What is Bourguignon?

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Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in What is Bourguignon?

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in What is Bourguignon?

Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in What is Bourguignon?
Picking up the ladel Raauhl filled each bowl. “Its not that I dont want to talk about its that Im scared too.” He already had te memory and pains to remind him of what had happened, to them both but he really didn’t want to talk about it either. “Theres some bread in the oven” Raauhl added turning off the stove and placing the ladel on the side. He searched for the oven gloves, “Have you seen the gloves?” He asked looking around, anything to not talk about that.

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Casela nodded as she took the bowls to the table. She wasn’t sure how to handle dealing with death that wasn’t permanant. Dealing with grief over loosing but not loosing someone. And fear well her normal reaction, to face it head on and kill it, wasn’t an option. She was frustrated, edgy, and that slow burn of anger. It wouldn’t help her here and it certainly wouldn’t help him. She had the urge to punch something, just to release the tension. Gloves…she looked around, they were on the table, and she picked them up. He didn’t want to think of about it and maybe normalcy was needed. She was too close to it to help either of them. “Right here. You catch both of them and I’ll try and remember how to cook Hasperat for you.” She tossed them both at him in quick succession.
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Raauhl turned and plucked both projectiles out of the air. “Nice try” He teased winking as he slipped the gloves over his hands. “I’d love to try hasperat, whats hasperat?” He asked chuckling, bending over and fetching the fresh cob that was baking in the oven. It was a normal white loaf with rosemary and thyme infused into the dough. Pulling it out the smell was amazing, and the bread very very hot that even with the gloves on her could feel his fingers burn.

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“Someone has to keep you on your toes.” She got a wiff of the warm bread and smiled. It reminded her of…of home, before the resistance. “Hasperat is a spicy Bajoran dish similar to a burrito or sandwich wrap. It uses a special brine. The spice can be more savory or simply for heat. A good hasperat will make your eyes water and clear the sinuses.” She come up behind him, one hand touching his arm briefly so he would know she was there, picking up a cutting board and bread knife, and held the board out for him to put the bread. She placed the bread on the table and looked at him. Lifting the handle of the bread knife she asked, “Trust me to cut it, or do you want to?”
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He nodded for her to go on, “I thin you can handle a loaf of bread.” He placed the oven gloves on the side to be tidied away later and sat at the table with the bowls and everything else set for dinner. “Oh, wait” He stood back up and quickly found the bottle of Red Burgundy. It was a dry wine made from pinot noir grapes and of course from from Burgundy’s eastern region. He grabbed some glasses and placed one in front of Casela and the other infront of his before sitting down.

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She spun and flipped the bread knife a couple of times, showing off just little, grinning at him. “It is a most foul and devious enemy you are having my slay for you.” She sliced the bread into even slices, then setting the knife down she placed a slice by each of their bowls. She sat down and picked up the glass, finger cradling the flute, letting the stem dangle between her ring and middle fingers. She sipped at the dry red, it bringing back memories.

The big Klingon, bedecked in the formal robe with all the medals walked up to her, “I forgot Uva, was it red or white wine that you preferred?” This was of course coded language where white would mean everything was fine, red meant that he needed to be careful or that there might be something dangerous about. Grinning at the pretense, she sipped the wine making a puckered face at the dryness, “I prefer a rose.” Which meant that she was fine, but there were undetermined undercurrents that weren’t pinned down yet.

“Are you trying to warn me of something?” It was a joke and she realized he had no idea what she was talking about. “I once used wine as a signaling system. Red wine indicated the need for caution or danger, white that everything was fine, and a fine rose would indicate I was safe, but the situation was unclear.” She sipped the wine again, “But this is a strong dry red, and very good.” She set the glass down, and took a bite of the Bourguignon. “Mmm…I refuse to have Cobb for dinner. He’ll make you his personal chef and will have you on call all hours of the day and night.” She took another bite, and then said the first thing that came to mind, “Actually I like that idea, it’s safer.” She paused in another bite, oh she shouldn’t have said that.
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Raauhl chuckeled, “Well maybe the red is me trying to indicate my situation.” He was teasing, he even winked before dipping his own spoon into the bowl. The Bourguignon was just how he had remembered making it before rich with intense flavours though he may have gone a little heavy on the pepper this time around. “You know he has been leaving subtle hints that he wants to come round for dinner, Im not sure if its the food so how were both doing or to spy on Gen.” This time Raauhl dipped his hand into the bread basket and took out a slice of the still warm and soft bread. “Nothing beats a fresh loaf.”

