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Ilena shrugged. “I didn’t expect you to be…humble. You’ve done amazing work and you write as if the rest of the universe is filled with children. I understand the sentiment.” If Knox was familiar with her work, he would be aware that the project had been going for 3 years before she joined it. In six months she’d solved the problem and created a viable working treatment. “You are familiar with it?” that was suprising since the work was highly classified, but then again Dr Theodore Knox was known for his ‘private’ work. “I’m honored. Truly. Though I’m not sure the ‘treatment’ really solves the problem they were after.”
Lt Rox, assit researcher

Theodore smiled. “I tend to get that a lot. I don’t know why.” He chuckled lightly. Humble. Yes that was a good description. “I am. I myself only recently left Star-fleet Research and development to take my position onboard the Leviathan.” He made a hand gesture. “Please, allow me to give you a tour of the facilities.”

Ilena followed along beside him. She might be brilliant in her own right but she was always eager to learn from a more knowledgeable doctor.

As they walked he considered her last comment. “ oh I doubt it had the entire effect they were after but it certainly does check many of the boxes. Regardless it was beautifully crafted in terms of what it does. Years ahead of your peers. If you don’t mind me saying so. I am curious how you structured the re-sequence the DNA after treatment was applied without disruption to the higher brain function. I recently saw a paper by Doctor Bergemount discussing the use of viral agents capable of disguising themselves as memory engrams and wondered if some of that work had been taken from yours. I know Reginald Beremount rather well and in the last fifteen years none of his work has so much as made me want to so much as read boast the abstract but this was very different.” He watched her a moment,

Dr Knox

“That was tricky. In the end it was a matter of resequencing the mitochondrial DNA to trigger the chemical markers we wanted in the brains synaptic functions. Their cellular DNA determined how their brain chemically coded memories so changing that made it so that the memories could not be retrieved. That was good, but it also prevented the retrieval of basic memories, like how to walk and talk. In the end what we had to do was get the mitochondrial DNA to make the cells send out chemical signals to destroy the memory engrams for the specific events they wanted destroyed. The results were excellent. But removing the memories from those officers doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t recognize them, so they had to go through physical alterations as well. I did consider Bergemount’s work, and it was an effective as a red heron distraction but left too long, the viral agents became immune to the suppressants and made the patients extremely sick. It was good for short term, but was far too dangerous for the long term results that were wanted.”
Lt jg Rox

“Brilliant. Truly brilliant.” He said as they walked around the medical facilities. “Beremount is an idiot. I wish that more of his work were out in the field so to speak so that others such as yourself might publish a rebuttal. I would enjoy reading that.” He smiled at her. “And so now you are here on the leviathan.”

Dr Knox

“Thank you, doctor.” It was brilliant. Ilena knew it, too, but she tried not to a jerk about it. But her smile indicated she was well aware of how impressive her work had been. “Honestly, I look at his early work and it’s not bad, but he’s lost something in the years. I truly hope that nothing similar happens to me. He was very promising, for a time. I suppose it’s kinder to not have his work published now that he’s lost his ability to reason.” There was no kinder way to put that the man’s mind was going. “Yes I was very excited when I was presented the opportunity. My last DH thought I was crazy to give up and AMO position for this, but she didn’t understand the joy and excitement of research. I live for it, and there wasn’t a lot of that going on there.”
Lt Rox

Theo nodded in understanding. “Yes, unfortunate when our peers do not see the drive for furthering the field as much as we perhaps do.” He smiled. “However a definite gain for us as I am sure your talents will not go to waste here. There seems to be plenty to do if one is a quick enough mind and study.”

Dr Knox

“There are many wonderful doctors in the universe, but so very few researchers. But then I could never be just one or the other. There simply isn’t enough to do that way.” She looked around the med bay, a surveying sweep of the facilities. “The medical ‘miracles’ we could perform in a sickbay like this on a new nightingale class hospital ship. I suppose that’s the benefit of being on a super classified ship for a division that doesn’t exist.” She turned back to Knox her words ringing true rather than arrogant. Knox would get the impression that Ilena was never arrogant, simply knew who and what she was, although others might perceive her differently, “Oh I’m quick enough, that’s why I’m here. And more specifically why I’m in your sickbay. I’m eager to get started, if I can pass my physical.”
Lt jg Knox

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