Defend by any Means Necessary

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“Yes, I’m telling her bye.” Her voice was low, but she snapped, not as clear headed as she should be. “I could have left, I didn’t have to tell you. But that doesn’t count for anything does it?” She turned out of the room. He’d hurt her, deeply, and anger more at herself, was the only response she knew. She walked across their quarters and opened Gen’s door. This was against her better judgement, there was no telling what Gen was going to do. She wasn’t doing well either after Hampton. She knelt down next to the bed and brushed Gen’s hair back, “Gen, baby, wake up. I’m leaving for a few days. I’ll bring you back something, okay?”

The girls eyes opened. Their glow Slightly disconcerting in the darkness of the room. She took the sort of sleepy deep breath one normally associates with the just woken and frowned. “Where are you going?” She asked and sensing the tension began to sit up. “Im coming.” She said firmly.


“Your mother is the only one who can go Gen,” Raauhl said his face softening at the introduction of Gens sleepy features. “Besides I need you to help me look after the ship and well me.” He held his stomach to show he was still in some discomfort from having been killed. “She won’t be gone forever and we can talk to her every day if we can, between that and the presents she’ll bring back I think we can cope for a few days, weeks” He smiled having moved and crouched down next to her.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela shook her head softly. “No you gotta stay here. You know how he gets. He’ll work late, rush back, rush cooking and catch the ship on fire and try to put it out with his bare hands.” It was said playfully, to ease the tension and help Gen relax, and build on Ryder’s words. “And even if that doesn’t happen, who will find the oven mitts for him? You know he’s always loosing them.” It was a nightly thing, ‘where are the oven gloves?’ Casela was pretty sure he could find them, but it had become almost routine at this point. “Annnnd, your supposed to teach Cerenity how to use those shoes you got her. And there will be no trips until you finish helping Mr. Durheim fix the CIC panels you blew up.” She would be near the Klingon boarder. Oh what was that toy…Toby the Targ. “I’ll bring you back a stuffed Toby the Targ. You can look up who he is while I’m gone.” She squeezed her hand. “I’ll even bring Dad back a surprise. But you have to call me every day so I know he’s behaving.” She smiled softly in his direction. She’d never had a problem just leaving. She guessed that this was more painful than the actual assignment would be.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Gen scowled unhappily as she looked between both adults and then gave a shake of her head. Denying their words and the offer of a new cuddly companion. “No.” She said defiantly. “I don’t care, I’m coming to.” She continued to scowl but it wavered the longer she tried to maintain it, eventually she threw her arms around Casela. “No. stay here with us, tell the bad men to go away. You promised you’d be here, I don’t want to find the oven gloves myself. And you’re hurt. Don’t go.” She began to sob.


Casela did her best not to wince at the sudden impact of a distraught Gen. Only the twitch of her eye would give it away. She hated this, and she should have left without waking her. She let her personal feelings over ride her training, and there was a part of her that was very disappointed with herself; a part almost forgotten in an almost year of serving on Leviathan. “Gen, I promised I’d always come back, and I will. I’m going and I’m going to make the bad men go away, but you can’t go. You have to have Fenrir incase you have another accident, and he can’t go. He’d get broken, so I need you to stay here with him and Daddy.” Gen’s tears, her fear and sadness along with Ryder’s fear, anger, and frustration over it was enough to make her stay. Except she knew if she did, one day they’d come for Gen. Her ability to phase, to read minds, to set of explosions without explosives, would make her invaluable. She couldn’t allow it out of her selfishness.

Raauhl moved slowly to Gen, “We can go dead. You know if I could we would but we’d be putting not just ourselves but your mother in danger too. Its how they work, and it’ll be the last time I swear I’ll never let her go again.” He felt himself welling up the young girls own tears causing a sympathetic reaction in him. “And you wont have to find those gloves alone, you’ll have me and everyone on this ship.” He knew his words might not mean much to the girl but everyone considered Gen a part of the crew and would do anything to help her.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Over Gen’s shoulder Casela looked at Ryder. Never let her go again? In that deeper connection that had formed between them he could feel her acceptance of those words. She didn’t know how he’d manage it, but hopefully by the time she returned, he would. She kissed Gen on the forehead, and hugged her again. “Go back to sleep, try to. I’ll be back before you know it.” She waited for Gen to let her go before getting up and walking out of her room and grabbing her bag.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Gen rubbed her eyes and her frown lessened slightly as the logical points of the argument seemed to make sense to the child. She knew deep down there was nothing she could do so she had to accept it. It was an adult thing. “You promise you’ll be back right?” She said checking again.


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