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Gen? Why was Gen on this Levi? No she had to go, it wasn’t safe. She flicked her wrist, summoning Fenrir. Both looked at her, but Fenrir from their Levi was occupied with containment and wouldn’t move till instructed. The other Fenrir approached, Casela could hear the clicking of the feet against the plating. When it stopped near her, she whispered, “Gen.” Fenrir looked at the girl and then settled beside her. Casela tried to open her eyes, no matter how much she wanted to follow him, she couldn’t. She had Gen. The lights in the shuttle bay hurt her eyes, a symptom of the migraine and nothing more, so she closed them again, listening. Hampton? Where did evil Hampton go? And how did their Hampton get there? He must have gotten out, so the orb was broken? Contained? What?
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theodore swapped his device for another hypo and carefully slotted a vial into place. “ I am giving you. Dose of Hyperzine to counteract the seizures. And Improvaline. It is a synaptic stimulant and cardiostimulant that will fortify your cell membranes however this is a low dosage as too high can lead to Cardiopulmanory System collapse. And we wouldn’t want that now…would we.” He gave a mildly chilling smile. Then looked over at the other assembled crew.

“I need to get the counsellor back to a sickbay. I assume transport is currently out of the question. Is this version of the ships sickbay still operational?”

Dr Knox

Hampton stared at the corpse of his former XO. His hands blue. He raised his right hand, if he could direct temporal energy, why not simply manipulate the matter to an earlier state before the trill had been shot? He figured it would work. Suddenly, a temptation, a thought, which had been clawing through his feeling of guilt pierced his mind, satisfaction. The same he had seen when the NE had died on the Einstein. He was feeling it again. For a second, everything around him stopped. He was frozen in the moment, with nobody but himself to discuss the situation. If Hampton was a coward, he would just pawn off the urge as some sort of residual effect of the orb. Hampton was not a coward, he knew damn well this was his own thought.

Why should he bring Raauhl back? Had the XO ever taken time to try and get to know Hampton? No. He was just another link in the long chain of abusers on Leviathan, complicit in whatever dark dealings the crew around Hampton were engaging in. The only thing Raauhl would do once back would be to hop in bed with the good for nothing counselor again.

The people around him were surrounded in pain at his death, good. They deserved it, they deserved to be in a state of emotional grief. The anomaly that was passing herself as a girl was a nuisance, the counselor, a snake, the engineer, a buffoon. Why should any of them get their XO back?

It was a blessing his back was turned to the rest of the group, the hesitation was carved into his face. He continued glowing for a moment as the thoughts swirled in his mind. No, he was not the vindictive, evil man his counterpart was, he would not be selfish, he would not be cruel, as strong as the temptation was, his desire to make the right decision was stronger.

Suddenly, the entire ship shook so violently that everyone who was not already on the floor would be knocked to it, including Hampton. The computer sounded overhead, alerting the crew to a warp core breach in progress.

Storyteller S/ Hampton

At that precise moment, as Hampton wrestled still with whether to return the Leviathan’s First Officer, they would all be unaware that on the ‘true’ Leviathan, Captain Cobb was making a desperate attempt to establish a transporter lock and beam them all home…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The shaking of the ship knocked Durheim to the floor much like everyone else, but all of his focus was on the alert tones over the klaxxon; music that every engineer dreaded. Warp Core Breach.

“Mr. Hampton! We need to eject the warp core! We are too close to the Leviathan; if it goes off it’s liable to take out both ships.” Durheim scrambled to his feet; his body tense. His fingers twitched; waiting for a command. Rather than panicked, his voice was almost demanding; begging the Chief Engineer to give the order.

-Durheim, Engineering

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Casela could feel the deck plating shaking trying to come apart. Her shuttle was out of commission, and from the feel there was no time to prep another. She pulled Gen down closer to her and whispered, “It’s okay, baby. You have to go now.” Then in a louder voice, her head pounding, but thanks to Knox she seemed to be able to focus with out feeling like a hot mek’leth was slicing her in half. “Computer lock onto Genesis McAlister and beam her directly to the ship off the fore that registers similarly as USS Leviathan.” Who else was with them? “Surda, Durheim you’re next. Use the ship’s transporters. Go.” She turned her head and looked at Hampton. “Go, you’ve got the power, or whatever it is, go.” They had to get off this ship before it exploded.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

“ I’m not leaving,” the girl said defiantly, it was to Hampton she turned however. She looked at him. “Do you have the power to stop this.” She asked him.

Durheim scarcely heard Casela’s words; the blood pounding through his ears and his own frantic thoughts of estimated times and failure probabilities drowned out most everything. But he registered the (order?) to flee, and he shook his head. “No, Miss Synthi-er!”

“No. We will all make it off this ship.” Surda knelt next to Casela and offered a hand, waiting for her permission to help her off the ground. She was unconcerned with the hampering of her movement, Orions were second only to Vulcans in physical strength, and Surda was strong even amongst her own people.

She watched Hampton for a moment, waiting to see what he would do, and read the conflict in his frame. “Do what you need to do Crewman.” Hampton was otherwise occupied, and she would leave him to what was clearly an important decision.
-Lt. Surda, CoS

Surda’s words were much less of an order than Casela’s.... But Durheim was no stranger to ‘creative interpretation’. With a brief nod; he took off sprinting. He knew what needed to be done. A warp core breach was unpredictable in the best of conditions; but even in a best case scenario, the crippled ship was utterly doomed - unless the core was ejected in time.

No, they weren’t all making it off that ship. She turned her head staring at the lifeless body 10 feet away from her. She wasn’t leaving Gen alone. She’d mourn Ryder, but she wasn’t leaving Gen an orphan again either. She looked at Surda, “If they could take us all at once they would have. One at a time, Lt. Use both transporter systems.” She was in no condition to get up, even lying on the floor she was dizzy. That was a nifty little weapon Hampton had made. “I don’t intend to die here Surda, just get the transporters.” She followed Surda’s gaze to Hampton. She hoped he found whatever answers he needed before the ship blew. He didn’t deserve to die over here. She reached up and took Surda’s hand, oh Knox was going to have a field day with her for moving. It was sheer stubbornness that kept her on her feet with Surda supporting her weight.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Sparks flew from the engineer’s hands as he slowed his decent down the jefferies’ tube. Reaching the bottom, he slapped his comm badge. =/\=Mr. Cobb! We have a warp core breach; I am going to attempt to eject the core. I believe the others are attempting to transport to the Leviathan; but you must move to minimum safe distance - the ships are too close if the core erupts!=/\=


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