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Posted Feb. 22, 2021, 11:36 p.m. by Crewman Quinn Emery Kindle (Yeoman / RTF) (Cassa D)

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Posted by Crewman Quinn Emery Kindle (Yeoman / RTF) in Private Tutoring - RTF Combat Training

Casela’s eyes widened slightly. Quinn LIKED Cobb. She kept her grin off her face and looked back at the Klingon and Quinn. She’d grill Quinn about that later. “Computer Freeze program.” The Klingon froze and Casela walked over. “Okay so you know you’re short. And most male will fight with their upper body. It’s how they’re built, and you go with your strengths. So they’ll have to bend down to reach you. That makes them already off balance. You have a great idea of how to use your size to surprise them, but you’ve got to use your head. Look at how he’s standing, already leaning over to reach you. But his center of gravity has stayed the same, so now he’s off balance. If he dropped his stance, to lower that center, you’d be in trouble.” Casela walks around the still image. “He’s tall enough, and your fast enough, you could literally roll right underneath him and come up behind him if you needed to. Walk around, take a good look, where is he most vulnerable right now? And don’t look at the obvious. You need to rely more on your brain and ability to analyze than on instinct. Those are great, now we need to hone them.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS/RTF

Quinn pondered the stance of the Klingon warrior, and looked up at Casela, “His arms are out enough I could hit him in the armpits with the Mark VII, or I could hit the back of his knees and really throw off his balance, ” she saw a few other things too but she didn’t like playing dirty unless there was no other cause for it. Training session didn’t say to her to play mean but if Casela told her to try more forceful methods she would at least with the holographic partner she wouldn’t be sending anyone to Sickbay by accident.

  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

Casela nodded, “Good, but what do you do after you’ve dislocated his shoulder, or knocked him down to your size? And, girl, play dirty! They won’t expect it. Now in sparing,” Casela nodded her head side to side briefly, “that could be problematic with the wrong person, but here in the holodeck, use every trick at your disposal. Fighting like this can be life or death and they won’t play nice so you don’t either.”
Lt. Synthi-er, RTF

Quinn grinned cheekily at Casela, before she nodded, turning her attention to the Klingon warrior. “Well if I dislocate his shoulder that leaves his face open for an up close introduction of the flash grenade and possible K.O. after meeting the business end of the Mark VII,” she added after a moment, “Knocking him down to my size opens up various attacks depending on how he recovers.” she said lightly but giving exactly each counter when the warrior wasn’t moving wasn’t her normal way. If Casela wanted more she would prefer showing than telling.

  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

Casela grinned and stepped back out of the way. She liked how Quinn sized up what was going on, but knowing it and doing it were two totally different things and you needed to be able to think on your feet. Something was interesting about Quinn though and it took Casela a moment to realize what it was. Quinn was telepathic! Not only did she articulate what she was seeing in the opponent, but her mind was exceptionally clear. The connection was different though. Isiseans were telepathic? That was news to Casela, but, and her mind always worked this way, the ability to communicate with another RTF member, another guard for the captain, was exponential. Casela smirked. Some idiot board this boat they wouldn’t know what hit them.

She stepped out of the way. “Computer, resume program” and now Quinn would have to decide, move and repeat.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Quinn took up the Mark VII and aimed for the now moving warrior’s left knee, she was watching his arms and other foot as she made her attack to be ready in case he decided to kick out or throw a punch her way. Problem fighting holo-grams they didn’t think in a way she could hear, not like fighting with real people. Though most folks she only got random LOUD thoughts from. The closer she got to folks, the more she understood them, the more she could hear if she paid attention. Or if a thought was actually directed at herself. Like just before her transfer to the Leviathan, helm officer of the shuttle that brought her over was pissed because he had drawn the short straw in being the one to bring her to meet the Leviathan, he hadn’t been one of the folks she had recently pranked so she hadn’t had a problem with him. She wrinkled her nose as she dodged under a fist by the Klingon warrior and used the taser end of the Mark VII against the warrior’s right side.


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  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

Casela nodded as the big Klingon went down with the shock. “Good. Now the problem with Klingon’s is, they use pain sticks for rites of passage. That won’t keep him down for long, so you’re going to have to be willing to give him quite the blow to the head to keep him out.” And as she finished the big guy started getting up again with a roar. “Always aim to incapacitate them, unless more force is needed, then use it.”
Lt Synthi-er, RTF, doesn’t play nice

Quinn grinned cheekily as she watched the warrior getting towards his feet as Casey, told her what to expact or react to. She lunged forward and used the stunning end against the side of the warrior’s head. She had not meant to get him behind the ear but she reminded herself and it was only a hologram and not a crew mate that she had accidently beaned.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F

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