RCO Office - Interviews and Understandings (TAG Kindle)

Posted Feb. 26, 2021, 3:05 p.m. by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Crewman Quinn Emery Kindle (Yeoman / RTF) in RCO Office - Interviews and Understandings (TAG Kindle)

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in RCO Office - Interviews and Understandings (TAG Kindle)
Two days had passed since the Breen had arrived. To say the arrival hadn’t gone smoothly would be an understatement, but was not at all unexpected to Vonn.

Vonn now stood in the RTF Commander’s office. It was an empty space at the moment, containing little more than a desk, three chairs, and a view screen. Four large crates with top of the line locks and access readers sat on the far side of the room from the desk. Vonn stood motionless for a long time, and then suddenly went to the desk and tapped some commands into the desk interface. Elsewhere in the ship, a commbadge chirped and the computer’s voice said =/\= Quinn Kindle. Report to the RTF Commander’s office immediately. =/\=

Vonn waited a moment, and then sat down at the desk, hands placed flat on the desktop and waited.

Vonn, RTF CO

Quinn set down the PaDD she had just picked up at the sound of the summons over her com badge. The new R T F commander wanted to see her. Lovely. She paused only long enough to dismiss the idea of changing from her Yeoman uniform, she was still on duty as Cobb’s Yeoman, if the new guy had wanted her to suit up for specific R T F duties she figured he would have mentioned it.

Quinn made sure her hair was still tied back Ina tight bun at the back of her head. Then she walked out of her office and made her way to the R T F commander’s office.

She rang the chime and waited.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F, Cobb’s Angel

O O C just a heads up, that speech to text does not pick up V o n n well, so no offense meant for future reference of Breen in place of your character name. If you have a better suggestion on what I could say feel free to mention it or D M me. Thank you for your time and attention.

The door slid open to reveal the office beyond. As the Yeoman stepped through, the voice form the helmet said “Please sit.” Vonn didn’t move, didn’t budge at all.

“I am meeting with all RTF members individually. You are the first. I will ask you what I will be asking of all members. Do you wish to remain as part of the RTF under my command? If you do not, I will remove you and ensure your record reflects satisfactory performance. The decision is yours, and it must be made now.”

Vonn, RTF CO

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