[Arrival] - Hope is a Thing With.. Claws.

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Posted by Lieutenant Tal Abara (Senior Researcher (Cognitive Science)) in [Arrival] - Hope is a Thing With.. Claws.

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer /RTF) in [Arrival] - Hope is a Thing With.. Claws.

Posted by Lieutenant Tal Abara (Senior Researcher (Cognitive Science)) in [Arrival] - Hope is a Thing With.. Claws.
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Tal slowed her pace to a leisure stroll, her expression softened and unwavering as she considered the girl’s reply. “What do you feel separates you from the other children?” She tilted her head. Tal had no children to call her own, but she valued the power to amplify their voices.

Serenity gave her a strange look ” how many four year olds do you know who can fly and read, or can talk to shadows who are stoking her and want to eat every living think on the ship” Serenity said.

The kid had a point. Tal stretched her arms in a wide shrug and shook her head. “You got me there,” a flicker of amusement teased her lips, but it was softened by concern. “How do the other kids treat you?”

” well the other two children here are different like me so they are nice and my friends. But on the Viking the Viking they were mean” cerenity said sadness crossing her face for a breafe moment.

“Which deck is the fish tank on?” Tal’s eyes glittered with something similar to excitement. Personally, she favoured frogs, but fish were a close second.

– Tal Abara

Cerenity quietly asked the Turbolift to tank them to the correct deck. ” I like fish ok but my favorite animals are birds whats your favorite animal” she asked as she leaded Tall to the lounge.

“Which bird is your favourite?” She followed suit, the click of her boots in sync with her cane, and stole a moment to think.

” my favorite owl is named Luner he is a barn owl, he is mommys pet she rescue him from a mean person on the Viking” cerenity said then thought. For a moment ” My favorite Type of owl is the snow owl” she added.

“Luner sounds wonderful,” Tal pictured Luner’s heart-shaped face and soft, curious eyes. She hadn’t met many barn owls, but she knew enough to consider them beautiful creatures. “Snow owls? Those are the ones with the super fluffy legs, right?”

Cerenity nodded. ” Maybe mommy can introduce you to him he doesn’t listen to me and I’m not sapose to let him out of are quarters” she said quietly.

“I would love that,” Tal hummed.

“I love frogs,” a wild smile snaked up to her eyes, “when I was your age, I had tons of little frogs. Wooden frogs, ceramic frogs – which I may have broke playing ‘the floor is lava’ – and a bunch of stuffed ones.” Nostalgia eased her vigilence and offered a moment of peace. “My Mama used to bring them home from her trips. I didn’t get to see her much, but when I did, I knew she’d have a new frog to keep me company.”

Frogs had become so closely intertwined with the memory of her mother that Tal found comfort in them. And any source of comfort in this desolate world was an invaluable gift.

– Tal Abara

Cerenity turned her head sideways. ” were you afraid when your mom was away. I don’t ever want to be away from my mommy for long?” She asked as she looked at Tal she smiled.” What kind of frog is your favorite do you have any pets?” She asked. As she led Tal into thee lounge.

“It was strange,” she pondered the question.

“Sometimes I was afraid I wouldn’t see her again, sometimes I was eager to hear about her adventures in space, and sometimes I was angry and sad that I couldn’t be with her.” Honesty was a virtue Tal held close to her chest. “But no matter how I felt, I was always overwhelmed with love when she walked through our front door. I cannot say whether you’ll have to be a part from your Mama, but I can promise that distance doesn’t equal love.”

“Hmm. I think I’ll have to go with the milk frog. They’re native to rainforests in Central and South America,” she cupped her hand, “they’re not that big but they’re super cute.” At the question of pets, she shook her head. “On Viking I had a Guinea Pig – Elphaba – but I’m sure she’s settled with another family. No pets right now.” She seemed almost sad to say it.

“So, where are these fish?” Tal surveyed the lounge in a search for fish.

– Tal Abara

” I’ve never sean a milk frog” cerenity said then headed start for the fish thing it was in the middle of the lounge and selidrical is shap lost of tropical fish. Though it was a pink flower horn that caught Cerenitys attention. ” Hello Angel this is miss Tal. She likes animals” cerenity said happly.

“They’re adorable!” Tal beamed, meandering just behind Cerenity. “Spots, stripes, splotches – milk frogs have them all.”

Bright, colourful fish awarded her a flash of nostalgia. Tal’s memories were misted by the sea and damped by the river-water her father would splash in a gesture to come inside. She was raised at the water’s edge. Although fish like Angel were wonderfully rare, the thought of them reminded her of a childhood shaped by the waves.

“Hello Angel,” Tal knelt beside the girl, “what kind of fish is she?”

– Tal Abara
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Serenity giggled ” He is a flower horn. There called that because there pretty patern and that big forhead.” She said happly.

“Oh! My bad,” Tal leaned forward, her cane like a ledge that kept her from toppling overboard, and peered closely at the flowerhorned appropriately named ‘Angel.’ “He’s one handsome fish. Is Angel your favourite?”

” Yes he is watch this” cerenity said. She put her finger agenst the glass moved her hand from one side of her to the other and the fish followed her. ” he is smart” she said happly. ” I think fish feal emotions like us people do to” she said quietly.

Luna happened to be checking the lounge when she spotted Cerenity and who was that. ” Tal it can’t be can’t it” Luna said shocked.

Latent recognition rekindled by her voice, Abara lifted her head to meet Luna’s gaze. Her relief spread like wildfire. “I haven’t quite figure that out yet,” she pinched her wrist, “but I think I’m real enough.”

” Yes mom it Tal, you worked with her?” Cerenity said roiling her eyes.
Ensign Luna

“You could say that,” Tal chuckled, hobbling over. She lingered a metre away – her mind fumbling through a battle of memory and reality – and smiled at them. “It’s good to see you, Luna.”

– Tal Abara

Luna stood there as if she were seeing a ghost. Tears bluring her vision for a moment. She was quick to blink them away. ” I- I thought you were dead” she said.
Ensign Luna

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