Learning To Fly

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Jin’Lor entered the lounge with Jeane close behind. His mind was on finding ways to help his adoptive son learn how to fly. For the past two years he had been trying with all his patience to get the boy to attempt flying off heights of all kinds, but all they did was leave with the teen clinging to him in tears.

Noticing Luna in the lounge, he stopped instantly and hid his knives with his old lab coat before she could notice them. Everyone knew he was no threat, but he had a feeling this woman had a great dislike for him and did not want to give her reasons to have more dislike for him. “Jeane,” He said, getting the teenager’s attention. “Now is as good a time as any.”

Jeane had stopped before entering the room, having almost forgotten his wings and hide the doorframe like a fool again. Folding them against his back, he stepped in just as Jin’Lor spoke up. “Okay,” He mumbled and turned his lavender eyes to Luna. Tapping each finger against his thumbs to help stay calm, he walked over to Luna with a weak smile. “Uhm…hi…” He said with a slight squeak to his voice. “Would you teach me how to fly?”

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Luna was setled at a table eating Roman noodles with Cerenity. The pair turned to look at Jeane. Luna spotted her dad a few feet away. She nodded to him then looked to Jeane. ” Take a seat sweetheart let’s talk? Do you actually want to fly or is your dad making you learn? Take a moment to think about it ill get you sumthing to eat” She asked gently. She left and returned with a bowl of beaf Roman. ” I assume you don’t eat Bird as well?” She asked as she set the food infront of him. The boy would need the energy if he was going to learn to fly.
Ensign Luna

Jeane watched Luna as she went to get food, taking a seat next to Cerenity and smiling to her. “I really want to learn to fly. I’m just very shy and dad made me ask instead of doing it for me. He says being brave enough to ask for help is the first step.” He explained to Luna and was happy she did not bring him any bird to eat. “No, I don’t eat bird and neither does dad. Thank you for the food.”

” Nether do Cerenity and I Eat up if your going to learn to fly you will need energy” Luna said gently. Taking some of the noodles of her food food. ” I’m glad to here you want to fly on your own. If you don’t want to fly then you never will alot of it is fealing and instinct. ” Luna said gently.

Jin’Lor kept his distance and got some coffee, knowing he would need it if Jeane started to have second thoughts about his desires to fly. Despite being an adorable teenager at only four feet eleven inches tall, his episodes could be a nightmare to handle. The geneticist just wanted to be prepared for the worst.

For now, he would let Jeane do most of the talking.

” I’ll go see if I can get a holodeck to practice in You and Cerenity stay here” Luna said getting up to leave. She put the dirty dish away then aproched Jin. ” Ill teach him to fly you can watch if you want but your not going to step in and rescue him. I will not let him get hurt” She said coldly to Jin she did not like the man. She cast a glace to Jeane. ” he may get upset in the end he needs to take the steps on his own understand” Luna said.

After speaking to Jin Luna Hadid off to see if she could get a Holodect to teach Jeane to fly.
Ensign luna

Jeane gladly ate the food, kicking his legs under the table as his wings twitched and stretched, an old habit he had developed from his confinement for so long. “Cerenity, when we met you said you live to fly. What’s it feel like to fly?” He asked the young girl.

” Its amazing i really don’t know how to describe it - it just feels right” she said with a smile.

Jin’Lor was surprised by Luna’s approach and her authoritative tone, but nodded in understanding. “I promise not to step in, but I warn you, Jeane is a bit of a crybaby.” He explained, glancing to his adopted son. “Most of his instincts for flying are gone because of the man who raised him before I adopted him. I think someone who won’t baby him is going to be a good thing. Thank you.” The geneticist was trying to stay kind, trying to ignore the coldness in Luna’s tone. He could tell she disliked him, but did not know why and figured kindness was his best choice with this winged woman.

” The instincts are there he lets his head get in the way. Nether Cerenity and I relay think about flying we simply do it” Luan said. This man did not know much about instinct nor about Human/Avines. Do to the changes in there genetic structure there instincts ran stronger then in the average human. Though with out knowing Jeane’s past she had no way of knowing where he was born like Cerenity or created like she was. There were slight differences.

Looking to Jeane and Cerenity as Luna left, Jin’Lor decided to keep an eye on the children and just drink his coffee in silence.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

When Luna returned she glared at Jin. ” Your free to come keep your hands off my daughter” she said as she passed them. ” I was able to get us a holodeck lets go children” Luna said gently. Then led them to the holodeck. Wen they stepped out into a holodeck they were on a cliff over looking a lake. ” Cerenity figured out flying on her own and started with no natural wind. But I think it’s best that you learn to glide” Luna said.

Cerenity giggled taking a running leap off the cliff opening her wings and gliding across the lake landing in the other side. ” You’re turn Jeane” Luna said.
Ensign Luna

When they stepped into the holodeck and Jeane found himself standing on a cliff, he started to shake slightly. “Oh, boy…” He murmured and watched Cerenity glide across as if it were nothing. “How do I get my wings to work like that?” He asked, turning his gaze to Luna. “My ma…er…Mr. Zeke, the man who raised me, never let me learn to fly or even look into how. Dad has been letting me read up on it and and it talks about instincts a lot, but…” The boy grimaced, embarrassed to say his instinct were not at all there yet.

” Dont think trust your wings to carry you. Take a ruing start jump and open your wings they will catch the wind and you will glide across the pond and land safe on the other side.” Luna said gently. She just needed to get him in the air she know his instinct would take over if he quit over thinking things.

Jin’Lor sighed when Luna told him not to touch Cerenity. He knew what she was assuming he would do and it always stung when people suggested he might experiment on another. The only person he ever experimented on was himself. That was why his nerve endings were ruined and he no longer felt the pain of injury. If he was being honest, he was embarrassed by this mishap, but would never speak of it.

“Would never even dream of it…” The geneticist muttered and decided to wait outside the holodeck. He felt it was best to keep his distance for now.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

” we can go together on three” Luna said. She contee to three befor jumping off the cliff and gliding to Cerenity. She expected Jeane to follow her.
Ensign Luna

Jeane gulped and followed Luna’s lead, jumping off the cliff. This was the first time he had ever felt enough bravery to do so and he half expected his wings to actually follow instinct, but they did not. He began to fall and panic shot through him. “Luna!” He cried out, closing his eyes tightly. Fear was overwhelming him, a sick feeling entering his stomach the further down he fell.

It always sucked when Jin’Lor was right about these things and Jeane wished his father were on the holodeck.

Civilian Jeane Venneroe

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