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Posted March 1, 2021, 3:38 p.m. by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) (J Ridgley)

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Hey Leviathaners,

what a month we’ve had with February! We’ve made over 1000 posts in total and had more than one day where the single day’s count was over 100! Absolutely incredible work by every single one of you!

Narrowing down to one or two lines a day from that mountain of sheer brilliance was no easy task! But I did it anyway, hehe. So below, I present all of February’s little moments of genius, from lines that made me laugh, to lines that made me cry, and lines that just left me in awe of the writing and roleplaying ability of every single person onboard this ship!

(Standard disclaimer by now - this is purely a bit of fun and doesn’t count towards anything official. It’s also inevitably skewed in favour of those who post daily, but that’s just the nature of me choosing a new line every day.)

Congratulations to all!

  • Sharon

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Date Character Player Line Post
01/02/2021 John McHarrie Jim Watkin “I will put some feelers out, but no news is good news,” John said, “If the crew were lost, I would expected at least some chatter keeping it quiet from SNN until families have been notified. SNN is not exactly well known for keeping a lid on things. Look how they reported on Wolf 359.”
02/02/2021 Luna Christina Crafford “Surda’s confusion only managed to send Luna into another fit of giggles. ” Ill be right back” she said disapering finding a replicator and retering with a cholesterol sprinkles donut for Surda. ” Here just try it. Its easier then explaining” Luna said. She handed the pastry to her.”
03/02/2021 N/A J Ridgley “I genuinely would get a tutu and some pom poms and dance around for the Levi.” N/A
04/02/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “At closer inspection, it was apparent that the sides of the box were quite flimsy; they held their shape, but deformed slightly even under the engineers’ delicate grip, as if made of thin cardstock. Turning to the captain, Jonathan presented the item for inspection, grinning from ear to ear.”
04/02/2021 Surda Leonora V “Computer, inform the crew teamwork games resume in training holodeck 2 at 1300 hours.” The computer chimed affirmatively, and Surda grinned. She had given everyone 30 minutes to prepare before they faced her next challenge. “Computer, inform everyone that any loose object will have to be placed in the provided lockers.”
05/02/2021 Cerenity Christina Crafford “Cerenity turned excitedly and ran at the captain. She flapped her wings a few times so she could get high enough to hug the man.”
06/02/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Hello Valkyrie. Are you enjoying that cushy position out there for the ARU? Well we more pressing matters for you to take care of. All the basic SOP for this. Quiet and mouselike. You can manage that can’t you?”
07/02/2021 Theodore Knox Calé Reilly “Good, nice and relaxed.” He said watching the vitals and then smirked back down at Casela as the readings began to indicate the gas was working. “Nighty night.” He said quietly so only she would hear him. Or did she Imagine that part?”
08/02/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “I have come across several complaints from your staff regarding your methods and techniques, of course, this is bound to happen when someone who is not traditionally a Starfleet member but there’s one incident involving a carnivorous plant, rubber gloves, an ensign, a large plasma torch and…” He pulled at his shirt, “Some turbo lift lubrication fluid?”
09/02/2021 DaiMon Lazol Brian Richards “The glove was for protection obviously and the torch was going to be used as a localized heater for Darius to put the plant to sleep so to speak. The turbolift fluid is a biodegradable and plant safe material believe it or not and it was rubbed on the glove and all the way up Darius’s arm to act as a barrier to the nectar as well as help glide him in. Well when he was about shoulder deep the torch slipped, the plant woke up, and Darius might have been trapped for a moment or two while I took readings about how the lily came out of a hibernation state before I applied the torch and released him.”
10/02/2021 Anaya Ffion Grace “She paused outside the office to check her uniform but the fit remained flawless, hugging tight to her long slim legs, even the somewhat utilitarian star fleet uniform somehow looking like couture on her toned frame. In truth, she usually preferred to work in civilian attire but until she knew the preference of the senior Counselor and Captain regarding this she would wear the uniform as protocol dictated. She extended a finger, the cuticle and nail perfectly manicured and shaped, and pushed the door chime, stepping back to await an answer.”
