Strange things afoot on Deck 11 (Augustine Chronicles Thread 3) (TAG RTF Personnel)

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Irida, Lihew, and Trainor continued to move about the area looking for more phased individuals, and setting up containment areas, and hopefully trapping any bulky items as well that were just floating and getting rid of pieces that might fuse and damage the ship. Uj’aw stayed with Niven incase her patient decided to cause any violent trouble like the now solid form of a star fleet captain over by Vonn.
Black Devils


The breen had been before him, and he’d done his best to fight back, but this… cage? Something surrounded him and contained him, he couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. The pressure on his body was immense, like being netted and wrapped in cords. He struggled to threaten the Breen further but was suddenly aware of… Augustine. She was coming back. He could see the ship, her pieces, every particle of her… All coming for him, seeking to rejoin what she had lost… to utterly consume him again. In his terror of being trapped in that timeless hell again, he screamed and screamed but it was too late.

It all crashed into his consciousness at once and there was perfect stillness.

This time, it was different. Clearer.


He saw everything from above.

His body, Leviathan, The Black Devils, the Breen, Cobb.

He saw his crew in various throes of living and dying, only they were part of him now.

He hadn’t been consumed…

He had absorbed them.

He knew he wasn’t there.

Wasn’t anywhere in the same plane of existence as these people.

Yet he was.

Part of him, his body, was contained there. Trapped.

Cobb’s words came.

The body in the containment field struggled and sat up.

Painfully, he got to his hands and knees.

Shakily, he stood up, bracing himself on the field himself.

The field glowed where his hands contact it, but it no longer pained him.

The madness was gone from his eyes, but the color as well had bled away to white.

“Captain Cobb…” He said, voice distorted by the field. “I’m Captain Joseph Franklin, USS Augustine.”

He looked around, seeing for the first time, the damage. Not just to his ship and people but to Leviathan. His eyes came back to Cobb. “You have to get this ship away from here. Now. This whole sector should be quarantined. No one can come here. Please.” He lifted a hand, looked at it in wonder for a second, and then gestured. “I’ll explain what I can once you’re clear, but tell them to go to warp now, it’s not safe!”

Then his face went into an odd detached expression as he let his body go once more and became aware of the outside…

-Franklin, Anomalous Individual

“Aye,” Cobb replied, as if in a dream, the vision of the man before him almost hypnotic in its fascination. Slowly, he found his own hand raising and reaching forward as if to connect with the other, a burst of energy hissing in warning as his fingers connected with the field.

It was enough to break his trance and, almost immediately, Cobb stepped back and slammed that same hand against his commbadge.
=^= Commander Raauhl, take the ship to warp and away from this location immediately! =^=

As he waited for his orders to be actioned, feet braced for the telltale rumble through deck-plating, the captain eyes returned to the other, still trapped behind the invisible field.
“Captain Franklin. I know of you and your ship. I heard the stories, this past year, of the disappearance of the Augustine with all hands lost. To what hidden location did you go? And how is it that you are now returned?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Franklin’s eyes focused again and fixed on Cobb. He shook his head at her question. “You don’t you see it, do you… I am not returned. In a way, I’ll never be able to come back… Neither will Augustine or anyone who was aboard.” He looked at his hands once more, examining them. “I’m here, but I’m still there with them. We’re still stuck between… I’m just the embodiment of whatever small parts of us were forced back through, but I’m not myself, Captain. Just a shadow held over from a place where there is nothing and everything. For us, Time is happening all at once, with no beginning or ending, no delineations or borders between moments or people or events. Incorporeal, totally non-linear existence. Freedom, real freedom. Yet, Hell and agony because we were not meant for such an existence.”

Then he laughed. There was no joy in, but the bitterness of true understanding. The valve of grief allowing tension to decrease, but doing nothing to actually stem the tide of pain.

-Franklin, Anomalous Individual

The Breen had stood motionless next to Cobb during the exchange, but suddenly the artificial voice said “Interdimensional phasing. That is why the disruptor bolt didn’t kill him, just solidified him.”

Vonn, RTF CO

“A shadow,” Cobb repeated, quietly. “Aye, I know how that feels.”

Then, clearing his throat, he turned to Vonn. “Might continued use of the disruptor solidify him further?” Of course, that would be to presume that Franklin wanted to transfer wholly to their dimension. But to do so would be to leave everything that he knew behind.
“How do we help you, Captain?” he asked. “I can not allow my own ship to suffer more damage so, what is it that you need?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The voice said “I suppose I could shoot him again, Captain. But that may make continued dialogue… problematic.”

Vonn, RTF CO

Cobb’s mouth opened to release a reply, but a glance towards the Breen saw him close it again and simply shake his head.

“We could try altering the frequency of the containment field, make it emit something similar to a disruptor beam. Continuous exposure until his particles have been altered enough to remain solid.” Surda offered. “Or we can just take turns shooting him.” She’d rather not shoot the man, but she would if it was the only way.
-Surda, CoS

“Aye,” Zachariah replied to the suggestion from his CoS. “That might just…”
The words from the ghostly captain quickly silenced his own.

“No need for any of that…” Franklin said quietly, “As much as I likely deserve to be shot, it wouldn’t do anyone any good now. The danger is passed, if we’ve left the sector. As long as we’re away, that’s all that matters.” He looked from the Captain to the Breen and back. Sure enough, there would no longer be any sign of debris inside Leviathan… Augustine had flown her final voyage now.

-Franklin, Anomalous Individual

” What about your college here we need to solidified her in this reality in order treat her” Luna called she had been watching and listening in from where she was.
Ensign Luna

“Have they left you, Captain?” he inquired in a whisper. “Are you abandoned now to our time?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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