Sickbay Cerenity's recheck

Posted Feb. 28, 2021, 12:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay Cerenity’s recheck

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Luna walked into sick be a month or two after having checked in Cerenity right behind her ruling her eyes sleepily. Its was not that early around 0800. But the pair of them seamed half awake. Luna had a data pad with a log of everything Cerenity had eaten in the past month or so. It totaled to around 4000 calories in a day. ” Cerenity has an appointment today” Luna said to the nurse at the front desk.

Cerenity pulled on Luna’s pant leg. ” Mommy what going on” she asked. Luna shook her head she know she told cerenity about the apartment. ” you have to see Docter knox so he can figure out why your so small” Luna said trying to explain in a way cerenity would understand. ” im small because I’m three mom” she said. Clearly not understanding.
Ensign Luna


“And remarkably articulate for a three year old.” Theo’s voice said as he approached from behind the pair. He smiled warmly. “Good day Ensign, good to see you again.” Then turned to Cerenity, he crouched down so he was eye level with her and gave her a reassuring look. “Hello cerenity, I’m Doctor Knox. I am afraid you were asleep last time we met. How are you today.”

Dr Knox

Luna tried to hide her giggle. ” Docter I’m Cerenity and I’m fine just tired. I had a bad dream” she said then yawned and stretched her wings opening as she did so. ” so why is me being small a problem I think mommy is over reacting again” cerenity said grumpy.

” Cerenity I’m not overeacting” Luna said. Great her three year old child thought she was crazy.
Ensign Luna

Theo smiled. “Oh we just want to make sure you’re growing up nice and healthy. Would you care to come sit on the bio bed for me?” He asked patting it. “Can you manage yourself or shall I assist you?”

Dr Knox

Cerenity glared at him. ” im not a Baby ” she said as if she were affected. She took several steps opend her wing and flapped them afow times to get up and land on the Bio bed. Her wing made no sound as she moved. She sat down on the Bed. Luna stooed by quietly. ” im sorry docter she seams to be in a mood today” Luna said.

“Indeed not.” Theo agreed with the young girl. He turned his attention to the scanners a moment then turned to look at his patient’s mother. “Not to worry.” He smiled as if he were used to the rude behaviour of people.

Dr Knox

Cerenity had not gained any waght. The scans showed the same as her first visit. It would also show that she had not been getting the sleep she needed.” I have kept track of everything she has eaten if that’s helpful” Luna said. Cerenity stared at the scanner. ” Doctor why do people have Nightmares” she asked.

Theo considered. “Many reasons. Do you have nightmares?” He asked. He turned his attention from the scans to Luna. “Please.” He said holding his hand out for the padd.

Dr Knox

Luna nodded and handed the pad to him. The information detail that cerenity eat more then 4 times the amount of calories of the average adults human. Of course the food was healthy as well. Luna did not let cerenity eat pizza evey day even though it was her favorite. Cerenity nodded ” Yah the shadows are evil they won’t leave me alone there angry I left the Viking” she said quietly.

” I think that is a question for Lt Celeste ” Luna said gently.
Ensign Luna

Theo thumbed through the PaDD and considered. He looked up at the girl as she spoke of shadows. “ Are they indeed.?” He asked and beckoned an NE towards him a moment. He spoke to the NE quietly who then wandered off to fetch a rolling try with some instruments.

“I’d like to run some more tests.” He told Luna and then sat on the rolling stool by the bio bed and spoke to Cerenity “and why do you think the shadows are angry?”

Dr Knox

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