Holodeck RTF Selection training - Closed

Posted March 1, 2021, 10:14 a.m. by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Holodeck RTF Selection training - Closed

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in Holodeck RTF Selection training - Closed

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Holodeck RTF Selection training - Closed
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Luna had gotten up at three having found some one to watch and take Cerenity to her activity today Luna quickly got redy and headed to the holodeck for mandatory training. She arrived approximately 30 minutes early. ” this better be worth it” she thought as she wanted to it to be 0400. Once it was time she entered the holodeck. ” Hi is anyone here i was told to repot her by weren’t officer Vonn” she said.
Ensign Luna

As she entered, the holodeck activated.

She was standing on the edge of a field, a full three quarters of a mile open in front of her. A single chair sat to the left of her. As she looked around, a human male in an old Earth military uniform materialized.

“LISTEN UP, MAGGOT! You think you have what it takes?! You think you are cut out to be 9ne of the swift?!? One of the silent?! One of the deadly?! I dont f%$@ing think so!” he barked at her, his finger an inch or two from her face.

“You think you got it? Fine! Prove yourself, maggot! Sit your happy ass in that chair right there and prove it! All you have to do, you worthless piece of slime, is find my snipers. You point them out before they touch you with their hand, you’re in. You don’t, you lose. Simple as that!”

Training Holo

” please tone down the swaring and screaming and, there is someone over there I saw sumthing move while you were in my face though it could have been a bird” she said and pointed to the spot. Then sat in the chair. And looked around the holodeck closely. She could pick out pants spiders in the corridors of the ship when others could not. A few bulke snipers would be no problem. She would have to tell the Breen that she did no appisheat the swareing and yelling in her face. But she would play nice for now.

She know what to look for light bouncing off the glass of the scope or movement.or if the were really bad at hiding hurt the general shape of a humanoid. She turned her head from sid to side sweeping the area but also aware to pay attention to her parietal vision as when they thought she would not see her would need when they would move. As soon as she spotted them they would be called out.
Ensign Luna

The wind rustled the grass and flowers; and the sun was set just above the far line of trees. Small bushes and sapling trees dotted the field and the smell of fresh air filled the air.

No movement, no glint of light off a scope. Nothing could be seen.

Training Holo

Luna contest to look for the snipers she started to look behind her as well if she were seeking up on some one she would aproch from behind. She looked ro clumps of grass or mud that might hide a person. But still kept looking for moment as well. They had to move to aproch her so she wouldn’t decently catch that eventually.
Ensign Luna

Hours had passed with nothing and Luna was getting frustrated. But she stayed here she was and consumed to look wondering of the snipers were even programed to be in the holodeck. ” it would not surprise her if thus was an unbeatable task and she failed. Oh well she tried right. But she would not give up not until she found the snipers or was told she failed. Zhe could not help but think this would be much easier from the air.
Ensign Luna

Fours passed. Then six. Then ten. Then twelve. Then fourteen. Nothing was seen, nothing was heard. The sun rose and set, and dusk came. Just as the dark was about to completely fall, the computer chirped and the program ended. Luna stood, alone, in a room of black with a yellow grid.

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