” Leslie told him, passing him on the way downstairs.

“Four bags total, there are four bags” Nicolas grumbled, “I said 1 bag each, but no, you needed three, didn’t you.”

“Love you dad,” Leslie said, blowing him a kiss as she went downstairs, “Hello, Eve,” she said, “ready for the camp?”

  • Leslie Dean (pre anomalous nature)

Eve grinned, “Yes! I can’t wait. Hey you have your skin protectant right? It’s supposed to be very clear. Oh and you did start drinking extra water?” She had her bag and looked politely at Mr Dean. “Where should I put my bag Mr. Dean?” She looked back at Leslie, “Hey are you recording Risa Heights 90210? First thing when we get back we HAVE to watch it.” She looked around again, “Are Sarah and Adam still coming?”

“We have it on demand on Lobeflix,” Leslie answered with a smile, “I kept on begging dad to get it until he caved in, didn’t you dad?”

“Between you and your 90210 and your mum and her desperate housewives of whatever planets, I had to do it so I could get some time in the lab.” Nicolas replied, and looked at Eve, “just here with the others, pleased you kept to the one bag, as requested. If you have forgotten anything, I’m sure that Leslie can give it to you to loan, she seems to have a lot there for a brief camping trip.”

Eve looked at Leslie, “3 bags? I’m not helping you carry it…well maybe…the lightest one.” She grinned, teasing her friend. They both knew that Eve would help her no matter what.

Caroline stuck head around the corner, “Message from Sarah and Adam’s parents, they’ll meet us at the campsite.”

Eve’s eyes lit up. She adored Adam, and of course Sarah was her other closest friend. She was eager to get to the campsite and for their weekend.

“Well let’s get going,” Nicolas said, “the bags are loaded. Remember, you brought three bags, Leslie, you’ll be the one to take them to the campsite when we get there.”

“Get in girls,” he said, pointing to the backseat, once they were in he opened the door open for Caroline before getting in behind the wheel. It wasn’t long before they were off on the journey to the campsite.

“So Eve,” Caroline said, looking back at her, “how’s your family after the accident?”

  • Leslie Dean pre anomalous nature and family

Eve rolled her eyes in Leslie’s direction. Everyone wanted to know about the ‘accident.’ But Caroline was so sweet and actually cared about her and her family. “Oh we’re okay. You know Dad is an expert pilot, can fly anything! He’s the best in Star Fleet!” Eve was a daddy’s girl. She adored him. “Mom is still a little banged up, but she refuses to get into any kind of transport now. Before she’d only get in if Dad was piloting now she won’t get in anything. Dad says she’s going to have to see a shrink, but I don’t think making her smaller will work. She says she can walk or use a transporter. And she really freaks out when dad goes on duty. I mean it’s not like he’s fighting anyone, just shuttling important people around. I think he misses being on a star ship, but he took this position because Mom hated it.” Eve chattered away the whole time. When the car finally stopped she jumped out digging for her bag ready to run to the trail head. “Leslie, do you see Sarah or Adam anywhere? Are they here yet?”

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