Conversation with a geneticist (Tag Jin)

Posted Feb. 24, 2021, 6:57 p.m. by Ensign Jin'Lor Venneroe (Scientist) (Kayte Moore)

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Conversation with a geneticist (Tag Jin)
Luna headed to the lounge. She had to talk to Jin Jeane’s father. If she was going to help the boy she and his dad needed to be in agreement and on the same page. Jin needed to do some of the work with Jeane himself. Luna found a place to sit and waghted for Jin to join her.
Ensign Luna

Jin’Lor had woken from some well needed rest when he got Luna’s message to meet in the lounge. Getting up, he went through his routine real quick and got ready. Grabbing his coat on the way out, he was happy to see Jeane distracted by the new books he had bought him. “I’ll be back, son.” He told the teen before leaving and heading to the lounge, which was where Luna said to meet.

Once he stepped inside, he nodded to Luna and grabbed a cup of coffee. Taking a seat at a decent distance to give Luna her personal space, Jin’Lor offered her a smile. “You wanted to talk about Jeane?” He asked.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

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