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Casela shook her head with a grin, pushing the unrealistic thoughts away, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you if the situation gets dangerous.” She dipped the piece of bread into the bowl, the herbed bread a delicious counter point to the savory Bourguignon. “All of the above. Cobb is lead quite easily by his stomach and with all the cooking you’ve been doing, and the fact he’s only a door down, the aroma is probably making him hungry. Just warn me before he shows up,” she grinned. “As for Gen, well she does have a nasty habit of trying to sneak up on him. But she adores him and he adores her. He probably wants to make sure she really sleeps in her bed at night.” She ate slowly, contemplating, a slight twitch of her eye and indication of the headache that didn’t want to go away. “And as for us he either wants to know we’re okay, or he’s simply looking to beat Irida to the gossip chain.” They were certainly not okay, and Cobb wouldn’t feel better for knowing that. He’d blame himself, second guess and bemoan his fate as CO of Leviathan. She took another slice of the bread, leaned back stretching her legs out, pulling small bites off the slice. “It’s certainly a luxury, and one I’m happy to take advantage of.”
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Raauhl smiled it was good for them both to enjoy seemingly normal topics, “You know its come to my attention that despite living with you theres something I actually dont know about you so fancy playing 10 questions?” he sipped his wine and had another bite to eat before adding, “I’ll start. Whats your favourite colour?” As simple question but he actually had no idea what colour she’d pick, if he was to guess a deep purple.

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OOC: I swear I read “what’s your favourite colour? and my first thought was purple! before I even read the rest of your reply.
“10 questions? I can do 10 questions, but,” and she pointed her spoon at him, “not one single question more.” She laughed, she’d answer whatever he wanted to know, but she just couldn’t resist messing with him. Her favorite color? She picked up her glass and sipped the wine thinking. The problem with having such detailed and numerous aliases was it was easy to simply pick a detail from their lives. But that wasn’t an honest answer or the one he wanted. She thought about it a moment, and then grinned. “Have you ever seen the intense shade of purple an amethyst stone turns when the light refracts inside it? That color. What’s your favorite desert?” She pulled another piece of bread off the slice and popped it in her mouth. It was really good, and she’d be quite happy if made it every night.
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“I could have guessed purple!” He said almost half spitting out his drink when she said it, maybe they knew each other more than they thought, “I figured that its, because you have a kind of quiet dignity about you and people, seem to be drawn to your charismatic and alluring nature.” He winked from over the top of his glass before placing it down. Favourite desert he thought and then after a small amount of deliberation. “I like Eton Mess, I love the sweetness from the berries particularly strawberries, my favourite by the way ill give you that for free and well then there’s the velvety smooth cream and the crunchy meringue pieces.” It was hard to imagine he could think about dessert when trying to eat dinner. “What as a child would you always get in trouble for?”

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She blushed, his words surprising and touching. Eton Mess? She’d never heard of it, but she’d have to remember. Get in trouble for? She laughed, immediately. “Oh I’m pretty sure you could guess what it is.” She sipped at the glass, holding it more to occupy her hands than anything. “When I was little, I was quite taken with my father. I followed him everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. When I was about 3, I guess, I started following him to work. That didn’t really get me into trouble. But, my father, was a Major General in the Betazoid military. Not that it was big, he opened a training facility when his time was up, and trained new officers who wanted to join.” She smiled thinking about it, quiet for a moment. She looked back at him, the grin returning, “But what I got in trouble for, was picking the lock on his weapons locker, and stealing his weapons to go practice with. Of course now I know it wasn’t the real locker because there was never anything dangerous in there, but I still got in trouble.” He was easily always still asleep when she left for the morning, “What is your favorite way to start your day?”
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