Yes, I take poison, what about it? (Tag Doctors Knox and Fay)

Posted Feb. 23, 2021, 5:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Yes, I take poison, what about it? (Tag Doctors Knox and Fay)

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OOC: Science time! :)
Surda stood in Sickbay, leaning against the wall, holding a sealed glass jar clearly marked dangerous. She also held an erasable graph paper PADD and a second jar. The sealed jar had what appeared to be a blend of four distinct plants, and the other jar held a neon blue liquid that appeared to glow slightly. She was awaiting the arrival of both Doctor Knox and Doctor Fay, having prepared the vials and the calculations for them.
-Surda, CoS

Theo walked towards Sudra across sickbay. He smiled as he approached. “Good day Lieutenant. May I enquire, what can I do for you today?” He glanced at the jars feeling a pique of interest in the contents. Quietly he folded his hands behind his back and waited for her response.

Dr Knox

Surda smiled slightly. “Doctor Fay requested this,” She shook the glowing liquid, “But I figured a crash course in the chemical synthesis would be wise.” She shifted slightly. “Do you have a table we can use?”
-Surda, CoS

“Fascinating.” Theodore said his eyes lighting up at the prospect of this new development. “Of course, please.” He indicated she could follow him to the closest medlab where an empty bench sat, almost as if it were waiting for her to place her jars on it.

Dr Knox

Surda nodded, grinning slightly. “I must admit, I have always wanted to detail the process to someone who can… appreciate it.” She placed the PADD on the table, and the jars on either side. “My first scan, Doctor Fay placed me in Quarantine because of contaminants in my blood. The contaminants are a carefully crafted poison, and the ingredients and equipment are all I took with me when I left to join Starfleet.” She moved the sealed jar forward for him. “It is a lodubyala, a slave girl, poison. Each of us begins to make one in early childhood with the help of our chemistry instructors. This took me fifteen years to achieve the desired effect, and I began when I was six.” She had yet to get into the science of the poison, but she knew Knox probably had questions already.
-Surda, CoS

Theodore nodded along as he listened. He carefully picked io the jar, turning it in his hand to survey it. “Fascinating.” He repeated and Could I bother you perhaps for a quick haematological scan?” He asked. “To what end does the poison exist within your blood stream and does it interact at all with your natural pheromone reactions?”

Dr Knox

Surda smiled. “Congratulations Doctor Knox. You have guessed the intended purpose. As you know, all Orions, male or female produce pheromones as a defense. There are two things you likely don’t know. Number 1, pheromones can also be used for communication, and number two, all pheromones are produced by a single gland beneath the heart.” She nodded to the jar he held. “I call it P’tice, from the Orion verb to hide. The name you may be more familiar with is Ajira’s thorn.” Her poison had made the rounds when she first designed it, a poison that killed slowly and silently over the course of seven hours, easily disguised as exotic spices, and none of them dangerous on their own.

Theodore considered as he turned the jar slowly in his hand. “You are balancing the chemicals in this mixture with those of your natural pheromones. The pheromones do not interfere with your life as the poison keeps them in check and the poison does not kill you as the dosage is balanced with the pheromone.” He mused.

“It may surprise you to hear, but despite the body count on P’tice, I originally developed it as medication. Simply put, a dose halts the function of the organ closest to the heart. In a non-Orion, it tends to be the lungs. For an Orion, it stops the production of pheromones entirely. Taking it consistently as I do, the body no longer draws the required elements for synthesis at all. For all intents and purposes, the organ has been made vestigial.” She didn’t bother to hide the note of pride in her voice. “Of course, it is not vestigial, simply blocked from functioning. It comes with its own dangers. I begin the calculations 20 minutes before each dose. Too little, and production is kick-started, much stronger than it should be. Too much, and it becomes debilitating as it spreads beyond the hiscplacla.” She spoke from experience on both ends.
-Surda, CoS
OOC: Hisplacla - From the Orion words for smell, speak, and make. So literally: Scent speech maker.

“Beautiful.” The Doctor muttered still looking at the concoction. “Simply beautiful by design.” He looked up at her. “And when debilitating how long does it take for the effects to wear off.”

Dr Knox

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