11/02/2021 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “No point in me saying I’m all good if you are still gonna keep worrying if the knife in my pocket is aimed at your back.”
12/02/2021 Surda Leonora V “She frowned, and her gaze slid to the small black pouch on her desk. She grabbed it, slipping it into her uniform with a sigh. Neeina wouldn’t have signed off on her recall, but if he had left black-ops… She stepped into the turbolift, pulling the pouch out again, staring at the completely black badge.”
12/02/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Im not disagreeing with you but any mistake here results in as Captain Cobb right said a cereal bowl of a security chief and i’m more of a bagel guy.”
13/02/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “It may be in poor taste, but I think it’s fair to say that ‘normal’ has very little meaning aboard the Leviathan.”
14/02/2021 Zachariah Cobb Sharon Miller “Ah, come in Lieutenant,” the captain nodded, his face betraying not a single atom of emotion. “Commander Raauhl has just been discussing with me the results of your recent evaluation and…well, I will allow you to take it from here, Commander.”
14/02/2021 Luna Christina Crafford ”Captain, Comander” Luna said taking a step twords them. ”we will be fine, there is no way a donut is going to get the best of us.”
15/02/2021 Irida Kovacenkov Jennifer Ward “Lehiw roared with laughter. “Irida,” the big Klingon began, “you would eat him alive. You need a big strong Klingon like me!”
16/02/2021 Jin’Lor Venneroe Kayte Moore “Jeane waved shyly to Cerenity and Luna, happy to see he was not the only one that had been cursed with the discomfort of risking getting caught in doorways every single day.”
17/02/2021 Daizi Orin Ffion Grace “If there is flyin’ to be done, look no further ladies and gentlemen, ain’t no one on board this here tub that’s a hotter hand in a shuttle than me and that’s a fact.”
17/02/2021 John McHarrie Jim Watkin “He used my trick. The Captain cannot find out about this, cos I’ll end up in the brig or discharged for sure,” John said, “The imp I had was dead. James will be long gone with it. But with it and my notes, the Section will have almost everything they need to weaponise them.”
17/02/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Raauhl smiled as Cas came back into the main room having changed, he was also in something more casual. Some navy blue cotton sports shorts and a baggy grey T-shirt which the motto “Its a good day to dine” On the front and a Kligon wearing a chefs hat brandishing a spoon over his head.”
18/02/2021 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “The people around him were surrounded in pain at his death, good. They deserved it, they deserved to be in a state of emotional grief. The anomaly that was passing herself as a girl was a nuisance, the counselor, a snake, the engineer, a buffoon. Why should any of them get their XO back?”
18/02/2021 Surda Leonora V “Today, you will take part in a varying gravity obstacle course. To promote teamwork, everyone will have a partner. You will be handcuffed to your partner. I am the only one who can release you. Do not try to get out of the cuffs. You will fail, and you will lose the game. If you really want to try breaking out of my cuffs, we can do that one-on-one later.”
19/02/2021 Anaya Ffion Grace “The oath is there for the same reason that jar over there is labelled ‘bio hazard’ or a button is marked ‘do not press’.” Anaya sighed, thinking back to an incident aboard the Seeker on her last mission. “Unfortunately, the galaxy does seem to be full of people that want to press that button, just to see what happens, don’t you find Doctor?”
19/02/2021 Luran Akunon Nicole C “Special about it? …No, it’s just water surrounded by grass. I was only there a few times.” Luran replied after a moment’s thought. She wouldn’t think to mention the answers Anaya was looking for, like that she was there with her mother and half-brother. Luran remembered little about it. She was unsure why that was the fact which came to mind.”
20/02/2021 Genesis (Gen) McCallister Calé Reilly “Shadows. she answered the darkness as it echoed the question of what happened. Shadows outside the ship. Was walking. Fenrir and me…it made me phase…didn’t mean to but couldn’t stop. Hit the floor and it hurt then went through again and it hurt more. she turned around in the gloom. Where am I? she asked.”
