Lunar's visit to Lazol

Posted Feb. 24, 2021, 8:46 a.m. by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) (Brian Richards)

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Posted by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) in Lunar’s visit to Lazol

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Lunar’s visit to Lazol
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The morning went ok Cerenity got up eat breakfast and a got her headed to her first activity of the day. When she returned to her qurter luner had finished his meal and hoped onto her arme happly. Luna afectinitly scratched unger the birds chin. He liked Luna she was after all his person.

The walk to the science decks was not much fun. Lazol was aware of the visit so one of his underlings meet her and took the pare to the man’s office. Lunaer screeched his displeased holding tighter to luna’s arm. Digging his claws in. ” Ouch luner stop that” Luna said.

” Good morning Lazol. How are you.” She greeted. The bird gave and agitating hoot.

Ensign Luna

Lazol looked up and smiled a little as the underling informed him that Luna and her pet were in. He stepped outside his office and gave a gentle bow to the winged woman and the owl as he said, “Good to have you Luna, I can only assume you’re here for the standard testing on Luner? I do know how the sciences worry you. Fear not, the only experiments we’ll be running will be on the pet. Tell me, how is that precocious child of yours doing. Has she enjoyed the last round of gifts?” Lazol asked, having given the little girl some trinkets from Frenginar relating to profit. As well as a bracelet of gold pressed latinum.

Lazol, CSO

” She loves that bracelet and wants to spend more time with you though you’ll both have plenty of time for that at her birthday party you did not attend the meeting to plan it I gess you were busy but I sigest you come to her party ill drag you to it by your ears if I have to” she half joked. Luner glared at the scientists ” the bird did not like scientists and he did not like Lab’s. ” we should probably get lunar test done and over with befor he claws my arme open” Luna said again half joking.
Ensign Luna

Lazol turned with a glower expression and raised a signal eyebrow. He set down the PaDD and leaned on a counter, his eyes meeting Luna’s in a gaze of singular irritation. “Luna I need you to understand something.” He began with a deep breath. “I am the single most powerful and important man onboard this starship and while I do hold a great deal off affection to your daughter, planning of parties is not something I have any interest in or time to devote to. I will attend the party as I have always planned to. Now as for the comments on my lobes? I am willing to accept that perhaps you are not as familiar with Ferengi culture and that is understandable. The lobes are a very personal part of a Ferengi and to threaten action against them would be like if I said I was going to drag you by the tips if your wings. I would ask that you respect that in the future hmm? Otherwise I might need to get Security involved regrading a threat of an intimate assault and trust me as much as I don’t want to cause you any more trouble I will certainly pursue due course as I expect you to act professionally with me. Understood Ensign? I will not repeat myself.”

Now that the unpleasant conversation was over Lazol took a sharp breath in, exhaled, and smiled as he said, “Of course I have no intention of causing distress to you, your bird, or your daughter for that matter so let’s get this taken care of shall we? We’ll head to lab 201 and I will warn you that some of these are unpleasant but are standard and I will make sure hat we get through them as fast as possible so that Luner can be returned to to your quarters safely and comfortably.” Lazol said as he opened the door to Lab 201 and held it for Luna. As the two entered he said, “Like I said I do hold a particular affection to Cerenity, almost as a grandfather I suppose. I was hoping to get.... what was that earth food… ice cream was it? With her. How does tomorrow evening in the officer’s lounge sound?”

Lazol, CSO

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