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Lanshay took the bear and nodded at him, a little wide-eyed, but to her credit she didn’t balk. She began to count soundlessly: 1…2…3… She paced carefully and quietly so that when she called to Bella she’d be in front of her, instead of behind her wasting time as Bella tried to spot her. 4…5…6… Bella was yanking against the woman. Her ‘mother’ didn’t even appear to be phased by it, physically or emotionally. Lanshay could tell she was near hysterical. 7…8…9… She peered around spotting Pinkerton…10…

He moved quietly into the brush. When he was 15 feet away from Lanshay, still undercover of the foliage, he drew his phaser at drew a bead on Bella’s “mother’s” shoulder, hoping the shot would release her grip and give the child a chance to get away. . . .

Remington /Pinkerton

“BELLA! Bella come here! Look, I found your bear.” Lanshay stepped out of the trees, calling the little girl. The phaser shot hit the woman square on, but she didn’t let go of Bella. Instead, after a brief pause, she disappeared. Bella seemed frozen, stunned by her mother’s sudden disappearance. Lanshay didn’t wait, she ran straight for Bella, scooping her up and turning to run, but not five steps later a hand clamped down on her shoulder. Lanshay looked up into the eyes of Bella’s ‘mother.’ The stare, or really lack of, sent a cold shiver down her spine. “Let go of me!” Lanshay jerked her shoulder, keeping Bella tucked tight away from the woman. The woman looked at Lanshay and a momentary look of confusion appeared and she released her and disappeared again. Lanshay didn’t question it but ran.

As she ran, the woman kept appearing, and though Lanshay didn’t take the time to think about it, she noticed that the woman was different every time, her hair, her clothes, sometimes injured, sometimes not. Pinkerton could follow them easily because every time she appeared, Bella screamed. The woman appeared again, suddenly, hands reaching out to snatch Bella away and Lanshay turned, abruptly into the trees. She would never make it to the village by herself. She ran till she reached the river and then east, following the rapids, until she found what she was looking for: three large trees had grown closely together and created a small cave. It was just big enough for Bella, and Lanshay shoved her into the cave, “go, go, Bella, get inside.” Lanshay turned and backed herself against the opening, staring in horror at the new version of Bella’s mother. She hair was stringy and patchy, wiry and brittle. Her eyes were sunken and blank, even more so than before. Her skin seemed just as grey and brittle. The dress she wore was thread bare and rotting away. Through the holes in the decomposing dress Lanshay could see bone, dried and cracked. She screamed as the woman’s hands, nails much longer than they should be and the flesh shrunken and pulling away from the nails as the body dried out, grabbed for her. The woman’s breath was putrid and like her nails, her gums had pulled away from the teeth giving her mouth a savage and vampiric countenance. She was nothing but a walking corpse. The woman simply grabbed Lanshay by the shoulders and tossed her aside, and then reached into the hiding space, trying to reach Bella, who had been been quiet but began to scream again.
Story Teller EvilJen

Raauhl and McHarrie disappeared in the swirl of blue. They reappeared in the hilly forest to the south of the village. They could hear water rushing over rapids and found themselves staring at the scene unfolding before them across the river. They could either cross the river across the rocks that were wet but large, or go upstream to try and find a calmer place to cross. (OOC: either is safe, just for discription).
Story Teller EvilJen

Remington finally broke from the foliage, seeing Bella and Lanshay further downstream being chased by the woman, or whatever she was. He increased his speed along the riverbank and closed the distance.

From the corner eye, he saw Raauhl and McHarrie appear and watched the pair begin crossing the river.

Without hesitation, John dashed for the wet stepping stones. The welshman made his way swiftly, but cautiously across the river. He was nervous of falling, but didn’t show it. At one point his feet slipped and he extended his arms to regain his balance. He looked down at his feet which were perilously close to the rushing water. He decided it was best not to look down, but keep focussed on his goal… To get to the aid of the screaming child.

Raauhl had to appreciate the mans ability to hop skip and jump over rocks, following behind him several time’s he almost fell in and ended up a mile down river, it looked cold even if the air around them was warm and he wondered if at the other end he’d even be alive to know what had happened, fast running water was no joke but eventually the Trill XO reach the other bank and followed quickly behind John.

Remington was close now. As he continued at full speed, he lowered his shoulder to bull-rush the undead woman in an attempt to crush her decaying body into the trees. If nothing else, it should give Ryder and John time to reach them and provide support. . . . .

Lanshay was on the ground, curled slightly, seeing stars, where her head hit the ground from being tossed like a rag doll. She sat up, blinking to focus her eyes, trying to find Bella. She could hear her screaming, again. She saw two people, Doolittle and Anderson? cross the river, and then she saw Pinkerton, rushing that horrid thing. She was, momentarily, frozen in fear.

Once over the river he called out to get the attention of the woman reaching into the hollow which was the source of the screaming.


