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Quinn muttered under her breath as she checked the settings on the table. There were four chairs.

The food was a mini potluck. A lasagna was in a covered dish. There were five stuffed steaks cooked to medium well state. A hot plate was centered near the steaks in the case someone wanted it cooked more than what she had prepared. There was a loaf of pepper cheese bread platter of butter and a smaller platter of garlic butter. Baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes.

Dessert was red velvet cupcakes and a small batch of Queen Amon pastries layered with chocolate with melted Andorian chocolate on the side.

Her guests were asked to bring their own choice of drinks.

After Quinn had told her about dinner a few days ago, she’d gone to the lounge and asked Tock if he could get her Allira punch. She was sure Quinn and Cobb would provide plenty of alcohol to drink, so she decided on Allira punch. It was a fruity non-alcoholic beverage from Betazed. It was generally considered quite pleasant, if a bit acidic for some tastes.

Quinn bit her lip as she looked over the table again. Then she looked at her quarters to check it looked presentable. A skein of silk soft Yarm in vivid crimson was still sitting in the middle of her small cerulean blue couch, with her crochet hook left in the center of the skein.

Her bookshelf was a mixture of fantasy novels, old classic such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, some others from other cultures and one shelf was crochet patterns and cook books.

She brushed a lock of hair behind her left ear, her hair was in a loose french twist trailing down her back instead of her on duty pulled up and high. Her outfit was simple cerulean blue shirt, paired up with dark grey pants.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F, Cobb’s Angel

Casela knew there was much speculation concerning the four of them. Cobb, Raauhl, Synthi-er, and Kindle. Why? Because Irida liked to make sure of it. So she’d arranged to have Irida inspect and certify all the Mark VIIs tonight. There was no reason for anyone to be on deck 2, except those that lived there. And that was still a fact she was getting used to, that she lived there. With Ryder and Gen. Old habit’s die hard, and instead of stressing over what she should wear, she processed what needed to be done and she was dressed quickly after. She would never be one of those that said 5 minutes and it was really an hour. Besides this was not a state dinner requiring an evening gown. Which she did have one, but she was not wearing.

Raauhl accompanied Cobb as they walked along the corridor he had a bottle of brandy in one hand and a choice selection of crackers Nd cheeses in the other. He was wearing a navy three piece suit. “Its not for the Yeoman to put this on. Sometimes it easy to forget we are humans well some of us anyaay” he joked as they neared the door to the Yeomans door. He was on the look out for Casela who he knew had also been invited.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

She stepped into the corridor quietly, a few paces after Ryder and Zachariah passed. She slipped up between them, one hand hand tucked into each of their elbows. “Good evening, Gentlemen.” She was wearing a knee length dark purple wrap dress, with a shallow v-neck and capped sleeves (no scars tonight), with soft leather calf boots and a similar belt. Her hair was still in a tight fish tail braid, but the Pièce De Résistance was her necklace. Usually hidden carefully under her uniform, today it laid openly against her skin. Tiger eye stones with Norse rune symbols, Kenaz for passion, Tiwaz for the fighter, Pertho for beauty, and finally the larger stone with Freyas symbol which was on the original.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

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