20/02/2021 Leslie Dean (Xorem) Russell Watt “Not being able to catch up on Risa Heights 90210 would put her at a disadvantage over these next few days, but at least Eve and Sarah won’t have seen the episode either and won’t spoil it for her. The backstabbing Betazoid on the show would hopefully get her commupance in the upcoming episode for the stunt she pulled to break up the new Klingon female character and the hot Deltan life that had rejected her like a million times already.”
21/02/2021 Akirel Ros David Shotton “For years Ros had fed the fire, used his soul as a bargaining tool to dull the pain of the loss of Kara Nakuto, willed the fire to consume him, to end the grief and mourning he felt inside but couldn’t face. An unholy pact of his blood and flame had kept him breathing, kept him focused on existing when he didn’t want to exist. The shadows knew this, felt it. Felt Kara’s armor had a chip and their senses swirled with a cry of abyssal pleasure as Ros’ defenses dropped fully. He let them in.”
22/02/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “The Bardeezi Nebula was chosen because of its remote location and natural defences to avoid its discovery, the ARU have operated for some time and The Nebula itself is similar to the badlands which border the Cardassian border with only one passage of entry in and out the nebular is then protected by a secondary ring of photon turrets along with cloaked mines unless you knew how to navigate the storms, mines and turrets there was no way a ship is getting through.”
23/02/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “The Breen didn’t move, didn’t twitch,didn’t even seem to breathe. It just… was. And then the synthetic voice spoke. Without emotion or inflection.”
24/02/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “We were discussing this nick name Cobb has given us: Cobb’s Angels. We could wear those. I’m not sure he sees me as an angel though? Maybe a terror that hides under the bed at night.”
24/02/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “The Brass was impressed with your work on the Swift. Well done… including tracking down that abducted prisoner.” and he he leaned back and smiled a wry smile. “Is it true you glued the suspect to the outside of his ship in an EV suit and threatened to do a re entry burn to get him to give up where the prisoner was?”
25/02/2021 Surda Leonora V “I’d like to come to a professional understanding. I have had dealings with your people before, Breen hunters and mercenaries. If this is some long elaborate job to find someone onboard, I stake my claim now.” It wouldn’t be enough to turn away the most dedicated hunters, but some would relinquish the job out of professional courtesy. “I’ll claim the ship, her cargo, and all her crew under a Syndicate if I must.” Formally claiming the Leviathan and her crew would make most think twice, going against an Orion Syndicate, even a small one, was often more trouble than it was worth.”
26/02/2021 Joseph Franklin Dave Eads “Existence was fragmented. Only the fragments blended together into an endless blur of shattered moments, pictures, emotions…The disparate parts of what once was a human mind wondered if this was death? Is this what happens to us? It was so cold now that he’d (They? us?) been…what, knocked out of his body? Killed?”
26/02/2021 Quinn Emery Kindle Cassa D “The food was a mini potluck. A lasagna was in a covered dish. There were five stuffed steaks cooked to medium well state. A hot plate was centered near the steaks in the case someone wanted it cooked more than what she had prepared. There was a loaf of pepper cheese bread platter of butter and a smaller platter of garlic butter. Baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes.”
27/02/2021 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “I guess we both just have to accept this isn’t a joke or con and we need to make it work. You didn’t abandon me. They screwed up.” Her own mental thoughts would flit lightly over the name misspelling, the moving of her from home to home so quick and back to back at the beginning and the ineffectiveness of the Fleet to maintain such a simple thing as the motion of a single child.”
28/02/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “A bit of spray adhesive secured the containment unit inside of its new carapace, and after a brief function test (opening and closing the lid), Durheim considered it done; or at least, done enough for now. But he was thorough; and took a few minutes to make sure that the prototype’s functionality had not been affected. As he finished up; he called out to the rest of the group. “I believe I have this complete now; the containment device is now substantially sturdier than it was.”

Wow what an amazing effort from everyone and some amazing lines! Thankyou Sharon for putting this together for us!


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