Planning a birthday party

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Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Planning a birthday party

Posted by Lieutenant Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in Planning a birthday party

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Planning a birthday party
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Luna headed to the lounge it was after Cerenity had gone to bed for the night and she had some one watching the child. She had sent a message to all of the crew that had spent a good amount of time with. This list included but was not limited to the capten, Xo, Consuler, SOC, and Kara. She know not all of them would be able to help her plan the child’s party but she wanted to give then the chance to help.

Entering 5he lounge she looked around then found a nice spot to sit near the windows. She hoped pants spider did not show up again it was starting to creap her out how often she had spotted the anomaly outside of containment. But luckily this time she did not see it. So she setled to waiting of the others to join her.
Ensign Luna

Nakuto entered the lounge with her usual defiant-but-exhausted swagger. Acquiring a large mug of raktajino, she crossed to Luna’s table and collapsed into the opposite seat.
“It is sometimes customary, in Klingon households, to begin a birthday celebration with a circle of painsticks.” She roared with laughter and gulped down some coffee. “But I suspect you have something more pleasant in mind for Cerenity?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Luna blinked and raised her eyebrow. “We are not Klingon were not exactly human ether. ” she said then looked at the table. ” iv never actually thrown a birthday party for her before its dangerous but there are so many people onboard who love and will protect her if something does go wrong so its not like I have to fight alone” Luna said.

This was definitely not sumthing Luna would ever have done. There were so many risks. But she needed to trust the people she worked with. She was tired of being alone and cerenity could not live that way. She was so much more social then Luna.
Ensign Luna

Surda showed up in the doorway. “Ensign! How old do human children have to be before they get their first knives?” She looked to Kara then grinned. “Unless you’re offering her first knife. I imagine Klingons have similar traditions.” She didn’t need to imagine, she had been married to one. Briefly, but married none the less. “Perhaps a plant then…” She mused.
-Surda, CoS (Mysterious Klingon’s ex-wife)

Casela walked in and laughed at Surda, “Of course they do.” She grinned at Kara, “But if you both are planning on knives, I think I’ll give Luna a break and think of something else. Hmmm…maybe a tactical bracelet.” She grabbed a water with lime from the bar and then took a seat. “Of course it’s not a Betazoid tradition, but it was in our family. My cousin and I got matching bracelets and daggers for our birthdays one year.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

OOC: Cerenity and the Murder Aunts

Luna stared wide eyes at the three of them. ” Realy pain stick knives and and a combat bracelet? One Cerenity is not and will never be a Klingon worrier, we for you two what kind of trouble do you think she will get into. Also what is a combat bracelet? also I asked you guys to help me plan her birthday party i don’t really know what I’m doing” Luna admitted. Then looked to Surda and kara. ” If you two give her knives there staying with you and the two of you. An teach her how to use them” she said. Though she got the strange feeling that Kara would give the child a bat’leth. That was not something Cerenity needed access to.
Ensign Luna

Surda nodded firmly. “A plant it is.” Botany was an equally important skill for children. She ran through the many cultures she had observed, and how they celebrated birthdays. “Usually, there is a desert or favorite food, games, and gifts. Clearly we have considered gifts already.”
-Surda, CoS (Culture expert???)

Casela laughed, “The combat bracelet would be more for you, Luna. Cerenity would wear it. It has a tracker in it allowing for quite a far range. It has some other nasty surprises, like being able to take it off and it becomes a mini explosive, and a garrote inside, but I’d remove those first. In all seriousness though, I think Cerenity would prefer the learning tricorder I got her. I have no idea what Gen is planning, but it’s probably fuzzy socks.” Casela thought about it. “Maybe ask Doc Fey or Kindle about a cake. And usually a favorite food for the meal.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Luna smiled at Casela” I the idea of giving her a tracker she would probably prefer the trycoder though” Luna agreed giggling. ” Cerenit’s favorite food is pizza but that doesn’t work for everyone who would be coming LT do you know ether of those officers will iv never meet them” she said then thought for a moment. Cerenity
would love the lazer tag game LT. Surda came up with. But they would need to tone it down a lot for it to be safe for the children. ” how about that Lazer tag we could tone it down to be safe for the children. Let them capten a team and play a few rounds?”Luna said thoughtfully.
Ensign Luna.

“Pizza if fine. A birthday party is not about the guests, but about celebrating Cerenity. If she likes Pizza then we can all have pizza. We’re all adults. We can eat or not and if not we are capable of finding our own meal. Kindle is the captain’s yoeman (OOC: she is on eLOA) and Fey Kastil is our previous CMO but has transferred to science. Her sister is a quadrant renowned pastry chef. If you give her enough time she can get you something.”

