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Posted Feb. 28, 2021, 2:54 a.m. by Ensign Jin'Lor Venneroe (Scientist) (Kayte Moore)

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Posted by Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe (Scientist) in Jormungandr lounge

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Cerenity had woken that morning to one of the security ensign Luna worked there to take her to her activity the return her home. Her mom was at some kind of training even that would last all day. So she setled in her room boor out of her mind. =/\= Computer you you send a message to Jeane Venneroe and as him to meet me in the lounge the one with the fish tank?=/\= the Computer complied and she headed off to the lounge to meet Jeane.

As soon as she got there she found a spot to look at the fish and waghted to Jeane.

After following his morning routine and making sure Jin’Lor got his coffee for work, Jeane got the message from Cerenity. Smiling, the teen got into some comfortable clothes and made his way to the lounge with the fish tank. In his excitement to get out and do something new, he completely forgot about his wings being slightly spread and got caught on the doorframe on his way in, almost falling as he often did in this situation. Flailing for a moment, he caught himself and stepped back, making his wings relax against his back before stepping into the lounge room.

“Hi Cerenity,” He called, praying she had not seen the embarrassing moment.

Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Unfortunately Cerenity had and she giggled. ” right here, let’s get some ice cream from the replicator” she said happly.

Jeane nodded, blushing with embarrassment as he followed Cerenity. “That sounds yummy.” He said as his wings kept doing little instinctual stretches that Jin’Lor had instructed him to follow. “Is there anything specific you wanted to do today?”

Civilian Jeane Venneroe

” Hang out and watch the fish” Cerenity said with a smile. Ans she ordered her favre chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from the replicator she picked up her bowl and gestured for Jeane to order his ice cream.

Choosing just to get chocolate ice cream from the replicator, Jeane nodded with a smile. “Ice cream is something I learned about just last year. Dad got me it.” He explained and grabbed his bowl when it was ready. “I really hope I can understand everything the way you and most people do soon. I still get confused by a lot of things.” Walking over to where Cerenity had been earlier, he took a seat and let his wings relax for a little bit so he would not accidentally hit his new friend.

Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Cerenity giggled” l don’t know what your talking about ” she said sweetly looking at the tank trying to spot Angel.

Jeane looked into the tank at the fish, thoroughly interested by them. “I don’t understand the language you use with your wings or…I just don’t understand a lot of things I should at my age.” He tried to explain. “I lived with a man that didn’t let me learn anything.” Eating his ice cream slowly, he kept watching the fish. “Which one of the fish is your favorite?”

Civilian Jeane Venneroe

” Language with are wings” cerenity said confused tuning her head side ways . ” oh cerenity said its not really a Language so much as a umm well it let the other person know what we are feeling. Like when mom is frustrated she fans out the fethers on the top of her wings like this” cerenity said demonstrating. The he asked a question about witch fish is her favorite. “Anger the flower horn right there” pointing to a pink fish.

Jeane had a look on his face that would tell Cerenity he was truly impressed at the control she had over her wings. Touching the feathers of his own wings, he silently wondered if he would ever have that kind of control. He certainly hoped so.

Turning his attention back to the tank when Cerenity pointed to the pink fish, he smiled. “That’s pretty.”

Civilian Jeane Venneroe

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