MPT - LS Trickster - After Trauma, Medical bay [Luran]

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Raauhl had been suffering with them for a few days but ever since he had been shot and brought back to life by Hampton he’d had incapacitating stomach pains, he couldn’t tell if it was his stomach or symbiotic pouch that was causing the pain or just a figment of his imagination there was no knowing how Hampton brought him back to life and what side effects that would happen. He had been cleared off duty for several days but being the way the ship was there was no real resting for the XO.

Stepping into the medical bay he looked around for the on duty medic officer his hand clutched to his stomach as another bout of pain hit, his face screwing into an agonising frown and a small grown escaped him.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

For Luran, it was a busy day in the Sickbay. Not her first shift of duty, but very nearly so, and she was still getting the hang of the layout of the ship and sickbay. Not to mention getting to know the crew. She didn’t really know anyone at all yet, besides a few of the other medical staff. And they kept her busy here, just the way she liked it. She was headed along the length of the sickbay, in what looked like rather a rush, with a PaDD in one hand and a tricorder in the other.

The moment she passed Commander Raauhl, the half-Betazoid stopped cold, able to sense his intense pain. When she turned, though she had yet to actually meet him, she recognized him on sight. Though she was empathic, she was also half-Vulcan, and so on some level, she might’ve been concerned, but this was not apparent as she approached Raauhl, pulling the little node off the tricorder for use. “What’s wrong, sir?”

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Still clutching his stomach, though the pain reduced he spoke through somewhat agonising breaths. “Its. These. Damned. Stomach Pains” No doubt she had heard what had happened to him, it was well speculated about. Another bout of pain rushed over him causing him to knee down on one foot. “Please Doctor” He groaned steadying himself with one arm against the closest surface his other still pressed firmly against this stomach.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“We’re going to help you out,” promised Luran as other medical staff helped her move Raauhl to one of the biobeds. She had heard, vaguely, of what he had gone through, but she knew little else than that he had been killed, and then brought back somehow, by some kind of anomaly.

The move from his position on the floor to the Biobed was less than pleasant as more grunts and waves of pain rushed over him. Eventually, though he was laying down, a hive of activity around him. He just wanted the pain away, he was glad Gen or Casela wasn’t here to see him like this.

Examining him with the tricorder, she told one of the nurses, “Get the pain medication, stat.” Her movements were quick but calm as she rushed to help the commander. “And see if we can’t get Lt. Commander Knox over here!” She added, hoping for a more experienced officer’s assistance.

Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

The pain had started to wash away, but he knew it would be back. Maybe something was seriously wrong with him, with the symbiote since being brought back to life. Knox had no initial answer for him and he doubted there would be one now. With some pain medication and some sleep, he’d likely be fine. That’s when it hit again and he killed over to one side. Dying had sucked but being brought back seemed to suck more. “Arghh!” The pain having reach boiling point like it usually did, sweat had soaked his uniform and an odd blood trickle from his nose had appeared down his cupids bow and droplets formed a crimson patchwork display not he beds linen.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“Update?” Theo’s voice said as he strode into the thong of staff at work. He cause to a halt at Luran’s side and waited, his gaze on the executive officer as he writhed in pain. He raised an eyebrow and watched the man content not to act to assist at the moment while the medical staff updated him.

Dr Knox

“The Commander came in with intense pain. Abdominal judging by the fact that he held his belly area. We’re pushing something to help his pain, and I’m trying to get scans to find the cause.” She noted that a nosebleed had started, too. Not a great sign. She turned to Knox. “I have heard about what happened to Commander Raauhl, I’d think it’s a reasonable assumption it’s related to that incident?”

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

‘You think?’ Raauhl had replied in his mind, a little angry that he was still in pain but his anger not really meant for the Ensign but the situation himself, despite having had several scans and check-ups and being told everything was fine he couldn’t help but wonder ‘What if he didn’t put something back right?’ the question had contuinly popped up in his thoughts and now more than ever.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“That does seem plausible yes.” He agreed then looking at Ryder once more added calmly. “Commander. If you could please uncurl yourself and try to lie still it will make things much easier for the staff to examine you.” He said a slight turn at the corner of his mouth for a split second. Not noticeable to anyone nearby.

“Can you describe the pain please.”

Dr Knox

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