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Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Check into CO

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After the science lab, Jin’Lor was finally on his way to visit the Captain. It was a pain, but he was happy to travel through the ship and get some good walking done before risking getting lost like he usually did.

Once he arrived, he stepped inside and offered a quick wave.

It was decades now since Zachariah Cobb had glimpsed the peak of his physical fitness. As the captain of a starfleet vessel, and an ARU flagship to boot, he retained sufficient muscle-tone, lung capacity and stamina to not be an embarrassment out in the field. But while the training sessions with Lt Surda had been enjoyable, at the same time they had brought into focus those areas that begged for improvement.

And so it was that, as Jin’Lor entered Cobb’s ready room, he would be welcomed by a series of agonising grunts and the sight of a long-haired and bearded man in full starfleet uniform labouring at pushups in the corner of the room. He sensed company before he saw him, struggling quickly to his feet and pulling down his tunic in an attempt to regain some decorum.

“Ah. I was just…” he began with an air of awkward desperation, before descending into a shrug. “You want a drink, Ensign? I need a drink.”

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Jin’Lor took in Captain Cobb without much thought and shrugged. He was not one to judge people for what they appeared to be, but for who they actually were. This man was obviously in need of more than a few pushups, though.

He was not about to tell his new captain that, obviously.

“I don’t drink,” He answered in his thick accent, tilting his head slightly. This caused the brown locks of hair to bob slightly, blue eyes narrowing slightly as they always did. “I’m merely here to check in as I was told to. I also wanted to let you know of my adopted son, Jeane, and his…issues.” A grimace followed his words. He was never comfortable with speaking about Jeane’s fears and problems, but knew it had to be done.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

The grimace as Venneroe rejected the captain’s offer of liquor was only barely hidden, although recovery came swift with the filling of his own glass and a nod to the still-lukewarm coffee on his desk, in case that was more to the newcomer’s liking. He did not, however, offer to pour a cup for the man, merely granted consent to procure one of his own.

“So, checking in, eh?” Cobb mused, settling gratefully into his comfortable chair and savouring a generous mouthful of his drink, before jabbing at keys on his terminal.

“Jin’Lor Venneroe, I presume?” he announced after several seconds, clearly reading from a record on the screen. “Graduated with distinctions in science with a specialisation in genetics. Impressive scores too, I see. Previous activities or occupations, as well as any details on your childhood bare the basic facts, seem entirely missing, however.”
He sat back in his chair and brought fingers to steeple under his chin, then almost as an afterthought waved at the empty seat opposite for the scientist to sit down.

“So why don’t you fill me in a little, eh?” Zachariah asked, leaning forwards once again, his eyes dancing with a somewhat mischievous spark. “What have you been doing for all of these years before you decided to submit to the academy?”

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Taking the seat at an almost forcibly slow pace, Jin’Lor glanced toward the door. Having been asked to share his past was never something he was comfortable talking about. “I was…working with my father for the most part.” He answered carefully. It was not a complete lie, but it was not the full truth either. The truth was far more horrifying and he preferred to keep that locked away in the back of his mind if at all possible.

“Working?” Zachariah echoed, an encouraging smile dancing across his lips. It was obvious that the man was uncomfortable with the questions. But there were enough secrets on this ship already and Cobb had a right to know who he was letting loose in his science labs. “Working at what, might I ask?”

Adjusting his position in the chair to keep his sheathed knives at an angle that would not be a hinderance, he looked to the Captain again. “I’m more or less here about Jeane. He’s my adopted son and has a huge fear of men. Mostly.” He explained through gritted teeth. “It’s up to him to explain why, but if he freaks out when you attempt to shake his hand or something, act normal. He’s trying to overcome it and it has been a bit of a slow process.”

He simply wanted to get that information out there and leave, but something told him this man might pry for more information on him. Being late to enter the academy had even raised eyebrows back when he applied, so of course it would raise eyebrows once he joined a ship.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

The captain nodded, although his expression was not nearly as accommodating.
“We have an excellent counselling team onboard,” he stated with a tone that overshot mere suggestion. “If your son has unresolved issues then I am sure they will provide a comprehensive resource. But Mr Venneroe,” he paused to drain his glass then refill again to the brim, “the Leviathan is, at all times, a perilous ship. So while I do understand your desire to have your son accompany you, I have no choice but to ask - why here? Did you request this position? Or are you here under orders from a higher command?”

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With a grimace, Jin’Lor tapped one of the six knives strapped to his belt. “Higher command sent me due to my…skills.” He explained. “As for Jeane, he knows self-defense and how to run from danger. His main fear is men, but if I could convince him to stay somewhere else, I would. Jeane has grown extremely attached since I helped him get out of a very bad situation.”

Feeling like he was rambling, the knife wielder went silent and crossed his arms over his chest.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

“I see,” the captain nodded, although one eyebrow raised slightly at the sight of the knives. “Interesting tools for a scientist.”

This one was a closed book, it seemed. Not entirely without precedent on the Leviathan - the ARU did have a habit of sending him crew who desired to keep their pasts hidden. And since Zachariah himself was not the one signing off on clearance levels and access to sensitive information, as long as there was no suggestion of threat towards his ship or his crew, he had learned not to dig too deeply.

“So the Leviathan, eh?” he quickly changed the subject, draining his glass as he did so. “I take it you’ve been fully briefed on our missions here and the nature of the entities we hold on board? As a scientist you will have direct contact with some of them so…just want to be sure you’re prepared, is all.”

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Jin’Lor shifted, nodding toward the captain calmly. “It was made very clear to me what I will be getting in direct contact with. The knives are…I’ve been trained to use them since I was young and they go where I go normally, but I’m aware of the rules. If I have to put them away, I will. I’m just accustomed to having them on me.” He explained. “You could call them a family heirloom, I guess.” A light chuckle escaped him, something akin to hate entering his eyes at the word family.

Cobb shrugged. “The nature of this ship almost demands that the crew remain armed at all times. However,” he cast another glance at the knives, “you will have to clear them with our security chief. If she has no issue with you keeping them on your person then I have no quarrel either.”

It was gone just as quickly as he put effort to keep his hands away from the knives. Jin’Lor never wanted to seem as hostile to people as he used to. When he had been young he had made too many mistakes thanks to his upbringing and wanted to make up for it. It was partly why he had adopted Jeane, but it was not like he would tell anyone that.

“Is that everything you need? I can get out of your hair if you’d like.” Blue eyes glanced toward the now empty glass.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

Zachariah chuckled. He could tell the lad wanted out of here and fast.
“Alright, alright there, son,” one hand raked idly through his almost-silver hair, “I shall put you out of your misery, eh? Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe, you are dismissed. Oh and,” he added, before the scientist could make too hasty of a retreat, “welcome to the Leviathan.”

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