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Posted Feb. 22, 2021, 11:16 a.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

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After visiting medical, Jin’Lor took himself and Jeane to the counselor, which was a lot easier to get to without the teenager fighting him this time. He stepped through the door calmly, Jeane close behind, and gave a quick wave again.

“We made it, finally.” He grunted, glancing to the silver haired teenager.

Dean looked up from the console. More kids, their small three room wing was going to have to move. He put in a request on the computer to talk to engineering immediately. “Hello En. How can I help you?”
Crewman Dean, Counseling Administrative Assistant

Jin’Lor offered a slightly forced smile, patting Jeane’s shoulder. “We’re here to check in.” He informed Dean calmly. “Right, Jeane?”

Jeane nodded calmly, looking to the counselor. After the visit to Medical the teen seemed to have calmed down a lot.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

Dean nodded, he needed a name, but he supposed he would figure it out. “Jeane?” Dean flicked through several screens. “Ah Jeane Venneroe? And that would make you Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe, his father, assigned to science?” Dean was really glad the Lt wasn’t here. The woman, for all that she was, really liked kids. And she’d taken on enough. So she could meet the newest one after she was off medical leave. She needed the break and apparently orders by the doctor were the only way to make her do so. “En Watkins will be right with you. In the mean time you are welcome to sit or wander the corridors. We have several recreational rooms on this deck, and right there,” Dean pointed to the starboard corridor and the first door there, “is a mini mess hall if you are hungry or thirsty.”

Watkins, female, human, and middle aged walked into the large central space. She’d started out enlisted until she earned a field commision and earned the rank of ensign. “Hello En Venneroe. I’m En Watkins and I will be handling your onboarding today.”
En Watkins, jr counselor
Crewman Dean, Admin assistant

Jin’Lor looked to Jeane, but the boy only shook his head and refused to leave his adoptive father’s side. With an exhausted sigh, the geneticist brushed a hand over his dark hair and adjusted the ponytail it was in. “We’ll just sit until En Watkins arrives. Thank you.” He stated and gestured for the winged teen to sit. He was uncomfortable with having to force Jeane to speak with councilors, but the boy needed them to help get past his trauma.

Both sitting, they waited patiently.

When Watkins arrived, Jin’Lor looked to the woman and got to his feet calmly. “Hello,” He said calmly. “Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe. Nice to meet you.” Glancing to his son, he offered a closed mouth smile. “My son here, Jeane, has to see a councilor to help get past his…trauma.”

“It’s nice to meet you, En Venneroe. Or do you prefer Jin’Lor?” Everyone had a preference on how they liked to be addressed, and in this particular setting, Watkins always wanted to respect that. Watkins nodded and turned towards Jeane. She had seen how close Jeane stayed to his father, considering the boy appeared to be around 16 years old. Most teenagers suffered through these check-ins and had a good teenage sulk away from their parents. If Jeane was feeling nervous she didn’t want to seperate hi m from Jin’Lor or put him in a tiny office, and make him uncomfortable. “In that case, Jeane, would you feel more comfortable in my office, with your father and I, or would you like us to all go to a larger area?”
Lt jg Watkins, counselor

“Jin’Lor is fine.” The geneticist answered calmly and looked to Jeane, expecting the boy to actually answer for himself.

“I’m Sarah.”

Looking to his own wings, Jeane considered the two options. “I’d prefer a larger area.” The teen told her in a soft voice. “My wings get stiff if I press them to my back too long.” He also hated being in these tiny rooms so much. Almost all his life he had been locked away in a room where his choices were limited. The freedom of walking around was always nice. Despite having wings, he hated admitting that he could not fly.

Watkins nodded, “How about the holodeck then?” She led them up from deck 32 to 28 and to the holodeck. She asked the computer for a replica of the ARU holiday planet, coastal region and then stepped through the doors when the computer trilled. “The real thing is very nice, and hopefully we’ll get back around again in a few months. I hope you like the beach. If not there are many other locations we can pick from.”
Lt jg Watkins, Counselor

The moment they were in the room, Jeane seemed enthralled by the beach scenery. A slight smile crossed his face as he looked around, tugging at the long braid that was his silver hair. “Wow,” He said, still smiling. “I’ve never seen a beach before…”

Jin’Lor ruffled the young teen’s hair gently. “We’ll see one someday, kiddo.” He said with a smile before looking to Watkins and deciding to let his adopted son do most of the talking at this point.

Sarah nodded, “You should. This is a replica of a planet that is specifically for the ARU ships to use for shore leave. We’ll be visiting again. And when you have leave you can always go there on your own, if you wish. And you can visit any time here on the holodeck. There are thousands of beaches to choose from.”

Jeane fixed his hair and stared at Watkins with curiosity. “You seem like a nice person. Are you going to help me overcome my fear of…men? And, uhm, is there someone who can help me learn to fly? I’ve never flown before because…” Letting the words trail off, he looked to Jin’Lor in silent hope for help with this. Sadly, the only answer he got was a shake of the head, a sign he needed to face these things rather than depend on his adoptive father for everything.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Sarah tipped her head to the side very slightly while she listened. “I can certainly do that if you want to work on it. I’m here whenever you are ready. Now as for flying, I don’t know. We do have someone on board with wings who flies. But I can’t speak to if she would be willing.” She looked at En Venneroe, “You would have to talk to her. She’s very strict about how her daughter flies, so I’m not sure how she would feel about it. It would never hurt to ask though.” Sarah walked down the beach a little to where there were some chairs and sat down. “So your choice Jeane. Would you prefer to talk to me first or your father, he needs to get his onboarding done as well.”
Lt Watkins, Counselor

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