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While it was true that kids often don’t always understand the concept of personal space and that the world isn’t their playground. Of course it depends entirely on the child and when you happen to be one that walks and doors don’t really matter to you tend to think of everywhere as your playground.

While the ship floated in the calm of space and the commotion of the ships newest crew member began It was into the peace of Cobb’s office that the young anomaly chose to appear. One moment there was empty space beside his char the next she stood, eyes faintly glowing.

The girl considered the older man and reached out a hand to his elbow. Silently.


To state things politely, it had been one hell of a morning. Accustomed already to encountering all manner of eldritch nightmares in the corridors of the Leviathan, it seemed as if the gods still were unsatisfied and decided to up the ante. And sent him a bloody Breen!
He could have forgiven them had he been allowed to kill the damned thing. For surely release was to be found in tearing such a monstrosity apart, limb by limb? But even that was too easy a penance for Zachariah Cobb. No. He was expected to work with it. Take it into his crew. Allow it full access to the Leviathan’s weapons, both mechanical and humanoid. Why, it was enough to send him to an early grave!

But now, at least, he was safe. Here in his ready room, doors locked, calls re-routed to the CIC, a tall and nourishing glass of whiskey at his left hand, the remnants of the bottle at his right, Zachariah Cobb sunk into his comfiest chair, leaned back, and closed his eyes…


The chair was propelled backwards, stopping only when it reached the wall. Somehow, both the glass and the bottle remained upright (small mercies) but the same could not be said for the captain, who now found himself half collapsed, half cowering, beneath the unfortunately transparent desk. Daring to cast an eye upwards, he was prepared for the horror of that insect-like armour, the hiss of that computerised voice and the slam of a fist as it connected with his stooped and pathetic head.

Instead he saw…reddish-brown hair, a cute button nose, glowing amber eyes…

“Gen?” he croaked, moving quickly to his knees and acting out a deliberate search. “Ah, I was just…well…just dropped a pen, is all.”

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The girl didn’t seem taken aback by his reaction. In fact it was almost as if she had anticipated them. Instead she crouched down by the captain and said quietly in the imploring tone only a child seemed to have mastered. “You hate him. But you don’t know him…he scares you and makes you angry. I don’t understand.”


Cobb ceased his mock-searching then sat back on his haunches, his eyes fixed on the young girl.
“I do not hate him,” he attempted to correct her, somehow immediately understanding of whom she spoke. “I hate what he represents. I hate what he stirs within me, the memories of those I lost, of those I failed. Of those who were meant to be safe under my command but died anyway. I hate the reflection of myself that I see when I look at that bloody mask!”

Climbing back to his feet, Zachariah opened a drawer on his desk and began to rummage noisily inside, blueprints and tools and stem bolts being discarded in a pile around him. Until finally he emitted a triumphant “Ha!”

With a grin, he turned back to Gen and handed her a large, round jar. It had, at one time, been full to the brim with chocolate chip shuttles. A gift from Dr Kastil. Now, only a few broken shuttles remained, but he was happy to share them with the girl.

“What do you make of him, Gen?” he asked, genuinely interested in her opinion. For he had already learned not to allow that innocent appearance to distract him from the wisdom of her true years.

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