Cakes and Takes (Open to All, Attention to Cobb)

Posted Feb. 26, 2021, 6:55 p.m. by Crewman Quinn Emery Kindle (Yeoman / RTF) (Cassa D)

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Cakes and Takes (Open to All, Attention to Cobb)

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Cakes and Takes (Open to All, Attention to Cobb)

Posted by Crewman Quinn Emery Kindle (Yeoman / RTF) in Cakes and Takes (Open to All, Attention to Cobb)
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Quinn bustled around the lounge’s kitchen, humming softly. She had been planning this surprise for weeks. She made several six inch cakes and two types of Queen Amon pastries. There was chocolate rum cake, a rich red velvet cake, cookie dough cheeese cake, and a lemon merangine pie. The two different Queen Amon, were the classic butter toffee flavor, and after several ( seventeen different tries with various types of chocolate and feedback from Casela), she had finally perfected a rich slightly salty chocolate version, with Andorian chocolate on the side to dip the pastries into.

There were cups set up for those that would like coffee, other cups set aside for the chilled milk, or alternatives for those with allergies.

Quinn looked at the plates and nodded. It was ready for folks to come down and enjoy.

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Quinn Kindle

Casela walked into the lounge and grinned. Quinn was back to baking! She stepped around the bar, “Quinn! I know it’s you. Only you bake like that.” She moved into the kitchen greeting her friend. She’d been gone, well gone from her usual activities and Casela was genuinely happy to see her. “How did the Queen Amon I sampled turn out? Can I have some?” She picked up a glass of very cold milk, thrilled to have the chance to eat Quinn’s pastries again.
Lt Synthi-er

Quinn looked up and grinned cheekily at her friend, “Well of course you can have some. You did help me get the recipe perfected after all. Remember to use the melted Andorian chocolate to dip it in for the best effect.”

Casela grinned and grabbed several, because she KNEW it would be gone fast. And in tradition, =^=Synthi-er to Cobb. Your Yoeman’s been baking again. You better get down here before I eat it all.=^= She glanced at Quinn, “Want to make a bet on how fast he gets here?” And it wouldn’t be for the pastries, well maybe 40% pastries. She took the confection and dipped it into the chocolate. “Mmmmmmm....” it was still warm and simply melted in her mouth. “Quinn you are a treasure.” Seeing the crowd come in, she stopped the next question before it left her mouth.
Lt Synthi-er

Quinn shook her head softly, “Not a treasure I am too much of a brat for that.” She retorted with a cheeky grin, as she avoided the question about how long it would take her Captain to arrive.

Luna and cerenity entered the lounge. The pair were simply looking for a few moments to relax. Cerenity smelled the cooking and looked around. Luna spotted Celeste ” Is there an even going on in her we can’t go somewhere else of so” Luna asked confused. ” I want to learn how to cook like that Can I help please? ” Cerenity said excitedly
Ensign Luna

OOC: Posting Surda back in
Surda stepped in quietly, surveying the room with a grin. “Kindle, nice to see you back.” She’d wanted to stop and say hello to her fellow angel, especially after their planned group meeting had been scrapped.
-Surda, CoS
OOC: The meeting was scrapped cause of an anomaly escape or something I guess.
“Sir Da, thank you and be sure to check out the new pastries.” Quinn said lightly.

She raised her ginger hued brows as more folks came in, “No event other than sharing some baking with folks because I can. Help yourselves to whatever you like. I still have some muffins that are not done being cooked.” She said as she nodded to the plates , forks, spread out. So folks could help themselves to what ever caught their fancy. Quinn smiled softly. “Guess I need to set aside time for cooking classes. Since this is not the first time I have been asked about it. I will check it with the Captain later.”

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F

From somewhere close behind Kindle, she would feel warm breath on the back of her neck as a deep voice murmured into her ear, “Check what with the captain later?”

Then moving to her side, Cobb nodded to Cerenity and added for all to hear, “I think cooking classes sound like an excellent idea. Of course, as the captain of this vessel I would have to be chief taster.”

Quinn laughed softly shaking her head, “Well you can’t be the only taste tester I think Gen would be a great help too if that’s okay with you?” Her eyes twinkled playfully as she glanced up at Cobb.

Cerenity giggles and flaping her wings happly. ” I’m Cerenity whats your name?” She asked Kindle. Luna smiled at the child. ” I’m sorry” she said quietly picking the girl up. ” I’m Ensign Luna I’m guessing you are the captain’s Yeoman Crewman Quinn. Lutanat Surda says your cooking is amazing.” Luna said with a smile.
Ensign Luna

“Quinn Kindle and nice to meet you both.” She was distracted momentarily by the wings on the kid, she had never seen such on a member of the crew before let alone the children. Was this kid like Gen or something else entirely? She would talk with Cecilia about it later in private.

As was his usual way where Kindle’s baking was concerned, Cobb fell into silence as the women made smalltalk around him, and busied himself with pouring a large cup of coffee then taking a generous slice of the red velvet cake to go with it.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The old fashioned timer dinged and Quinn excused herself to to into the kitchen and get the muffins out of the oven. Three pans one was lemon poppy seed, one was uld berry and dark chocolate. The last was a red velvet that had white chocolate and cream cheese centers. She set them carefully on the counter. She turned the timer again for five minutes. “Once this dings again the muffins will be safe to eat without burning anyone.” Quinn said clearly though she did not look at Cobb, who seemed to had a patent for getting burned by hot pastries.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F, Cobb’s Angel

” Mister Zachariah!” Cerenity squealed happly. The child emeditly wanting down to get a hug from him. ” Hello Captain. But also catching sight of Sondra. ” miss Sondra look at what mister Lazol game me isn’t it pretty” she said finly getting free of luna and running up to show off the gold pressed latinum bracelet. ” It’s nice to meet you to… Cerenity come back here” Luna said trying to catch the child but failing to get to her. ” again I’m very sorry about my daughter she is hyper this morning. ” she said polightly.
Ensign Luna

Quinn looked after the kid that took off running, “They still make safety harnesses for parents of children. I will send you a few recommendations a later.” She said as carefully rearranged the hot muffin pans on the counter out of the tiny terror reach. Last thing Quinn wanted was to catch blame for a kid getting burnt because the parent had no control. She caught Cecilia eye as she headed towards the kitchen again. “Anyone want more coffee or something else while the muffins still need to cool?”

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F, Cobb’s Angel

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