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Black row 0,0 1,0 E 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 6,0
Black row 0,1 Za 1,1 2,1 3,1 E 4,1 5,1 6,1
Black row 0,2 1,2 E 2,2 Ca 3,2 4,2 5,2 E 6,2
Free row 0,3 Ca 1,3 2,3 E 3,3 4,3 5,3 6,3 Ca
White row 0,4 1,4 E 2,4 3,4 E 4,4 5,4 6,4
White row 0,5 1,5 2,5 3,5 4,5 E 5,5 6,5
White row 0,6 1,6 2,6 3,6 4,6 5,6 6,6

Tokens Captured
- Carroll: II
- Cobb: II

“Jmiohuti is… literally it would be knife game. Imagine a checkerboard, but 3D, and you use daggers instead of pieces.” Surda explained. “Not only that but when she says 3D, the Chief means it’s a cube. And the cube floats. While you throw knives at it!” Forricci interjected excitedly. Carroll moved from 1,0 to 0,1
-Surda, CoS

Zachariah chuckled. “Why am I not surprised there are knives involved,” he shook his head mock-disapprovingly to the CoS. “Still, I imagine it is excellent training for…well,” he cleared his throat then concluded in a whisper, “I don’t wish to insult my opponent here.”

“Captain. I am willing to teach you Kal-toh. It’s a really intriguing game that is Vulcans play when we want to play the game so yes when ever you’re free to come by my quarters sir. If that’s okay.” When Logan said to the captain about Kal-toh. It was nice to know that someone was willing to be a student to the game.

Ensign Logan

“Aye, that sounds like a marvelous way to spend an evening, Mr Logan. Thank you,” the captain beamed with delight. But as his attention returned to the current game and he took stock of his current position, the man let out a painful groan. “Let us hope I take to Kal-toh with a drop more skill than that with which I am being massacred here at checkers!”

In truth, he was scuppered. It was too late to block the approaching capture of his piece at 1,2. So in an attempt to at least make a retaliatory attack, Cobb shifted his own counter from 4,5 to 3,4.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Believe me sir. Kal-Toh is a game of logic and patiences. You need to find the logic in the game sir. It’s the only best way.” As Logan wait to the captain. When Logan looked at the captain. He knew something wasn’t right.

Ensign Logan.

Cobb caught the ensign’s expression and winced. “Now, I never claimed that my moves would be impressive. Or even adequate,” he shrugged in an attempt to disguise his shame for so poor a performance. But in truth the situation had caught him off guard. To be sitting inside a containment unit, in close proximity to a unique and dangerous anomaly, and being expected to concentrate on checkers - well, perhaps that would challenge even the most talented of players?

“Logic,” he attempted to deflect the conversation away from his own inadequacies and back to the Vulcan’s preferred game, “is something I would like to consider myself reasonable at. Patience, however,” the captain shook his head, “is another matter entirely.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Surda snorted. “The friendly man-eating flowers throw you off a bit, sir?” That was, after all, the entire point of emphasizing Caroll’s danger, although all she had done was scavenge - and terrify a few colonists.

“Aye, well,” the captain shot Surda an almost-apologetic glance, before concluding more evenly, “I suppose, at times, the less outwardly terrifying an anomaly appears, the more insidious it truly is. If you catch my drift.”
He took a moment to watch Carroll. The plant had indeed shown no menace to her competitor. Indeed, their interaction so far had been downright civilised. Zachariah did not like it. He did not like it one bit.

“You should come down more often, I’ll introduce you to the other friendlies.” Every anomaly had the potential and the capability to be dangerous, and some were outright aggressive, but plenty of the anomalies in containment were content to be friendly with their guards. Most outside of Security were unaware, only hearing of the violent anomalies and their attempted escape, after all, which makes the better story? I narrowly escaped Dave, or I colored with a talking frog all shift?

For a moment, the captain seemed unsure whether to laugh, or recoil in horror. “Colouring? With crayons? And a…talking frog?” he finally managed to construct something resembling a sentence. He really needed to bring himself up to date on their latest intake of anomalies!
“Well…what did it talk about?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“The culinary virtues of insects, sir. One of the less stimulating conversations I’ve had.”
-Surda, CoS

“Aye,” Cobb stroked at his beard, for a moment seemingly lost in his own thoughts. “I would imagine them far less nutritious than Kindle’s pastries, eh.”

Caroll moved from 0,1 to 2,3, enjoying the back and forth outside her cell.
-Surda, CoS
OOC: Happy to flesh out the talking frog if someone wants an amphibious anomaly. :)

“Ha!” Cobb almost leaped out of his seat with glee as Carroll appeared to take his bait. “Now watch this lad, eh?” he motioned to Logan as he sailed his own piece from 3,4 to 1,2, taking his opponent’s counter at 2,3 in the process.
“Neck and neck still! I’m not a dead man yet!”

Caroll moved from 3,1 to 2,2
-The man-eating flower.

“Well sir. It’s always common knowledge for the game it involves tactics and knowledge. The only reason why I know that is cause I’ve played it with my friends back at Vulcan. I feel like to training other people to play it and help them understand the concept.” When he said that he knew that the captain was interested.

Ensign Logan

“Well then, I shall put something in my diary for…” he mentally recalled his schedule. With the Leviathan on return to the ARU base, his workload was sufficiently decreased to have more than one evening free this week. “How would Thursday suit you, eh?”
Then suddenly, as he watched the tightly controlled Vulcan, Cobb for some reason felt compelled to ask, “Do you miss your home planet, Mr Logan?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“A little bit sir. But as a Vulcan we don’t express feelings. But yes I do. And yes Thursday would be good sir. What time on Thursday sir.” As he asked the captain. He knew that the captain would be interested into playing Kal-Toh with him.

Ensign Logan

OOC: Not sure if you want to play out the entire game or skip to Carroll’s inevitable win, lol? I’m happy to do either :)

IC: Cobb moved his own piece from 1,2 to 0,1, in the hope of making an assault on Carroll’s top row with his next turn.

Then to Logan he replied, “Let us say 20:00 hours, if that suits you, Ensign? That should allow us sufficient time to enjoy both the game and, perhaps, something to eat?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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