Shuttlebay - You Want An Anomaly? Here You Go...

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Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Shuttlebay - You Want An Anomaly? Here You Go…

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Shuttlebay - You Want An Anomaly? Here You Go…
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The bridge of the Leviathan was quiet in the early morning hours. The ship had dropped out of warp in order to allow for the arrival of the new RTF Commander. The name had been attached to the order, but the personnel file wasn’t. Instead, it simply said “Will be hand delivered.” So, as the ship drifted in space in the middle of nowhere, there wasn’t much going on.

It was several hours later that the comms system indicated an incoming hail. =/\= Leviathan, this is shuttle Dreamcatcher. Request permission to dock. =/\= While formal and professional, the voice of the shuttle pilot was… off… uneasy and nervous, to say the least. The comms officer noted the oddity with a slight furrowing of his brow. =/\= Dreamcatcher, this is Leviathan. Is everything okay? There is an… odd reverberation… in your signal. =/\= =/\= No, no, Leviathan, everything is fine. Just… been a long trip to meet you. Our passenger is… um… ready to disembark, is all. Are we cleared Leviathan? =/\= The comms officer looked at the Science station and gave them a quick nod. The Science officer began scanning the now visible shuttle… nothing appeared out of the norm. There were three life signs, as expected, and all systems appeared normal. The Scientist looked back and shrugged. The Comms officer gave them a look that said ‘Oh well, guess it’s nothing.’ and then said to the shuttle =/\= We have transponder lock, Dreamcatcher. You are cleared for arrival in Main Shuttle Bay. =/\= There was notable relief in the pilot’s voice when he said =/\= Understood. ETA two minutes. =/\=

Doing her daily bridge requirement Casela was sitting in her chair in the CIC not quite tapping impatiently. Finally, =^=Synthi-er to Black Devils, report to the shuttle bay. The new RCO has arrived.=^= She got up from her chair, signaling Fenrir to follow. The KAI9 AARM got up from his spot and followed her to the turbolift.

Just under two minutes later the shuttle came through the force field seperating the bay from the vacuum of space and it settled gracefully to the deck. After shutting down it’s engines and post-flight checks were done, the hatch opened and a human male came out wearing the gold uniform of Engineering and Operations. He looked around to see if anyone was there and, spying the on-duty Security officer, waved frantically for them to come over and then went back inside. A moment later, another figure appeared… but it most certainly was not human… or any Federation species.

It stood almost seven feet tall and was encased head to toe in an intimidating and highly customized suit of armored material. Large metal bracers covered the forearms and lower legs; and a thick metal belt with a myriad of pouches encircled the waist. All of this was topped with a helmet that showed no indication of the face behind it, but the design was more than distinctive:

The figure was a Breen. And this Breen wore a red sash across it’s chest and left shoulder where the rank pin for a Starfleet Chief Warrant Officer was attached in plain view.

Irida, Niven, Lehiw, and Uj’aw were all present when she and Fenrir arrived, in uniform and armed with their Mark VII batons and rail guns. And full armor. Casela, as ships counselor was concerned that no personnel file had been sent ahead of time. That usually boded ill for Leviathan. The formed up, ready to greet the new RCO, and why the Black Devils? Because they were the best RTF team on board, Commendant Manhattan had made sure of that. She heard the very subtle intake of mental air as each of the team took in a BREEN on board. She shook her head slightly, as team reagent their actions were her responsbility and they all stayed where they were.

Mentally, oh the benefits of being Betazoid, she reached out Surda and Quinn Hey Angels, get to Cobb on the double. We have a Breen on board. And we all know how he feels about them. It will be a blood bath! If the abanonded Breen ship they’d found was any indication, Cobb was going to tear this ship apart bolt by bolt to kill the man or woman? standing before her.

A long rifle was slung over one shoulder and a sidearm was holstered at the left hip. The rifle was unique, but to anyone with experience fighting the enemies of the Federation the sidearm was almost trademark for the species: a Type-3 Disrupter pistol, highly prized and utilized by such races as the Borg, Breen, Cardassians, Dominion, Ferengi, Gorn, Hirogen, Klingons, Remans, and of course Romulans. It was also highly illegal in Federation space.

Well Cmdr Raauhl would have a field day with that. An illegal side arm, and he thought with her knives she was over armed. Good luck with this one, cmdr.

As the individual stepped out, it carried two large black bags, on in each hand. The Security officer, who had halted mid-stride in his approach to the shuttle and whose hand had dropped unconsciously to his phaser, took in the sight and then just hit his commbadge and said =/\= Security to Shuttlebay. Backup requested immediately. =/\=

At the sound of the voice, the helmet whipped to look at him, and the figure began approaching.

Vonn, RTF

Casela stepped forward, between the Breen officer and security, far enough away to not be threatening, but in the way. “Welcome to Leviathan. I’m Lt Synthi-er, ships counselor, and Team Reagent of RTF team Black Devils. And you are Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS/RTF/KAI9 Handler/Cobb’s Angel

The helmet turned slightly to focus (maybe?) on the new voice and the figure adjusted it’s direction slightly to come to a stop about ten feet from the Lieutenant. It didn’t stand at attention or at ease. It just seemed to be… ready. A robotic, emotionless, and whole synthesized voice issued forth.

“I have orders to meet with Commander Raauhl and Captain Cobb.” was all it said.

Vonn, RTF

Casela nodded, “Do you require anyone to transfer any cargo for you?” The only thing she had on him at the moment was rank, and Casela couldn’t stand rank, but it meant she didn’t have to bow and scrap before him. And just incase they didn’t get the message =^=Yoeman Kindle our new arrival is here please meet with Lt Surda and report to RTF Ready Room 2 on Deck 13.=^= Head of security and the Yoeman, two logical choices. And this is why Cobb had chosen them.

“I have everything I require.” came the electronic voice.

=^=Synthi-er to Cobb and Raauhl. Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn has arrived. We are escorting him to RTF Ready Room 2 on Deck 13. I have already notified Kindle and Surda.=^= The mention of the other Angels should be enough of a warning for Cobb. That man was going to be in her office and confined to her deck for days. The Ready rooms, unlike the briefing room was actually outside the containment areas and accessible without access levels. She led the way out of the shuttle bay and to the turbolift. Only she and Fenrir accompanied him on board. The others took a different life, heading back to RTF barracks on deck 11. “Deck 13”

When the lift stopped she waited for him to exit and then led him down a short right hand corriodr and to a room marked “RTF Ready Room 2.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS/RTF/KAI9 Handler/Cobb’s Angel

Vonn didn’t pause and simply stepped off the lift and made their way to the room, oddly without any pause or noticable glances at signage. Once there, Vonn stepped to the side and the helmet swiveled to look at her. The door wouldn’t open for the figure until they were put into the ship’s computer, so Vonn allowed Synthi-er to open the door and then wordlessly entered.

Vonn, RTF

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