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Posted Feb. 25, 2021, 3:46 p.m. by Lieutenant Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) (Leonora V)

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Posted by Lieutenant Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in Security - CoS Office, As Requested

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Vonn walked into the Security section seemingly without a care for the stares… or the alarm claxon that sounded due to the presence of unauthorized weapons. As the Security team, to their credit really, leapt into action and drew down on the Breen; Vonn simply stopped where they were and turned their hands palm forward at their side.

“I am here to meet with Chief of Security Lieutenant Surda at her request.” Vonn’s voice said flatly, the electronic dialogue amplified to be heard clearly over the alarm.

Vonn, RTF Commander

Luna was one of the officer’s who responded to the alarm stepped forward. A look of discontent on her face. ” and who exactly are you?” She asked her hand rested on her phaser she had not drawn the weapon yet. This stranger had not been hostile yet. But she was ready if things did get hostile.
Ensign Luna

The Breen didn’t move, didn’t speak, didn’t acknowledge the question at all for a long moment. “Chief Warrant Officer Vonn. You are Ensign Luna.” was the final answer provided.

Vonn, RTF Commander

” how exactly do you know that and why are you settling off alarms if you sapose to be here” Luna said. Luna’s stance changed she setled into a more combat reddy stance lower to the ground she was tense redy to spring to action. Her wings opening slightly. Serving two peorpases the first being a very clear back of well it was clear to any of the human/ Avines onbord not so Much to others. But it also saved her several seconds should she need to use them in a fight.
Ensign Luna

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The figure didn’t move, the helmet didn’t even twitch. “I know that because you are part of the RTF and I am the RTF Commander.” was all the electronic voice replied.

” waght what, please tell me this is someone’s idea of a joke” Luna muttered. She did not believe him and would have to look it up later.

Surda walked out of her office with a sigh. “Everyone stand down. Someone turn off the alarm.” She turned to Vonn and paused, then bowed as she would to a business partner. “Chief Warrant Officer. Perhaps you’d like to come in.” She gestured to her open-door then turned to the NE working reception. “I will be unavailable.” Significant, considering she rarely locked her door completely.
-Surda, CoS

Without a word, Vonn simply walked through the door with so much a turn of the helmet.

Vonn, RTF Commander

” LT are you sure thats a good idea.” Luna said she was consumed for Surda’s safety. The turned to worn the stranger. ” You so much as lay a scratch on her Chief worent officer and you will be dealing with me” Luna warned. But stood down as ordered.
Ensign Luna

Surda smiled at her officers, amused. “I am not so far gone, Ensign, and I trust that our good friend here will be courteous.” At that, she turned and followed Vonn through the door.
-Surda, CoS

Vonn stood to the side, the helmet’s visor following Surda as she entered. When the door closed, Vonn’s voice said “You asked to see me. I am here.”

Vonn, RTF Commander

Surda did not offer refreshments, instead taking a seat, clearly expecting Vonn to follow her example. “I’d like to come to a professional understanding. I have had dealings with your people before, Breen hunters and mercenaries. If this is some long elaborate job to find someone onboard, I stake my claim now.” It wouldn’t be enough to turn away the most dedicated hunters, but some would relinquish the job out of professional courtesy. “I’ll claim the ship, her cargo, and all her crew under a Syndicate if I must.” Formally claiming the Leviathan and her crew would make most think twice, going against an Orion Syndicate, even a small one, was often more trouble than it was worth. She paused, and when she spoke again it was quiet. “Do I need to?” Will you make me? was the unsaid meaning, both a threat and a plea, and she desperately hoped that Vonn was not as dangerous as they could be, that they had arrived in Starfleet organically rather than as a result of criminal machinations.
-Surda, CoS

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