After Math of MPARs

Posted Feb. 24, 2021, 2:03 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) in After Math of MPARs

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in After Math of MPARs

Posted by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) in After Math of MPARs
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Casela turned down the back corridor from the conference room and to the rear turbolift taking it down to the counseling deck. She walked in and Dean shook his head, “You’re not in the brig! Hey that’s pretty good.” She shook her head “I want a meeting, 3 hours, the whole staff. Ziecest should be up by then. Cancel my appointments, I’ll be doing....paperwork, the rest of the day.” She stepped into her office as Dean’s laughter sounded through the door. She was sure her admin thought it was hilarious she was in trouble for missing paperwork. Paperwork was his life, he loved it.

“Computer, pull up recordings for stardates 239608.12, 239609.14, 239610.8, 239611.11, and 239612.15 from the captain’s ready room. Translate recording to text and display on screen.” Then on a PaDD Casela pulled up the morale report form and transferred the necessary information from the transcripts to the forms. Then she went about the process of completing the forms in a concise and complete manor. This took a couple of hours of work. But as she had told Ryder, she’d discussed morale on many occasions with Cobb, and so for her it was simply a matter of going back over her conversations with Cobb.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Lazol had put up with Ryder’s ‘meeting’ and wanted to vent. He also wanted to understand what the issue was with all of these ‘problems’ that were identified in his department. Numbers were up, profits were up, injuries were.....not skyrocketing....., there were gains being made scientifically in nearly every field, but he was still called to be hemmed in and his departmental expansion curbed. He strolled out of the XO’s office with the false grin still plastered to his face as he approached the turbolift. As soon as the doors closed he scrubbed that smile off of his face and a familiar scowl appeared in it’s place, seeming to be more heightened than ever before. “Counseling deck” He said with no hint that his irritation was going to subside any time soon as he exited the lift and stormed towards the lobby where he saw Dean and said, “I need a meeting with Lieutenant Synthi-er. Now!” He barked making his way past the man and into her office.

And the moment Lazol walked in uninvited and unannounced he missed a throwing knife taking his nose by less than a millimeter. She’d forgot to lock the door, but no one on this ship was dumb enough to actually walk into her office or quarters unannounced.

At this point, with knife flying closer than he’d ever like to his nose, that time seemed to slow a bit as he considered just how close he was to a new septum piercing and how much he needed to head to sickbay for some beta blockers to reduce his blood pressure. Now he also considered that the Ferengi cardiovascular system was about as different from a human’s as a watermelon is to a Sherman tank, he wondered if they drug would have it’s desired effect or just kill him. Either way the idea of lowering his blood pressure was, at present, greatly desired.

“Counselor I need your expertise and I have just spent the last however long being told that I can’t do my job and that I’m unable to follow rules and regulations when I am clearly making drastic strides in scientific progress and ensuring that decades of understanding of these anomalies will be logged and understood and the work we are doing will no doubt save countless lives, but yet I use one ensign to get me some nectar, which might I remind you that you told me was useful, and I’m told that I could be removed from my position!” Lazol steamed. “Now of course he was ‘nice enough’ to give me a warning but no no, I’ve been around the galaxy enough to know that there’s a target on my back. I know well enough how these things go down.” He said fuming “They want me to slip up again don’t they? That XO of yours wants me to feel comfortable before he pulls the rug out from underneath me.” He said as the casual observer might be able to see the steam rising from his lobes, “I am honestly trying to do good here! Why can’t they see that?”

Lazol, CSO

Casela walked across the room and pulled the knife from the target and she turned to look at Lazol, her mood just a fowl as his, but for totally different reasons. Or so she assumed. “Lazol, there is a chime on my office door for a reason. If I had walked into your office unannounced without paying the correct number of slips of latinum you would have sent me packing and made me pay twice as much to get back in. Think of my chime as your slips of latinum. You almost lost your nose.” She walked over to a wall panel and with a touch of her palm it opened. She reached in and then tossed him the tin of beatle snuff, without looking, her aim deadly accurate. She walked over to a chair and sat down, tossing the throwing knife in one hand from handle to blade to handle again. She processed his words. “Okay first of all I did NOT tell you it was useful. I told you that fowl smell coming from the chemistry lab smelled like it. Second if you had done your research you would know that sending him INTO the plant to get it gave you bad samples. It’s not ripe yet. You wait for the drool. And yes I know, I’ve been walking that ensign through getting over the ‘horrific’ event.” She tossed the blade higher this time, it flipping end over end several times before she snatched it out of the air, handle first. “Did that ensign a favor though. He’s not fit for ARU. I mean the thing only got his finger, and if he’d left the glove on he’d be fine. He’s incompetent.”