Surda perked up at that and smiled sunnily. “I can alter the game.”
-Surda, CoS

” would that satisfy the safety requirements for you daughter Casela? ” Luna asked. Trying to be informal for a moment speaking parent to parent. She had come to the conclusion that Gen was Casela’s child as there was no parent to meet and the way she spoke about her. ” the girls might enjoy a sleep over if I can ever get Cerenity to sleep through the night” Luna thought quietly. Such a possibility could be discussed latter. Knowing Casela Cerenity would probably have to spend the with her and Gen. Witch Luna was willing to consider. But that was for another time. She shook her head and focused back on the task at hand.
Ensign Luna

Casela didn’t acknowledge the comment of her daughter. It was what most people would understand. Those on the crew that needed to know about the situation did know. “Yes that will be fine for her. I’ll talk to her about it before hand.” She didn’t know how Gen would feel about holding a phaser, even though fake. She shied away from anything reminding her of her old life, but Casela would be there and keep an eye on her. “Hmmm we’ll see. I’m not sure Gen would go, but maybe we could arrange an overnight camping trip on the holodeck?” The idea of kumbaya with others made her want to roll her eyes, but Gen did seem to like Cerenity. As long as Cerenity wasn’t trying to claim Casela for herself.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

As if summoned by the mention of her the shadows in the room converged for a split second and Gen phased upwards to come to a stop at Casela’s elbow. She held a medium sized box in her hands and seemed to be concentrating on not dropping it. “I found a gift.” She declared and gave an actual smile.


Casela smiled at Gen and the careful way she was holding the box, “I see that. Do you want to tell us what you picked?” Her voice was soft, and she pulled a chair out for Gen to sit next to her. Situating it in such a way that Casela still had room to move freely and quickly. She had never been clausterphobic, but in her line of work she never liked to be hemmed in. This was a feeling that gotten much worse in the last weeks, boardering on obsesive or even phobic. She’d spoken to Zeicest about it several times, but they couldn’t seem to pin point the why. Casela was of the mind that it was simply old habits that refused to be silent. Zeicest wasn’t so sure.

Gen sat and carefully pushed the box onto the surface. “They are shoes with wheels.” She said sounding proud of her idea. “I got some for my birthday once.” She added somewhat sadly.

Luna started facing her wings out and falling backwards in her chair. She looked up and blinked several times before giggling . ” Gen right? Sorry about that I was abit startled. I’m Luna cerenity’s mother” she said as she stood up picked up the chair then gestured to and empty seat. ” why don’t you join us we are planning cerenity’s birthday party.” She paused thinking for a moment. ” Gen you have to promise not to tell Cerentiy its a surprise ok” she added.
Ensign Luna

The girls eyes widened slightly and she drew slightly closer to Casela. She nodded silently in agreement to the keeping of the secret.

” thats really nice Gen I’m sure Cerenity will love them. Perhaps the two of you can have fun with them on the holodeck” Luna said hoping to briten gen’s mood. She felt bad for startling her. Unfortunately there were some responses she did not have total control of. ” im sorry I startled you im a bit jumpy” she said.

Casela squeezed her shoulder, “How about we get you another pair. Then you can teach Cerenity how to use them,” She glanced at Luna hoping that was okay. It would give the girls something else to do together.

Casela, seemingly relaxed sighed internally to herself as Luna fell over. Really the woman had a child that flew and worked on the flag ship of the ARU. Such things should not create such a reaction at this point. Yes it was suprising, but she needed to be made of sterner stuff if she was going to make it here. The day Gen arrived on board was testament to that. They were all, the entire senior staff, shocked, wary and ready to move, but they hadn’t screamed, jumped, fallen over, or fired a weapon at her. Okay where there was the thing with Fenrir, but he’d been tampered with so that didn’t count. Taking a moment to process her own thoughts, Casela had to admit, just to herself, she was irritated over the reaction, more out of protectiveness of Gen than anything else.

Gen rarely came around other adults, and this was a big deal for her to show up here. Casela turned, catching the eye of one of the bar tenders and gave a brief nod. He was over in a minute with Gen’s favorite drink and then slipped away. Casela laid her arm across the back of Gen’s chair and nodded towards Luna. “Gen is very good with secrets. So, Gen, this is Miss Luna, Ms Surda, and Ms Karra. I know you’ve seen them, but not had a chance to meet them yet.” Gen stayed on the counseling deck or with her and Ryder. She liked Cobb too, but that seemed to be the extent of her social adventures.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Swapping the box for the drink she held it in two hands and stared at the carbonated drinks bubbles a moment intently. Her eyes glowing as the bubbles increased. She smiled, stopped staring at it and sipped through a straw.

Surda smiled fondly. She barely knew the girl, but Casela clearly held her in high regard. “Hi Gen. It’s nice to see you again.”
-Surda, CoS

Gen smiled in response and went back to her drink.


” Gen what kind of activities do you and cerenity like to do together?” Luna asked gently. Trying not to draw attention to Gen’s abilities. She know what it wS like to be strang and as amazing as Gen’s powers were she did not think Gen would appreciate being told that.
Ensign Luna

“We do puzzles and explore.” Gen said, her attention still on her drink. She turned and looked at Luna a moment then away again.


” Well ill make sure there ar some puzzles for you two.” Luna said hoping that would bring a smile to gen’s face.
Ensign Luna

Casela picked up her drink and sipped at it. “What do you think Gen. What kind of decorations would you think Cerenity would like?” Gen seemed willing to talk and her last solid memory had been of a birthday or other party. It had made her happy, even though she missed her family.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

Surda tilted her head towards Casela, trying to sort of push a thought at her, the way she used to when she wanted Neeina’s attention. Is a 3D puzzle too advanced? She’d rather not admit she hadn’t kept up on human development rates out loud to the child in question’s mother.
-Surda, CoS

Casela casually turned her head in Surda’s direction and shook her head ‘no.’ A 3D puzzle would be perfect for Cerenity. She was smart enough to figure it out. It would give her a greater challenge too.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Surda signed a quick thank you back, knowing that even if Casela didn’t catch the sign, she’d feel her gratitude.
-Surda, CoS

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