RCO Quarters - A Colder Welcome One Couldn't Ask For

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The comms from Engineering had stated that Vonn’s quarters were finally ready. Not that Vonn minded the dealy. They actually had expected it. Setting the quarters to their specifications would have been taxing for any department, so a delay was anticipated. Vonn was actually impressed at the speed in which the Leviathan engineers had actually accomplished the task.

The door slid open to reveal a space unlike any other on the ship: The atmosphere had been tailored to meet the Breens specifications. While most other species could breathe inside, prolonged exposure would produce severe headaches and nausea; more than an hour would result in the loss of consciousness for most species… if the cold didn’t kill them first. The temperature was a constant minus fifteen degrees Celsius, and a fine frost covered every surface. The ‘living room’ was completely empty save for a circle in the middle of the room, in the center of which sat a sort of ‘fire pit’ made of glowing blue and green crystals which heated the singular space and the area adjacent to it while simultaneously throwing a gold colored light around the room in a fashion akin to a campfire. Furs and skins were stacked in a pile next to the heat pit, and two crates sat in a corner. Vonn stood motionless for some time, frost forming on the suit encasing the Breen. After several minutes of silence, the Breen moved into the bedroom.

The room was set up as a smaller version of the larger room, complete with heat pit and furs. This stack, however, included three very large pieces that were much thicker and visibly more resilient than the rest. In the corner stood a kind of stick mannequin made of some kind of green-silver metal, and next to that was a display rack of some kind. A matching rack stood on the opposite wall next to a crate with a very impressive and high-security lock.

The Breen nodded once in approval. The right arm lifted and the wrist computer’s faceplate popped open. Vonn’s fingers tapped in a few commands and suddenly a soft ‘pop’ issued from the where the helmet and suit joined. A soft hiss escaped the suit as the environmental seals opened and the suit filled with the welcome bite of the sub-zero air. The gloves unlatched and Vonn pulled off the left then the right, exposing hands that were bronze-colored skin with a layer of gray and white hair over them. The fingertips ended in a dark red, claw-like nail. Taking off the belt and hanging it on the mannequin, the Breen then tapped the wrist console and the helmet detached and the suit opened down a line on the back that was invisible when closed. Reaching up and lifting off the helmet and setting it on the top of the mannequin revealed the face of the Breen; and the suit was pulled forward and stepped out of to reveal the being inside before being stored on the mannequin.

Still tall and broad-shouldered, Vonn was muscular to the point that every movement showed the ripples of musculature that covered their massive frame. Bronze-colored skin was visible under the hair that covered their body, most densely on the extremities. On the chest and back where the gray-white hair was thinner, the skin appeared to be almost metallic; and as they moved the skin flexed in a way that would indicate to anyone seeing it that it was very tough and resilient… more akin to hide than skin. The Breen’s face was similar to what one would expect from a humanoid, with some prominent exceptions: Two forward facing eyes of jade green with no whites sat atop a wide nose with flared nostrils. A large jaw supported a mouth of darker bronze lips. Two large, black, tusk-like teeth jutted out from the bottom lip, and when Vonn opened their mouth wide to breathe in the cold air revealing teeth designed more for rending flesh than crushing plants.

Vonn stretched out their arms and let out a low growl, almost wolf-like, and flexed their fingers and rolled their head from side to side. Standing naked in the below freezing room, the cold seemed to energize the Breen and they began moving around and finalizing their new living space. The large furs were spread out near the heat pit and set so the the skin side was down and the fur on top. The other furs and such were thrown on top of the ‘bed’ as blankets. Next, Vonn moved to the crate and set his large paw-like hand on the reader. A few seconds later, the lid opened. Vonn began pulling weapons of all sorts and cultures out and setting them in a particular order on the racks with an almost religious reverence. After almost an hour the room was set to their satisfaction and they went to the living area and proceeded to set it up; fixing a brown belt around their waist and sliding a black, curved knife and their disrupter into it before leaving.

The stack of furs and hides were organized into smaller piles around the heat-pit, apparently seating for others. The crates were opened and various items were brought forth: small sculptures of unknown animals carved from a ice-looking crystal were set around the room, primitive artwork that was eerily similar to prehistoric cave drawings on Earth were hung on the walls. Next to the door, six fur lined coats were hung on hooks that looked like fangs on the wall. In the span of a few hours, the room had been transformed from quarters on a starship to an almost ice-cave like dwelling.

Satisfied, Vonn moved to the largest pile of furs next to the heat pit and sat down, knees up and their legs near their chest. The flat jade green eyes fixed themselves on the heating crystals and the Breen seemed to almost drift away in thought.

Vonn, RTF CO

As one of the Leviathan’s Consultant Researchers, Kara Nakuto valued highly the scientific method. She had begun her research with text based study, reading every file that her clearance level granted access to; both on the subject itself and on myriad connected and peripheral matters. Once done, and with her curiosity still unfulfilled, the half-Klingon had advanced to direct study, spending hours observing the subject at work, or in transit between tasks and destinations.

But now, the time had come for her to enact the final part of her study. Direct contact. She had prepared adequately for the occasion and dressed in a floor length, antique fur coat. While on her head sat a thick woolen hat. Brown. With a large red pompom in a ‘nose’ position and two flat, white and black discs for ‘eyes’. Topped off by triangular ‘ears’.

As she marched along the corridors to her destination, the stares were open-mouthed and regular in occurrence. But for Nakuto, her focus remained fixed, her stride determined and unwavering, until finally she arrived at a door and, with heavy gloved finger, reached out to activate the chime.

Inside the room, a standard chirp would advise Kodek Vonn that they had a visitor…

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

There was a long delay before the door opened, but in the interim an artificial voice had said “Wait.” after a few minutes, the door slid open and a blast of freezing cold air hit the visitor fully. Standing before her was the armored form of the RTF Commander: Chief Warrant Officer Vonn. The helmet angled down slightly and the synthesized voice said “What do you need?”

Vonn, RTF CO

A greeting so abrupt as to be almost Klingon. Kara might have been thrilled, were it not for the brief but unexpected anxiety at the sight of the familiar uniform. She had known what to expect, of course. But nothing could have prepared her sufficiently for an encounter with a Breen outside of battle. Still, she had not come here to wage war so, recovering quickly, Nakuto reached into her furs and extracted a large bottle. Bloodwine.

“Housewarming gift,” she roared, holding it aloft as she peered around the Breen’s bulk and into the room beyond. “I thought we might take an opportunity to become acquainted. If that sounds agreeable to you?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

If a motionless and wholly silent being could convey a sense of annoyance… then Vonn would have at that moment. “I do not drink such things. Nor do I own vessels to do so. However… as you seem to have dressed with the presumption that you would be allowed into my quarters…” and the Breen stepped to the side and held an arm out indicating admittance.

As the door slid closed, Vonn turned and walked inside. They gestured at a pile of furs by the heating crystals. “You are part Klingon, yes?” the voice asked rhetorically as they sat on the larger pile of hides and furs. “You will most likely begin to get a headache at some point. You will need to leave then.” and Vonn assumed the same position they had prior to having answered the door.

Vonn, RTF CO


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