Meeting the new counselor (TAG Anaya)

Posted Feb. 27, 2021, 2:40 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Anaya (Assistant Counsellor) (Ffion Grace)

Posted by Lieutenant Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in Meeting the new counselor (TAG Anaya)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Anaya (Assistant Counsellor) in Meeting the new counselor (TAG Anaya)

Posted by Lieutenant Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in Meeting the new counselor (TAG Anaya)
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Surda sat at a small table near the back of the Jorgumandr Lounge, as she so often did. She preferred to surround herself with allies, relishing the experience of being surrounded by loyal officers after so long spent traversing the criminal underworld at the edges of Federation Space. She had poured her own drink, as usual, and it was not, as people so often thought, alcoholic, but rather a very sugar-rich fruit juice. She wasn’t expecting anyone, but she certainly wasn’t going to turn anyone away either.
-Surda, CoS

The usual babble of voices in the lounge quietened as a figure entered. Dressed simply in a white empire line style gown, whose flowing lines did little to disguise the figure underneath, Anaya smiled to all as she made her way through the bar area, the silence virtually unbroken except for the tinkle of smashing glass as an unfortunate NE dropped his drink when her smile swept over him.

Spotting room at a table near the back, Anaya made her way to the bar to order herself a nice glass of something cool, dry and refreshing, the queue around the bar parting before her like courtiers before a benevolent emperor.

Taking a sip, Anaya savoured the dry, fruity yet mellow flavour of the chilled wine. “Mmmm” she murmured to herself, her voice so resonant it almost raised a note from her glass. She made her way to the table she had spotted, occupied only by an interesting figure she had seen on the bridge but had not been formally introduced to.

“My greetings Lieutenant,” she inclined her head in a semi-formal greeting as to between friendly equals, “it is busy in here tonight, might I share your table?”

A delicate bead of water formed on the rim of her chilled glass. It ran down the side, leaving a clear trace through the condensation before Anaya caught it delicately, lifting the cool droplet with the tip of her finger, she placed it on her tongue, eyes half closed as she savoured the cool clear taste, like spring dew on a mountain side.

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

Surda smiled warmly at the other woman, matching her greeting. “You are most certainly welcome.” She tilted her head playfully, shifting her posture in welcome. “We draw quite a bit of attention, hm?” She looked out at the rest of the lounge, noting the carefully veiled looks. She shooke her head, then held out a hand. “Lt. Surda, CoS. You would be… Anaya, no?”
-Surda, CoS

Anaya clasped the offered hand with her own to return the greeting warmly, her long fingers cool to the touch yet soft and delicate.

“I am indeed Anaya, it is a pleasure to meet you properly.” She glanced around the room, observing how most of the patrons seemed to now be intensely interested in studying either the floor covering or the ceiling tiles. She seated herself with a smile for her new friend and the babble of voices gradually began to rise back to its previous levels.

“So, Ms Surda, I am new here, please, can you tell me if there is anything particularly good on the replicators menu here? I find myself to be quite peckish and in need of a little something.”
Her tone was both warm and friendly, something in the harmonics of her words drawing the listener in, making them feel that here right now they were truly the most important being in the galaxy to Anaya and she would like nothing more than to hear what they had to say.

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

The corners of Surda’s mouth twitched up, but she restrained herself to put on the polite veneer she had learned over the years. “Well of course Ms. Anaya. I’d have to recommend the pastry menu to you, something sweet to suit your personality.” She would wait for the attention on the two to dissipate before they spoke beyond pleasantries and silent communications.
-Surda, CoS

“Hmmm what to choose, what to choose....”

Anaya browsed the pastry section of the menu, looking for something she hadn’t tried before. She was always eager to try new things and new experiences and this extended to her diet, within moderation of course.

“Ah, a ‘funnel cake’ seems like an interesting concept, I’ve not seen it on a replicator menu before, do you know who has programmed the menu onboard? You will join me in choosing something, yes? I hate to eat alone.”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

Surda smiled and nodded, acquiescing easily. “I must admit I am uncertain as to our programmer, although I believe most people have added one or two things to a replicator somewhere on board.” She selected a pain-au-chocolat, then nodded to her companion’s wine. “I see you came to enjoy. I’m honored you chose to share my table.”
-Surda, CoS

“One must always make time to relax and enjoy the better things in life, it is essential yes? In fact, as a ships Counsellor I should be making that an order!”

Said Anaya, running her finger clockwise around the rim of her glass as she spoke.

“Thank you for allowing me to share your table, it is so busy in here, but I like that, it is good to see everyone taking the opportunity to have fun and enjoyment where they can.”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

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