Strange things afoot on Deck 11 (Augustine Chronicles Thread 3) (TAG RTF Personnel)

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-USS Leviathan, Deck 11 between RTF Barracks and Cargo Bay 2-

At a glance, everything looked normal on Deck 11.

It wasn’t.

Outside the normal wavelength spectrum available to the naked human eye, things were very wrong.

What looked like a torn away, broken piece of bulkhead stretched across the Deck 11 Corridor, seemingly through Leviathan’s own internal structure. The wreckage was sparking, obviously alive with ruptured power conduits venting their wrath into showers of sparks.

Worse still, there were bodies. One lay crushed beneath the wrecked bulkhead, his arm floating off the deck plates, waving slowly as if in reverie. Other forms drifted slowly, turning and spinning in a silent ballet, bouncing off one another and the wreckage to which they belonged, but passing through what was clearly Leviathan’s surfaces.

One body was moving differently than the rest. A woman in a starfleet uniform, like the rest. Her shoulders were jerking as if she were sobbing, her head bobbing down to her chest. Her face, when it became visible, was bloodied and winced into a mask of pain as she cried silently into the ether.

Further up the corridor, Joseph Franklin opened his eyes.

Warmth… Oh thank God, life support is back online…

He reached a hand to steady himself as he floated, but found that his hand and wrist passed through the bulkhead instead of interacting with it.

This puzzled him deeply, and in his shock, he just stared.

Down the Corridor, the other direction, he heard faint sobbing along with the scraping and settling sounds of wreckage and debris moving against itself.

There was the occasional flash of sparks, and a wash of heat.

Smoke drifted through the air around him.

He looked at his hands.

They were stained with blood.

Vonn stood and motionlessly assessed the scene. It was… odd… to say the least. Nothing was detectable in the normal visual spectrum, but when viewing via gamma or radio wavelengths… two *opposite ends of the spectrum… the scene came into focus; although gamma was more clear. After contacting the bridge Vonn began to record the scene via the helmet and then, slowly, began making their way to the sobbing figure.

“Can you hear me?” the mechanized voice asked.

Vonn, RTF CO

Upon being addressed, the woman weakly turned her head toward Vonn’s computer-generated voice… But that seemed to use all the strength she had left. After one more wracking sob, she went still and her head lolled back as her trajectory changed her rotation.

Something popped silently above Vonn and the ghostly corpses, showering down sparks that left no smell or burns on the Leviathan’s surfaces.

On the other side of the ghost wreckage, a voice rasped. “…Bridge… Franklin to… Bridge… St… Status…” There was a wracking cough.

Franklin, anomalous individual

Vonn froze in place and then amplified their vocal output. “Franklin. Identify yourself. Move to my voice.” and played the same words over and over; and then they activated their ship comms. =/\= Vonn to RTF. Anomaly on Deck eleven near barracks. Containment team respond to my location. Anomaly not visible in normal range, set scanners to Gamma wavelength and proceed with caution. Cross dimensional activity probable. =/\=

Vonn, RTF CO

Inside the barracks Irida sat up grabbed her kit and walked out and around the corridor. “Chief” she said to Vonn in way of reporting in. It was abrupt but respectful.

“Master Chief.” came the artificial reply.

Ensign Luna was quick to respond =/\= agnoliged on my way=/\= with in fifteen minutes Ensign Luna came up behind Vonn. Here stance was law and she was careful about where she stepped using the scanner as a guide.
Ensign Luna

Irida turned taking in the area with her own senses. She drew a head set on and flipped the eye piece down allowing her to see on different spectrums and set it for Gamma waves. The device left her hands free and she loosened her Mark VII in its holster but refrained from actually arming herself. She dropped the bag with the containment kit to the ground and knelt down to open it. The scanner engaged about that time and Irida could now see what Vonn had seen. “Poor souls” she buttered in Russian.
MCPO Irida

“Ensign, don’t move, but begin recording all faces. Scan them and run them through the computer against all known Starfleet personnel. Master Chief, same instructions but look for any identifying nomenclature on parts and debris.” Vonn said in a low volume. They continued to look for the ‘Franklin’ they had heard, so they moved very slowly through the field. “Mr. Franklin. Can you hear me?”

Vonn, RTF

Luna nodded and quietly set to work scanning and identifying each individual making shure a list of all the people were made. ” what happened” she thought. This was definitely strange.
Ensign Luna

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