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“I wonder.” Theo said eventually. “If her reaction was more due to the fact she does not know me and in response to pain. Perhaps getting to know her a little better would allow me the opertunity to…” he mustn’t say study her. That would be a faux pas. “…understand what’s going on with her and allow you the chance to help her through her trauma. I assume physically she has been attended to. Just because the results seem perfectly normal doesn’t mean she is in perfect health and her well-being is of course more important than anything else. With your permission and of course hers I’d like to do a thorough examination and some additional tests.”

Dr Knox

“I would say that’s a fair assumption. Gen is very uneasy and wary of those she doesn’t know, but she usually will just phase away rather than react like that. I think that’s a good plan. Physically, on the surface she seems fine, other than that mark on her neck.” Which led her back to the dreams Gen was having while Knox operated. She wished she’d been able to listen at the time, but she would have to address that issue later. “And I’m sure there is much we could learn if someone from medical is willing to put the time in.” Casela, despite her own issues with Fey, was a firm believer in medical care, and she’d spoken to the staff many times about working with Gen, but much to Casela’s anger, Gen wasn’t a priority for them. She hated it had come to this to get their attention though. “When she wakes up I’ll see if she can tell me what happened. I’ll check the ship’s sensors as well.” She looked at the tricorder in his hand. “How long before she wakes up?”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo considered “ideally I’d like her to have a little more rest. She seemed rather traumatised. I wonder if as you say, she normally would phase away, she attempted to do so but found herself unable to due to her injuries and this increased her panic. She did very much seem like a caged animal if you will forgive the crude analogy. I can I,anime finding yourself in a corner injured unexpectedly with a man you don’t know would be upsetting for anyone. I must confess that I did drop my tea cup when she startled me.”

He smiled. “I am willing to put the time in counsellor. It is my duty to this ship and it’s crew to care for the physical health and well-being of all those on board no matter who they may be.”

The plant behind him gave off a soothing scent of peppermint and he turned to pat its leaves almost affectionately. “If you would grant me access to the child’s full record. I would rather know what has been done already and review the reading myself.”

Dr Knox

Casela looked momentarily confused and then it cleared. She’d given Doc Fey access to it, and it was assigned to the person not the position. “May I?” she pointed at the computer terminal, and getting his permission she quickly transferred access to Dr. Knox. “You should have everything now.” She turned the display back around and sat back. “I wish I could give you more insight doctor. I can tell you that when asked, when she first arrived, if she wanted to learn how she was able to do what she could do, she was very adamant that she didn’t, but I think after this, she might be willing, so she doesn’t get hurt again.” And Casela was VERY sure she wanted to find out because seeing her ankle turned like that and scared turned her own stomach. She herself had had much worse injuries, but it had still bothered her, much to her own surprise.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Theo nodded and pushed the terminal a little towards the CNS. He pondered as she worked then looked at the screen as the information in the record filled itself in. “Thank you.” He said politely and turned to read a moment. “That would suggest trauma to me.” He said absently to indicate he was still listening to her. He then looked up. “My apologies Counsellor, that was rude. Forgive me a moment if you will while I familiarise myself with the file. Please, help yourself to some refreshment.” He indicated the replicator.

Dr. Knox

“Of course. It also contains her medical records from before the Phantom was destroyed.” Casela waited patiently while Knox read, her mind listening for those first mental hints of something going wrong in sickbay. She was eager to find out what had caused Gen to fall through the floor like that. “Don’t apologize. I understand.” So much could be learned by reading the file, she knew that. She got up and got a coffee. Some thing to keep her awake and alert. She stopped by the open door watching Gen from where she stood. Her mind processing the glimpses and images she had seen from Gen’s dreams, attempting to make sense of what was memory and what was dream. Baby girl, what happened?
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Theo was a quick study it seemed. He sat back in his chair and steepled his fingers and brought the index fingers up to rest on his lips in thought. This family…well extended family, is like the Christmas that kept giving. Theodore thought as he digested the information. Lists of tests and scans began to form in his mind.

