Holodeck with Luran

Posted Feb. 24, 2021, 4:50 p.m. by Ensign Misana Kahl (Scientist (Archeologist/Anthropologist)) (Elin Harker)

Posted by Ensign Luran Akunon (Medical Officer) in Holodeck with Luran

Posted by Ensign Misana Kahl (Scientist (Archeologist/Anthropologist)) in Holodeck with Luran

Posted by Ensign Luran Akunon (Medical Officer) in Holodeck with Luran
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Misana had strolled into the holodeck and chosen a particularly nice memory to base the hologram off of; A large field of wild flowers native only to Cait, some were similar to lilies but had a glowing resonance to them, others were similar to Earth plants. Among these, were plants similar to Earth catnip, swirling with blue and purple they were a Caitian delicacy!
She sat down, this time her canine companion had gone on her own little adventure around the ship and now the Caitian was alone. The memory filled her with joy, it made her feel at home. Memories of her parents flooded her mind, Rivea and Sikus Kahl were kind and caring people, fit parents and respectable members of society.
Misana held her hand out towards a flower, letting a small firefly like creature tickle her skin.

~ Ensign Misana Kahl, Archaeology / Anthropology.

Luran had been meaning to get some time in the holodeck. As nice as the meditation room was, nothing compared to meditating in the Betazed nature, which she could create at will in the holographic environment. A lake, ovular and imperfectly round, large enough one could barely see the shore from the opposite side surrounded by tall grass, and no buildings for some miles.

However, she had forgotten to book dedicated time, and so upon entering discovered rather a different environment: A meadow, filled with fragrant and vibrant flowers unfamiliar to Luran. It was rather beautiful, though, not what Luran would’ve picked. A cat-like woman, just a little shorter than Luran, stood in the field. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude,” she said, looking to Misana.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Misana, who had been too lost in her thoughts to notice the arrival of the other Ensign quickly jumped, the fur of her tail standing on edge, there was a slight tremor in her hand but not enough to cause alarm, her leave had been very helpful in solving her problem. She chuckled once she had finished being startled.
“Not at all! Feel free to stay, I was getting rather lonely anyway… We could change the scenery if you want?”
It was pretty refreshing seeing new faces, new friends were always welcomed by the Caitian.

~ Ensign Misana Kahl, Archaeologist / Anthropologist

“No, no, no need to change the scenery for me. What you’ve done is very pretty,” replied Luran, heading further into Misana’s meadow. Though she had enjoyed the idea of revisiting the lake, she was always up to discover new things like this. She bent down, looking at one of the flowers, a bright blue bell-shaped one which stood just taller than the ones around it. “I am Luran by the way. I’m new to the ship’s Medical department.”

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Misana held out her hand to shake Luran’s, she had learned that it was a customary greeting for the crew. She had a friendly and warm smile that seemed to comfort most people.
“Misana, welcome aboard! Are you enjoying your time so far?”
She moved up slightly to make space for Luran next to her, curling her tail around her body she sniffed the air; it was sweet, with hints of mint and a scent native to Cait which resembled the smell of lemongrass, honey, and roses.
“I still find it amazing that the ship has enough power to replicate things like this… The smell is exactly the same, the textures, the look… It’s like I’m back home”

~ Ensign Misana Kahl, Archaeologist / Anthropologist

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