Continuing the Games

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OOC: This next part is very long, so read it carefully.
“Now then, who would like to go first?” Surda looked around the group, surveying the pairs. There was one obstacle that would be easy for each team, but the course as a whole would be a challenge.
The course started with two balance bars set side by side, and also introduced the first gravity fluctuation. As soon as the competitor stepped on, the gravity would increase, making keeping their balance even harder.
The second challenge was an 8 ft tall wall, where competitors would have to boost one member over and then pull the other up from the top. The gravity would be slightly lighter than Earth normal, challenging the team to keep fine control when they were stronger than usual.
Next was the Zero gravity portion of the course, with rings at different heights attached to both the floor and ceiling. Going too fast would cause the team to spin out of control, but being too cautious would add more time than they could make up. The last ring was set into the ground, ensuring that the team coming out of the course section would not be dangerously high during the gravity change.
The fourth challenge was 14 pads set 4 feet above the ground. Both members of the team would have to jump and land at the same time to keep from falling off. The fourth challenge was at ship’s normal gravity.
The fifth and final challenge required the competitors to climb along two ropes, one above the other, to make it to the final platform, 12 feet above the ground.
-Surda, CoS, Obstacle Course Creator

SNIP (saved for those still on course)
Once the course had been completed and Cobb afforded the luxury of hindsight, he would decide the platform element to have been the trickiest of them all. But right now, while still in the midst of these orchestrated leaps and bounds, it took all of his focus to keep from falling to the ground.

Still, they made a good team, himself and Luna, and eventually, and after a couple of very near misses, they reached the end of the section.
“Well, this is it,” he nodded ahead to the thin tightropes, “the last one. You ready to get this in the bag, Miss Luna?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

OOC: Okay, going to finish Cobb and Luna’s turn here in case someone else wants to have a go.

IC: Compared to the obstacles they had already conquered, the tightropes seemed less daunting, more…enjoyable, even? A fitting victory lap for this pair of mismatched miscreants who, all things considered, had made an admirable attempt on the course. Still, Cobb was relieved to step back onto the solid floor of the holodeck.

“Congratulations, Miss Luna,” he bowed to his companion as he waited for the cuffs to be released. “A most impressive performance from you. And, not so shabby from me either, if I do say so myself,” he chuckled.

Then, shifting back into the crowd, the captain prepared to enjoy the course from the more enviable position of spectator.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Juliet listened as Cas went on about each member of the team. So far, Derrick seemed to be the one she wanted more info about. When she had knocked everyone on their backside that first day in the holodeck with Cas, he had barely wavered. On hindsight, she thinks he shuffled one foot to keep his balance. But she wouldn’t have bet her life on it.

She gave Cas a nod and waited as they were the last to begin. “Ready…” she responded to Cas’ query and they stepped to the starting area. Immediately Juliet felt the shift in gravity and crouched a bit to lower her own center to allow for better balance. “My guess is this will be the easiest part of the course,” she laughed lightly and wondered how the lighter, winged, folks had been affected by the increased gravity. She would have to start adding variety to her training programs by mixing up the gravity and not just the intensity. It was something she hadn’t considered till now. Waiting for Cas to get her balance, they headed across the beams towards the eight foot wall.


Luna followed the capten wail she had not broken anything the higher gravity part of the course had left her sore. She stood next to him for now. ” Nice job captain. I’m going to need trip to a pool after this.” She said stretching some careful not to hit anyone. Some of her joints posing as she did dose. ” increased gravity is no joke” Luna added as she setled to watch the others run. The course.

Cerenity excitedly shifting her waght from one foot to the next as if in anticipation of the game.
Ensign Luna

Surda smiled at the two, walking over to release them. “Congratulations to both of you. The variations in gravity are… tricky. Luna, I hope you enjoyed it.” Surda smiled mischievously. “Variable gravity simulations are going to be added to Security training next month.”
-Surda, CoS
OOC: In case anyone has forgotten who their partner is: Jin’Lor and Akunon, Cerenity and Gen, Anaya and Irida, Jeane and Surda

“I am not entirely sure that ‘enjoyed’ is the operative word,” Zachariah laughed, beginning to stretch out his arms as he spoke. “But it was most certainly interesting., eh, Luna?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” yes it was but if you don’t mind for the first two high gravity training exercises can you drop it just a bit more then this one i think I need to work up to that” she said quietly. Her face turning pick in embassment.
Ensign Luna

Casela stepped up onto the other balance board and immediately dropped her posture reconfiguring her center of gravity to compensate. Normally she wouldn’t stretch her arms for balance, but having a partner changed that. This course was very similar, in idea, to what her father and Uncle Jo’nar had them do. She stretched her right hand out towards Juliet’s left, her finger tips brushing Juliet’s. It wasn’t mean to hold on or use for balance, it was to let the other know where they were and how they were moving, so that their concentration could be in front of them. “Ready.” They began to move, and Casela was both surprised and not, at how easily they still moved in unison after all these years, and they were quickly at the end. Nearing the wall, Casela took hold of Juliet’s cuffed hand and bent her knees and back, allowing Juliet to use her to climb up. “By the way, I still get sick on zero gs”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

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