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“If it’s needed…” A look of concern crossed Jin’Lor’s face. He was obviously very worried about his adopted son. “What do you think they’ll need to do?” He pet Jeane the moment the young teen ran to him, clinging. “It’s okay, son. I’ll be there to help and I’m sure Ensign Luna here will help if you want her to.”

” I don’t know but if he has not been allowed to stretch and use his wing he could have a problem with his tendens and ligaments not being long enough it would get good to have him looked at and make shure before continuing to learn how to fly.” Luna said.

Jeane turned his gaze to Luna, eyes pleading her. “Will you help explain things, Miss Luna?” He asked.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Luna smiled at Jeane holding out a hand. ” Will have you dad set up an appointment for you. Its ok to be afraid I’m afraid of Docters to. I’ll need to get Cerenity home but then I can meet you in Sickbay. ” Luna said.
Ensign luna.

Jin’Lor nodded. “Do you mind keeping an eye on Jeane while I go to set up an appointment?” He asked. “I’m sure he’d like to spend time with Cerenity.”

Jeane perked up at the mention of spending time with Cerenity. “Oh, can I? I would love to spend time with her and Gen someday. We could all have fun.” He smiled, wings trying to stretch again, but unable to go as far as they should.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

” ill take Jeane with Cerenity and I then we can both meat you in sickbay once Cerenity is in bed. Give he is afraid of men ots probably a good idea for you to go ahead and worn them.” Luna said as she picked up Cerenity. ” come on Jeane Luna said and lead him to her quarter’s. ” Lunar is my owl and he’s not always friendly please don’t try to touch him.” Luna said. As they went into her quarter’s.

They were clean several purches for the barn owl hlw was purchec on the far end of the room as well as several pictures if Cerenity and one of her Cerenity and Loki. Luna headed into a nether room with the half asleep Cerenity quietly changing her into Pajamas and putting her to bed then she came back to meet Jeane. ” you ready kiddo. ” Luna asked.
Ensign Luna

Before she left, Jin’Lor offered Luna a kind smile. “Thank you for all the help.” He said and made his way to sickbay.

Jeane stared at the pictures as he waited for Luna and pulled out an old picture from a pocket in his jacket he wore. The image was of him and Jin’Lor together, both smiling as they hugged. Looking up to Luna, he quickly hid the picture back in his pocket and nodded. “Yes.” He said softly. “Who is the man in this picture with you and Cerenity?”

Ensign Jin’Lor Venerroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

This has been amazing to read, its really fun to see these character develop! Dont forget to snip from time to time :p
- Jake

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