Side sim: Archery lessons in the holodeck

Posted Feb. 24, 2021, 3:06 p.m. by Master Chief Petty Officer Irida Kovacenkov (RTF Agent) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Ensign Luran Akunon (Medical Officer) in Side sim: Archery lessons in the holodeck

Posted by Master Chief Petty Officer Irida Kovacenkov (RTF Agent) in Side sim: Archery lessons in the holodeck

Posted by Ensign Luran Akunon (Medical Officer) in Side sim: Archery lessons in the holodeck
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After their initial meeting, Luran and Irida had managed to work out a time to arrange archery lessons. Luran arrived early, programming in her favorite archery program: In a mountainous forest, where it could be changed between three settings: an archery range with targets nailed to the trees, a more natural setting to shoot at things that would run away or not move, like animals or other things, and things that would shoot back, like a tribe of humanoid people or something similar to that. Luran picked the archery range setting.

She had the program create two bows, and dozens of arrows, and then began shooting the targets while she waited for Irida.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Irida was looking forward to this. Even more so because she’d been all secretive about it and it was driving Lehiw up the wall. He couldn’t stand it. She wasn’t sure why, but she really loved driving the big boisterous Klingon crazy. He was completing a containment specialist re-eval and so he couldn’t follow her. She stepped into the holodeck and greeted Luran quietly with a nod while she watched the doctor impale the target over and over again.
MCPO Irida

Luran let a final shot fly as she saw Irida enter, turning to greet her after the arrow hit the inner edge of the inner ring. Not quite a bullseye, but it was close. Then, she turned to greet Irida. “You’re here, perfect. I already have a bow ready for you,” she said, gesturing to it. “Ready to get started?”

~ Ensign Luran Akunon

“I am.” Irida picked up the bow and walked over to Luran matching her stance she had just observed Luran use. It wasn’t quite right, but Irida was ready to learn and Luran would be lucky enough to see Irida in a more serious mood, when most others did not.
MCPO Irida

Luran looked over Irida’s stance briefly, offering just a few corrections. “Your feet should be 90 degrees to the target, not straight. And relax your grip on the bow.” Then, she demstrated the stance correctly again, gesturing for Irida to stand next to her at the shooting line, in front of a target about forty feet away.

~ Ensing Luran Akunon, Medical

Irida changed her stance as instructed and once correct she then stepped up next to Luran and stood at 90 degrees to the target, and kept the bow loose in her hands. She turned to look at the target. 40 feet wasn’t too far, by phaser or rail gun standards. She was interested to see how well or poorly she did the first time. She flexed the bow string a few times to get a feel for the tension but did not attempt a full draw until Luran told her to
MCPO Irida

Luran nodded, much happier with the stance. “Good. Now place an arrow on the string,” she said, picking up an arrow. She notched the arrow on the string, placing it against the front of the bow on the ‘arrow shelf’ a little notch made to hold the arrow. There was one odd coloured fletch on the arrow, that was faced up. Irida seemed a fast study and Luran found it easier to let Irida try, and then correct the errors as they came up.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Irida saw the notch at the end of the arrow and, of course it didn’t take a degree in stellar dynamics to know the string went in the notch. But something didn’t look right. The feathers were…would get ripped out that way. She made a quick spin of the arrow shaft and had it lined up correctly. She aimed and drew back, but the arrow just flopped to the ground a foot in front of her and the string slapped her inner wrist making a red welt.
MCPO Irida

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