He had caught the tin of beetle snuff and put a decent amount into each nostril. After the sneezing was over he felt the quick rush of his heart before the euphoric effects took hold and he breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to argue with her but the point bout the chime was painfully accurate. He took four slips from his belt pocket and placed them on the table. An understanding that he did break protocol and was in the wrong. He wanted to argue about he samples yet again, she was right. Was he really getting sloppy? “For what it’s worth, I was simply trying to find out the chemical composition, I wasn’t at the harvesting stage. And I suppose I should thank you as I agree, completely incompetent! I was very clear with my instructions as well as with my orders. The fact that he ‘couldn’t feel what he was doing’ and decided to take his glove off was his own damn fault!”

Casela nodded, “I’ve watched the video of the incident too. First of all the flower is a seedling so saying his whole body got caught is preposterous. He could stomp it under his boot. And he clearly took off the protective equipment. Even bragging that he knew better than you. So he won’t be around for long.” She inclined her head slightly at the slips. She’d return them the next time she appeared at his office for containment duty.

Then she drove the knife point down into the wooden arm of her chair and leaned forward, elbows on knees. “Now it couldn’t have been all bad. Raauhl has a nasty habit of always finding good things to say in any situation. He’s not wrong, but it’s not always necessary. Secondly he can’t do much to you, you are on officer exchange, so the worst that happens is that you get shipped back to where you came from. And no one, from Cobb and Raauhl down, can deny the strides the science department has made since you arrived. Raauhl is not the type to make someone comfortable and sneak behind them. That’s me, not him. You’ll see it coming if he’s going to remove you. Everyone sees the good you have done in your department. But you did decide to come to Star Fleet. We aren’t the Ferengi Commerce Committee. We don’t set you up to fail, so sto…what do you mean ‘slip up again’?”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Lazol went about as red as he could for a flash before taking a gulp and working his way through the other comments first. “That XO of yours certainly does find a great enjoyment in finding the best in people. He did tell me that I’ve had the department running at it’s finest since the ship’s commission and the profits aren’t too shabby either.” Lazol for once kept his tongue tight, he wanted to say that the pockets of the CO and XO were being lines nicely but that would make it sound devious when in fact he had set up a method of banking that the ship could access and, in a rather non-Ferengi way, he put the balance of the profits in favor of the ship and it’s crew. Cobb and Raauhl were simply the executors of the account with Lazol the primary beneficiary for tax purposes. The FCA after all does love playing with taxes so the more he could write off the better. “As for my slip up? I um… Give me a moment on that one”

Lazol, CSO

Her face twisted in a momentary flash at the words XO of yours. He wasn’t hers, or was he? Well yes he was in....but the memory was far too raw and she had come to the very scary conclusion during her own meeting that she was not okay. Could she work professionally with him? Yes and that was all that was saving her. Could she go back to ‘their’ quarters and be fine? Probably not. She was flipping the knife again, over and over, the action rhythmic and hypnotic for her. She did grin slightly, “Do they know about the bank account yet? DaiMon Olash is going to have a fit when he sees how well Cobb can pay him next time. And I hope Cobb makes him sweat for every slip.”
She fell silent again. His connection to Ch’otok bring the big Klingon to mind. What she wouldn’t give to talk to him now. Even if he did tease her to the point of irritation.
“Lazol?” It was said softly but it was clear he would have to answer, she’d wait as long as it took but an answer was needed to his last statment. There was confidentiality in this room. Her position demanded it, but his connection to Ch’otok ensured it no matter what.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

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