Continuing the Games

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Luran watched Jin’Lor’s reaction, hoping the teenager wouldn’t cause her partner for the game further distraction. But she kept her mouth shut and instead turned her attention back to Surda for further instructions.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Gen looked down at her partner and the cuffs. “Is it a race?” She asked Cerenity.


” I think so ether way I’m glad I get to do it with you” Cerenity said happly.

Jeane simply smiled to Surda, unsure how to respond at this time. The teen was still nervous, but really wanted to have fun. With a glance to his father, he knew they could only wait to see how things would go.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Casela rolled her shoulders, and as best she could, stretch her arms. They’d done this before too. She stepped in front of Juliet, facing her and moved her arms in mirror to Juliet. She lifted her feet, one at a time, behind her, and holding her ankle, stretched her quad muscles, and then flexed her ankles several times. She crossed wrists with Juliet as they continued to stretch, while Surda got everyone ready. Casela turned back to the course and wondered how extreme the differences in gravity were going to be, and wished she had time to get Dramamine-s from Knox first.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Cobb lifted his cuffed arm, unavoidably raising Luna’s own arm with it, and closely examined the cuff.
“Well, when you woke this morning I bet the last thing you expected was to spend the day chained to your captain,” he chuckled. Then, taking as much of a step backwards as their forced proximity would allow, he cast a glance along the length of Luna’s left wing before concluding with a wink, “I can’t help but feel you might have a distinct advantage in these light-footed conditions. Until my bulk weighs you down again, at any rate.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Luna smiled and shook her head. ” we have to be careful it’s very likely that I could brake my wrist or fook of you step on me. ” Luna said gently. But then smiled. She opens her wings the tips of flight fethers visible on the other side of the captain. And flight using my wings is out of the question we are to close to one and other the air is still her I would need to be able to mKe my wing tips meet on the down stroke to keep both of us in the air. Luna said as she closed her wing. “But we will have other advantages. For example im faster then most hopefully you can keep up. I’ll tell you a secret captain my entire style of fight is based around how fast I can move especially hand to hand. I don’t have the strength or waght to throw behind my attacks but I make up for that with stored energy from a run jump or dive.” Luna said.
Ensign Luna

“Luna,” Zachariah replied, once more raising both of their arms so that she could see the golden cuffs. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, we’re tied together. So I am going to have no choice but to keep up.”
And with that he let out a roar of laughter, although whether borne wholly of humour, or more trepidation and anxiety for the activity ahead, even Cobb himself was not entirely sure.

OOC: This next part is very long, so read it carefully.
“Now then, who would like to go first?” Surda looked around the group, surveying the pairs. There was one obstacle that would be easy for each team, but the course as a whole would be a challenge.

The course started with two balance bars set side by side, and also introduced the first gravity fluctuation. As soon as the competitor stepped on, the gravity would increase, making keeping their balance even harder.
The second challenge was an 8 ft tall wall, where competitors would have to boost one member over and then pull the other up from the top. The gravity would be slightly lighter than Earth normal, challenging the team to keep fine control when they were stronger than usual.
Next was the Zero gravity portion of the course, with rings at different heights attached to both the floor and ceiling. Going too fast would cause the team to spin out of control, but being too cautious would add more time than they could make up. The last ring was set into the ground, ensuring that the team coming out of the course section would not be dangerously high during the gravity change.
The fourth challenge was 14 pads set 4 feet above the ground. Both members of the team would have to jump and land at the same time to keep from falling off. The fourth challenge was at ship’s normal gravity.
The fifth and final challenge required the competitors to climb along two ropes, one above the other, to make it to the final platform, 12 feet above the ground.
-Surda, CoS, Obstacle Course Creator

OOC: Question on the fifth challenge. Is this like, walk along the bottom one and hold the other top for balance/safety. Or one walking lower and the other higher? And how much room is between the cuffs?

OOC: Walking on the bottom rope and the top is balance. There are around 4 inches of chain between the cuffs.

” Some of these obstacles require us to move in tandem we will need to camulicat clearly and quickly captain” She said. She had no desire to brake any of her bones. She was already looking at the course trying to come up with a strategy.
Ensign Luna
Ensign Luna

Jin’Lor grimaced in distaste, but did not complain as he looked to Luran. “As long as we keep good communication and work together we should be fine.” He stated, silently wishing he had not chosen to do this. As someone more accustomed to working alone, the geneticist was not comfortable with this situation or the course before them, but he would go through with it. It never hurt to try having fun every now and then, right? He only hoped his teenage son would be fine.

Jeane had a nervous expression on his face as he looked toward the course. “I hope I don’t break anything…” He murmured, thinking of his wings as they folded tightly against his back.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Surda laughed, not unkindly. “It would be very hard to break something on this course, my safety protocols are very advanced,” she assured him.
-Surda, CoS

OOC: The course is fantastic! Some really cool ideas here!

IC: Being a natural leader, but also naturally sloth-like, Cobb’s lazier side won out initially and, at Surda’s request for volunteers, he hung back to see who else might step up. But when no-one did, the captain shrugged then called out “Myself and Luna can have a go first, if you like?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” are you shure that is wise captain though I will say an adult team should do the course befor the child run it so they have an example” Luna sigested.
Ensign Luna

Juliet had been about to volunteer her and as when the Captain spoke up. She glanced at Cas and finally commented on her words of it being like when they were kids. “I remember some. Most I’ve blocked out. But I am sure I won’t embarrass us too much.” She let Cas work out and stretch, her own body already limber from stretching in her quarters. She watched the way the other woman moved and twisted her wrist, arm and body in harmony. It was odd, but to anyone else, it looked like they did this all the time. To Juliet, she had a similar thought as her body responded without thought.

Maybe she did remember more than she thought.


Casela shook her head, noting for the moment that they even had their hair pinned up exactly the same way. Oh the confusion they could cause! “I highly doubt you’ll embarrass us. I’m more worried about the zero-g area. I still get very sick in zero-gs.” Another thought occured to her that made her smirk, “Well this time I’ll be adjusting my stride longer to keep up with you.” Juliet was now taller than her, and the last time they did something like this Casela had been taller and faster (not by much), than a much younger Juliet. There would be some adjustments to be made. “Whenever you’re ready.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS
Luran nodded. She found the ability to work both alone and with others important, so the idea of the course seemed a useful exercise. “All the obstacles require close team work and strategy.” She noted, eyeing the obstacles.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Jeane just gave Surda an awkward smile and nodded, too nervous to say anything else.

Looking down at the cuffs and the obstacles, Jin’Lor was already assessing everything they could do to simply get through it. “I guess we can go whenever you want.” He stated, not used to being social.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Gen glanced at Cerenity. “Do we go?” She asked uncertainty colouring her tone.


” i think we have to waght are turn” cerenity said looking at the course. ” do you think we will be tall enough for that wall” cerenity asked.

Gen looked at the wall and shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. If we can’t climb it we go through it. Easy please.” She said

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