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“Oh Frack!” John suddenly said with a dawning realisation. It was as though a light bulb had been switched on in his mind to illuminate the shadows of the suspicions lurking there.

He dashed to the bedroom and returned swiftly tossing a hand phaser to Luna. He knew Kara could handle herself without one and he would take his chances.

“My lab,” he said putting his tunic on as he dashed out of the door.

“John!” the half-Klingon shook her head. “In your lab?”
Had this been the Viking and she still the captain, then McHarrie might have found himself on conduit scrubbing duty for pulling such a stunt. But neither time, nor superiority, could furnish that conversation now.

He ran towards the turbolift and once they were inside and the lift was in motion he explained…

“Grimshaw knew what I was up to. His message to my Uncle was routed here, which means he’s here. Somewhere. After my work,” John said as he waited impatiently for the lift to reach their destination “How could I be so stupid? AGAIN?”


“You think Grimshaw is on the Leviathan?” Kara sought quickly to clarify. “Her defences are far superior to the Viking. I can not imagine him entering through the front door.”

“No, I think my Uncle is,” John said, “And he wouldn’t leave through it either.”

Kara exhaled her frustration, this situation growing increasingly familiar to another she wished to forget.

It would be redundant to state, present company considered, that there were countless more ways to board a starship than that.

Turning once more to Luna, she began to consider strategy aloud. “Perhaps it would be wise to raise a security team and have them scour the ship? We do not need to reveal every detail on what they might be looking for.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Luna nodded =/\= Luna to Security we have an intruder on bord most likely in one of the Labs=/\= she said. She continued sprinting after McHarrie.
Ensign Luna

In the lab, there everything appeared to be in place except the previously neat stack of padds on John’s desk were now scattered unevenly across the desk and nearby deck.

John went to one of the containment fridges. He tapped the panel on the hatch which hissed gently as it opened to reveal absolutely nothing within the forcefield.

John swore loudly.


“I take it the creature has gone?” Nakuto asked, somewhat rhetorically. It was clear from John’s expression, and his colourful language, what had transpired. “Could he still be on the ship?”

She hurried to the closest terminal and motioned for Luna to join her. “Can we pull up a record of everyone who has accessed this lab since…” she shrugged and turned back to McHarrie. “When did you see the creature last, with your own eyes?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

“About 4 hours ago,” John replied as he tapped the console for the logs. As expected the audio and visual logs had been cleared. The security logs showed that John had open had opened the fridge and which had been authenticated with a retinal scan just 20 minutes earlier.

“He used my trick. The Captain cannot find out about this, cos I’ll end up in the brig or discharged for sure,” John said, “The imp I had was dead. James will be long gone with it. But with it and my notes, the Section will have almost everything they need to weaponise them.”

He sank dejected into his chair, “If they got the live one off the Viking…” John leaned forward and buried his face in his hands. He was angry and emotionally weary. He wanted to rage and he wanted to cry.


Luna turned her head sideways.” Im sorry but what is an imp also what trick and how are you able to open.... your a member of the section aren’t you” luna said quietly.
Ensign Luna

Finding an empty chair, Kara collapsed into it, one hand raking wearily through her raven-black hair
“It’s a creature, Luna,” she offered by way of scant explanation. “I had suspected some loose on the Viking but could never find direct evidence of such. Only the aftermath of sabotage.”
She turned back to John, his anger stirring a rising anxiety within the pit of her own stomach. “So we keep this from the Captain for now,” she consented. “But…what do we do? There are people on this ship with connections to 31 who might be able to investigate further. If you believe him to have already made it back with the imp, that is? Or should we be mounting an interception to cut him off en-route?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

“It’s not the imp we need to keep from the captain, John said, “The one I had was dead and harmless. Perfect to investigate and research. If the Captain finds out Uncle James was here he’d ask exactly what Luna has. Remember that James and my father were identical twins? Turns out that… Well I’m identical too. Only younger. Perhaps that’s why I can’t out-think him but it definitely is why the retinal scanners cannot tell us apart. If the Captain finds that out, my security clearance will be revoked and I’ll probably end up in a lab as the research subject.”


Nakuto sat forward, something that John had just told her setting off a chain of thoughts in her head.#
“So,” she began, “if James and your father are able to use your identicality to trick security into believing they are you, then I presume the same can also be achieved in reverse? And that you should be able to access records and data encrypted only for them?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

” he just did that and if you codes are compromised the captain needs to know. The ship is in danger” Luna said. She was not totally insensitive to John’s problems its just that well sacurity was compromised. Reluctantly Luna sat down next to Jhon. ” I know what your afraid of” she said hesitating as she reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. ” but they can breach this ship when ever they want that puts everyone in danger they were after an imp this time but next time they could let sumthing really danger out. There needs to be another way for the computer to identify you” Luna said.
Ensign Luna

“Section 31 can breach the ships security without my help,” John said, “The only thing this weakness gets them is the ability to breach this lab and the ability to frame me with minimal effort.”

John’s knew one way to solve the problem. It was a dark place that his mind was taking him to and if Luna or Kara could read his mind they’d be referring him to the counsellor. He couldn’t talk to Casela about this. Like John, she was Section 31 and for all he knew she’d assisted her Uncle. There was the Deltan assistant counsellor. John made a mental note to book an appointment. Every time his mind thought about ways to stop James using his own access against him his mind took him back to the dark place.

He seemed lost in his thoughts and almost unaware of of Luna had asked about other security measures…


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