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The proximity alert was akin to a torrent of ice water to the face, Zachariah driven immediately to action by the harsh, digital scream.
“Red alert,” his voice echoed into the empty room, he following it quickly with a slam of fist against control panel and suddenly every terminal, every console, was singing the message in unison.

The next second brought an incoming call from the cargo bay.
=^= Captain, this is Nakuto. I don’t know what calamity has befallen us now, but whatever it is, I believe this orb might play some kind of part in it. Perhaps as…a weapon? =^=

Standing to attention before the large viewscreen, every atom of Cobb’s demeanour spoke of his command and control of this gathering of one. Eyes wide and unblinking, locked onto the monstrosity forming on the other side of the tritanium wall. His commbadge was activated blindly, for not one second did he dare to look away.
=^= Aye, =^= he barked in reply. =^= Prepare it. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

A giant creature emerged from the portal. It looked like an ancient dragon, with tendrils coming out of its body. Its face glared at the ship and it began flying toward it. Even in space, a roar could be heard, as it’s mouth opened, a blue beam erupted and struck Leviathan’s hull.

Storyteller S

Seconds prior to the impact, Cobb had been in the midst of a communication with Kara Nakuto.

=^= Captain, we are… =^= the half-Klingon had announced, before being drowned out by the screeching of several alarms and the roar of tritanium attempting to absorb a direct hit.

=^=…we are in position. And it appears as if the orb is charging to fire. =^= she continued after a breath, Cobb immediately tapping his own commbadge in reply. =^= Aim it at the creature and let us just hope that you are correct about its firing capabilities. =^=

Then, moving through the otherwise vacant CIC, the captain approached the security station and jabbed at a comms button. =^= Anyone still alive in security, give me a reading on our shields and prepare torpedos in all bays save forward left. If we are wrong about the orb then we must be prepared to take this beast down ourselves. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Shields were down to 55% integrity, sensors could detect temporal energy permeating them. Some of the tritanuim hull was breaking up, as if falling apart at the molecular level.

Storyteller S

“That damned thing is going to eat through the entire ship!” Cobb roared as he watched on, powerless, as the Leviathan’s hull began to disintegrate. In an act of sheer desperation, Cobb began quickly to divert power from the replicators and into establishing a localised field around the affected area of the hull. As he did so, he sent a silent prayer to the gods that key members of his crew were still on the other ship and perhaps, in a final, perverted twist, that would become the very thing that kept them safe.

His meditations were broken by the screech of a warning light and a glance at his terminal confirmed that the primary warhead had been released and was speeding towards their foe. With baited breath, Zachariah turned his eyes to the viewscreen and watched on…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The warhead berried itself in the creatures body and exploding. The creature was blasted nearly in half. A death roar emanating from its mouth. The temporal wave that exploded from it knocked both Leviathans back, sending them into tail spins into opposite directions. Shields were gone on both ships, and both were experiencing mechanical failure of systems. Sensors would indicate the other Leviathan was experiencing a warp core breach.

Storyteller S

Cobb’s roar of triumph was cut-short as, with the sickening creak of twisting metal, his ship was caught in the explosion’s shockwave and spun like a pebble across a lake. In desperation his hands grasped around him, his right finding purchase on the nearest console, still smouldering from Gen’s earlier onslaught. Open palm collided with torn metal, the bite deep and hungry into his palm and Zachariah cried out in pain, in rage, in frustration at his inability to even remain upright. Some captain! On his knees as his ship spun around him with nauseating momentum. A drunk searching for sanctuary in the gutter.

So easy it would have been in that moment, to let go, to allow his eyes to close and his mouth to open, to wail and cry at the injustice and the inhumanity of all things. Of his crew, brave and noble warriors all, trapped for eternity beyond the looking glass. While he alone remained with mirror empty, no counterpart able to tease, for even a moment, the fiction of a better and more noble Cobb. At this, the end of all things, the only thing that remained was himself, in all of his grand and glorious ruin.

But still the light refused to retreat from this self-imposed shroud of gloom and, as his left eye caught sight of a single, blinking terminal, and dared to gaze on the words flashing upon it, Zachariah found himself reaching once more for the blood-encrusted surface and, with every atom of strength still within him, pulled himself up to his feet.

And there, rendered in inch-high characters before him, were the two words that might yet save them all.


He collapsed before the engineering terminal as one might at a sacred altar before laying out a final offering. Trembling hands reached for buttons and jabbed at them with a primal desperation as he sent a command to his own Leviathan’s main transporter.

=^= Establish transporter lock on all lifeforms on the neighbouring Leviathan. Bring every single one of them home. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The temporal energy flooding the sector was overwhelming, only one transporter beam could make it there and back at a time.

Storyteller S

No time for emotion or thought, the hourglass poured with unbearable speed towards the other Leviathan’s destruction. He would have to pick them off, one by one. But with no contact since the brief message with Durheim, it was impossible for the captain to prioritize efficiently.

=^= Computer, lock onto Theodore Knox and transport him directly to this CIC =^= he barked, rapid reasoning deciding that, while his own sojourn to the ‘other’ Leviathan had been brief, hopefully the good doctor would know better than Cobb on where to place people in the priority list.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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Over the open comlink Cobb would hear: “Computer lock onto Genesis McAlister and beam her directly to the ship off the fore that registers similarly as USS Leviathan.” Who else was with them? “Surda, Durheim you’re next. Use the ship’s transporters. Go.” She turned her head and looked at Hampton. “Go, you’ve got the power, or whatever it is, go.” They had to get off this ship before it exploded.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

As if in contradiction to Casela’s words, Durhiem’s voice came over the comm a few moments later. =/\=Mr. Cobb! We have a warp core breach; I am going to attempt to eject the core. I believe the others are attempting to transport to the Leviathan; but you must move to minimum safe distance - the ships are too close if the core erupts!=/\=

Ooc: did Theo make it back? Let’s assume he did.

IC: Theodore gave a scowling look at Cobb as he moved towards the panel and pointed to life signs. Apparently he understood why he had been taken first, “The executive officer is dead. The counsellor is injured and should be a priority beam out.” He pointed. “The others I can not account for.”

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