Bella’s mother managed to grab at her ankle and begin to pull Bella out of the safety of her hiding spot.

Raauhl didn’t call out but continued to follow McHarrie, in case it was a trap or something else he didn’t want to give away their numbers so remained quiet as they approached the hollow.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

McHarrie’s call came out just as Remington was about to make contact. . . .

Remington/Pinkerton (CIO)

McHarrie’s shout distracted the woman into looking around, but she didn’t let go of Bella’s ankle, she just dragged her along as she turned to find the noise, her nails digging into the little ankle. The sound of bones snapping was heard as Remington’s shoulder made contact and drove the woman into the adjacent tree. She still had ahold of Bella with one hand, and was attempting to scratch and claw at Remington with the other, but the arm was one of the things that had broken, screaming, hissing, and spitting as she did so.

Raauhl made the clearing next and saw the situation on fold, he went to aid McHarrie trying to pull Bella free from the grip which seemed to be drawing blood not he young girls ankles. The whole scene was both chaotic and terrifying. “LET GO!” He ordered the woman grip unrelenting.

Bella’s wordless screams turned to pleas. “Help! Wit me go! I don’t wanna go wit you!” Hearing her cries, Lanshay pushed her self up stumbling towards them, to help Bella. Bella was crying in earnest her words slipping from her normal clear speech. “I wish I’d neber wished bor you!” And the whole scene went quiet and still. The woman disappeared, dropping Bella, who landed on her back, but with a very torn up ankle, Remington suddenly had nothing to restrain, and Lanshay stumbled right into both Doolittle and Anderson as she came to an abrupt halt at the woman’s disappearance, looking around wildly for her to reappear as she had before, but the river bank stayed quiet.

Alfred, who had continued to monitor the quantum signatures sent an update to their devices. The rapidly changing signatures that had been following Lanshay and Bella were gone, and no remnant trace was showing either. This area, at least, had returned to it’s normal quantum signature. The others were still there, all still connected to the constantly fluctuating signature to the southwest, at the mines.
Story Teller EvilJen

“What on earth was that?” He asked turning to the others, maybe one of them could make sense of what had just happened. His attention quickly changed to Bella, “Are you ok my dear?” He asked taking a knee next to her, the floor was moist from the river but it didn’t mater he was already wet from the shins down and his concern was solely on the children.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Once the woman had vanished, John’s attention turned to Bella. He took out his tricorder and crouched to her level.

“Am I OK to scan to double check you are not injured?” John asked.


Bella looked from one man to the next, and tried to scramble back from the strangers, but her ankle hurt and made her cry. The one beside her had tried to help her, but she didn’t know him. She’d never seen any of them before. “Shay?!” Lanshay stumbled over, her head still ringing and sat down lifting Bella into her lap. “It’s okay, Zanya brought them here. They are her friends.” Bella looked around again and nodded at McHarrie, “Okay.” She coughed several times, and looked at Raauhl. He was polite, called her ‘my dear’ like she was a princess, that made her grin. But she grabbed ahold of Remington’s leg, he’d tried to save her. “I hurt, she made me go in the cave and it burns. My mouth hurts too.”

Examination would show that Bella’s ankle was pierced and tendons torn. Her exposed skin showed thousands of small burns made by dust particles settled and burrowing into her skin. Lanshay looked down at her and cried out, “We have to wash it off. The burning doesn’t stop.” Bella’s mouth and throat would show sings of the same burns, where she had inhaled the dust.

The dust is a mineral called Alttaqite (all-ta-kite). Alttaqite is a super-heavy mineral of unknown composition, and has superconducting properties. It can store massive amounts of energy and is extremely hard. It is also very corrosive.

Raauhl had already taken out his own scanner thought was sweeping it in a circle around them to make sure there were no more hidden surprises coming their way. “How is she doing?” He asked over his shoulder his eyes watching carefully for any movement.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Raauhl’s scanner would show that the rapidly changing signatures that had been following Lanshay and Bella were gone, and no remnant trace was showing either. This area, at least, had returned to it’s normal quantum signature. The others were still there, all still connected to the constantly fluctuating signature to the southwest, at the mines. The central disturbance was still fluctuating but at the moment it had slowed down. Now that they were closer, it showed that the reading was coming from underground, from within the caves that made up the old mine shaft to the south of the village. Records showed that the Alltaqite was harvested from the mines.
Story Teller EvilJen

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John unclipped a water bottle from his belt. “Here, drink this, it will ease the cough,” he said calmly as he offered it to the girl.

“My name’s Dolittle,” he said, “Can you telly me your name?”

John rummaged through his medkit for something to wash the child’s ankle. The various assorted gels would cleanse it, but would due to their viscous nature, would make the alttaqite stick and burn more.

“Sir, Do you have a waterbottle?” he asked.


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