Learning To Fly ( sickbay)

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” Of course would gliding still be ok for him. He dose seam to be able to do that and we can work on his range of motion i gess teach him how to actually use his wings?” Luna said unsure but thinking things through trying to come up with a plan.
Ensign Luna

“Getting him to do exercises is pretty easy since he likes a routine.” Jin’Lor said and crossed his arms over his chest, frowning. “I hope it’s just a case of building the muscle up and not something more serious.” Glancing to Luna, he offered a nod. “If you’re fine with it, doctor, Jeane really wants to learn to fly and Luna is the only person I know of with wings to teach him how to do so.”

Jeane stepped over to Luna and hugged her suddenly. “I really, really want to learn! Can Miss Luna teach me, please?!” He asked, looking Luran.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

“If he can glide now, then that is fine. And he could learn how. But I wouldn’t do too much until those muscles are in better shape. You don’t want to cause a tear.” Luran replied. A torn ligament would be quite painful and trying to stretch the wing too much would be a possible cause of a tear.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Luna nodded ” Understand when will you need to see him again for a recheck?” Luna asked.
Ensign Luna

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful and I’ll have Miss Luna there to keep me from hurting myself.” Jeane answered, speaking to all three adults to reassure them he was still very excited to learn flying.

As for Jin’Lor, he was a little concerned about the possibility of a tear happening and hoped Luna could keep the teen from doing something ridiculous. Looking to Luran, he spoke again. “Yes, when do you need to see him again?”

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

“Three weeks would be optimal to allow time for development, but soon enough to keep an eye on how it’s going.” Luran advised, “and this will be in his file so if I am not the one that helps you then it should be okay. But if you prefer I do the check up, feel free to request me.”

~ Luran Akunon, Medical

” Understand thank you docter” Luna said then looked to Jin wondering i he had more questions.
Ensign Luna

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