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OOC: This should be: Luna, Orin, Durheim, and Synthi-er
Surda arrived in the shuttlebay eight minutes after leaving the CIC, prepared for her pastry-retrieval mission. She wasn’t too concerned, not overconfident, but she had faith in her team, even if her choice of pilot was… unconventional. Perhaps the young scientist would come in handy on multiple fronts. She was glad she was taking Luna as well, not because she necessarily needed the backup for a pastry, but because it would do Luna some good to get off the ship and take an active part in the capture of an anomaly, rather than just the guarding of contained anomalies. She had come to trust Durheim as well, back on the Other Leviathan, impressed by his level-headedness.
-Surda, CoS (Musing on her team while she waits.)

Casela was already there, waiting with Fenrir when Surda walked over. “Fenrir, this is Lt Surda, COS. You know her. You worked with her and Crewman Durheim on the other Leviathan.” She waited a moment for Fenrir to access the crew manifest and confirm her identity. “Access authorization handler protocols.” Fenrir, from who knows where, extended a palm scanner and Casela placed her palm on it, “Create authorization for temporary primary handler, Synthi-er zeta 2 beta. Recognize Lt. Surda,” Casela removed her hand to allow Surda to place her own on the scanner and give a voice authorization as well.

Then “Recognize Crewman Durheim, Jonathan temporary secondary handler.” “acknowledged” Fenrir’s computerized voice stated. “Alright Lt. he’s all yours. If you aren’t sure what he can do, just ask him. I have him equipped with thrusters, tether, you can tow him back, containment box in his cargo section, and he’s capable of creating his own orange/yellow level containment field. Good luck.”
Lt Synthi-er, KAI9 Handler

Surda nodded. “Thank you, Counselor. I expect you’ll hear from us soon.”
-Surda, CoS

Luna entered soon after. ” hi Lutanat is this Fenrir Cerenity talks about him and Gen both. Aprently they went to see the fish the other day ” Luna chuckled. She looked to the others. ” Are we ready to go” Luna asked.
Ensign Luna.

“Ah; I apologize for my tardiness - there was some.... debate regarding my authorization levels and the emergency power packs. I thought it may be a good idea to bring along additional power packs for the prototype containment unit.” Durheim joined the group in the shuttlebay; his duffel bag appearing somewhat heavier than it had last it was seen.

“I believe I am ready; and I have a number of breath masks as well in my kit - I have no desire to repeat that experience.” He nodded politely at Miss Surda; remembering their being trapped in Hampton’s office.

-Durheim, Engineering

Daizi sat at the controls of the shuttle, running through the pre- flight checklist for the third time, hoping she hadn’t forgotten anything. Truth be told, she wasn’t a big fan of flying anything and had always let others take them helm other than when qualifying on the craft at the Academy, which she had gotten through on the second attempt.

Quite what had possessed anyone to pick HER to pilot anything on a dangerous and vital mission, she had no clue, and was internally torn between her instinct to back out of the mission and her fear of disobeying a direct order.....

“Umm.... we’re ready to go..... I guess??”

Daizi Orin - Scientist

Surda raised an eyebrow at the uncertainty but chose to ignore it. “Excellent. All aboard I suppose.” She had accepted to confidence on the bridge, and she would accept the sudden lack here, as there was clearly something deeper going on.
-Surda, CoS

” Luna alright let’s get going ” Luna said with a smile and headed into the shuttle.
Ensign Luna

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