When 'Official' Really Does Matter

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Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in When ‘Official’ Really Does Matter
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She took a very deep breath. She knew what was coming. “Good bye Jake,” and she ended the comm link. There was no way she was getting into a conversation about that with him. Ch’otok would be bad enough if…okay when he found out. She left her office at the end of her shift, carrying three PaDDs. For her and Ryder there was 15 pages of questions plus forms and appointments. For Gen it wasn’t quite so much, just a few pages, and she’d have to meet with the Judge, without them. She might be able to get Kindle or Cobb to sit with her. She entered their quarters and set all three PaDDs on the desk and looked at Ryder. “I hope you are prepared for the insane amount of paperwork this is going to take.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Raauhl glanced at the PaDDs and then to Casela, “Well I’m sure it would take less paperwork if you didn’t work for such a shady organisation but who am I to judge right> I work for the ARU” Next to him were another three PaDDS, “Maybe we should try and refine these to just a few PaDDs I dont want to get lost in the bureaucratic side of adopting someone, I’ve also got a few ideas on which judge to advocate for us unless you have a Section family lawyer who can get all this passed in a jiffy?” He was teasing, though he did hate everything about Section 31.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Ah her fatal flaw, Casela had a weakness about children, a primal need to protect them. “Less? You think it should take LESS paperwork when it comes to the welfare of a child? That we should make it EASIER for anyone to just walk in and go ‘oh I like that one, I’ll take her home?’ So that someone with a passing desire but not prepared can take a child to a home where they are all miserable?” The idea that someone could just come along and decide that Gen was cute and sweet and they wanted her, scared her. She looked down at the PaDDs, her voice was soft but there was a fierceness to it, “Just so you know, this amount of paperwork has NOTHING to do with me or my work for Section 31. It has to do with the Federation bureaucracy making sure an orphaned child ends up in the best home possible. You and Gen, you’re worth it, whatever I have to do to get out, to get off their radar. I’ll do whatever is necessary to stop it from touching her, and you if possible.” The accusation stung. Not because it wasn’t fair, section was sketchy by the altruistic ‘morals’ of Star Fleet, but it stung because he didn’t know. He just assumed. He never took the time to ask. He assumed everything she’d done was wrong, dark, evil.

“Currently Judge Kentaira Arroz is the Federation civilian judge in this area. I know of her. She’s fair. She handles the adoptions from Delotha. She’s civilian though not Star Fleet. But as members of Star Fleet we have the right to request a JAG officer to preside over the process.” Another accusation. She breathed but she was angry at his insults and barbs, but she wasn’t sure at what she was angry. If he thought she was evil, why were they doing this? How long before he claimed he didn’t know her and wanted nothing else to do with her? “No I don’t have someone from the section who’s a family lawyer. Honestly, if we wanted to go that route it would be done by now. I wanted to do this the right way, in the open, honest, so we wouldn’t have to always wonder if someone would come and snatch her away. But you know if you’d rather, I’ll call the demons in and have them fix it.” She walked off toward the bedroom and then stopped, she didn’t want to fight with him, but she had to say it, “I’m not saying you are wrong for hating the section, but I am part of the section for the time being. You never ask and I’ve told you I would tell you. That’s up to you, but how long before that hatred includes me?” She turned back towards the bedroom.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Ryder was left a little stunned in the wake of ehr outburst he was half-joking and he guessed she could pick up on his genuine distaste for section 31 but he couldn’t help it, he hated the very idea of its existence and he hated what they would make their operatives do he didn’t hate the people, well not the ones who had no choice and that’s what he hated the post Section 31 often targeted people who were vulnerable and exploit their weaknesses to get them to do what they wanted and then bam, there was rarely any way out, Section 31 was the perfect trap and that’s why he could never trust them, trust the organisation and its ideals. He sighed unsure what to do with himself, he couldn’t apologies for something he believes in. The most disappointing thing was that this was meant to be about Genesis.

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Casela closed her eyes and swallowed hard against the lump in her throat. Something was wrong. She didn’t feel right. This was the third time today she’d started crying. Not to mention the near hysterical laughing at Jake’s antics, and now her unjustified anger at Ryder’s words and the sudden dibilitaing fear she’d lose them both because of the section. She felt sick. She took another breath, squeezed her eyes shut. Damn she was not going to cry again today. It was rediculous and unfounded. Something was wrong.

She opened her eyes, walked over to him and took his hand. “I’m sorry, really. You didn’t deserve that.” She picked up a PaDD in her other hand and held it up to him. “This isn’t about all that. It’s about Gen and us, and our family.” She took a shuddering breath. She blinked and turned to the table confused and embarrassed by the fact she still wanted to cry. She was far too emotional. “I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s the headaches?” She looked at the PaDDs he had and glanced through them. She smiled softly. “Nice to know even when I’m crazy we’re on the same path. What I have is just exact duplicates of what you have.”
Lt Synthi-er CNS

The shadows on the floor rippled slightly and Gen materialised. “Can I have a cookie?” She asked both Cas and Ryder. Oblivious to the stressful situation she had entered into or the paperwork involved.


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