Across the bay and rather unexpectedly Gen found herself standing in the dark again her feet submerged in water as she listened to Casela.

Shadows. she answered the darkness as it echoed the question of what happened. Shadows outside the ship. Was walking. Fenrir and me…it made me phase…didn’t mean to but couldn’t stop. Hit the floor and it hurt then went through again and it hurt more. she turned around in the gloom. Where am I? she asked.

Gen and Theo

Outside the ship? She’d have to get the sensor readings for it. No, she could ask Ryder to do that. He cared for her just as much as she did and he was the XO, if something was dogging the ship he needed to know about it. It’s okay, you’re in sickbay. When you fell you ended up in Dr. Knox’s office. Do you remember? You got really hurt, and he fixed it. You can go back to sleep. Fenrir’s with you, I’m in Dr. Knox’s office. Do you want me to come sit with you?

it’s dark… Gen thought still looking around the endless expanse. She walked through the water towards the sound of Casela’s voice. The nurse checking her vitals frowned slightly and lifted the blankets at the girls feet. She became very confused when she pulled one of the girls grey fluffy socks off. It was soaking wet, as though she really had been standing in water. She blinked at it then removed the other sock and proceeded to dry and re cover the girl.

It’s the medicine. It’s making you sleepy. It’s okay.

She looked at Knox, “She’s starting to wake up. She’s talking to me.” She tapped her temple. “Another ability. She’s gained some telepathic ability she didn’t have before. Or if she did it wasn’t in her records and she doesn’t remember it.” She turned to the PaDD in her hand. Another message would appear on Raauhl’s console. ‘Gen’s starting to wake up. She’s starting to talk to me through telepathy. She says she and Fenrir were walking around and there were ‘shadows’ outside the ship. They made her phase and fall through the floors.’
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Theo raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly. “Then perhaps we should move that way.” He stood and picked up a PaDD which he started to type into.

Having received the message from Casela Raauhl had made his way back to sickbay. He wanted to be there when Gen woke up even if he couldn’t have been there for the entirety of what was going on, unfoturantly there was a starship to run. “How is she?” he asked seeing both the chief medical officer and Casela standing and talking, either they were waiting for him or were still discussing what had happened he didn’t know.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Taking the question as his question the doctor moved to take the tricorder from the nurse and gave the injuries a quick scan. The wounds were healing nicely, two or three hours would have her back to normal. Well we can’t have that now can we. Theodore thought.

“She is healing nicely, five or six hours for the wounds to be perfectly healed but I’d like to keep her overnight for observation since a two deck fall is rather significant don’t you think.” He gave them both a reassuring smile.

Casela nodded, she had assumed he’d want to keep her overnight, but, she was no doctor of course, but had some training, the biobed scanners showed a faster healing time than that. But the tricorder was more minute she supposed. And the faster than 5 to 6 hours didn’t matter if she was staying over night anyway.

Gen meanwhile moaned slightly, fists clenching the blanket. She slowly opened her eyes, the light was blinding, she groaned and put her arm over her eyes. Sickbay, this smelled like sickbay. Where was Doctor Anderson…and her Mom. Her mom was in sickbay…

She felt confused and frowned as she opened her eyes again. Theo came into view, observing her quietly. She watched him. He wasn’t Doctor Anderson…wait…this wasn’t the Phantom, where was she?

“Why are there…two of you?” She asked Theo.

An innocent enough question, he mused, for someone with a head wound. But still. “Easy now, you’ve had a bit of a fall. Can you tell me where you are?” He asked as he directed the scanner at her head.

Casela mentally shook her head. Head trauma or any trauma with significant pain or injury could cause confusion like this. It wasn’t unexpected but it was always hard with children, for her. Gen was confused and hurt, and her brain naturally sought out the familiar and the safe. Her mother and the Phantom. She pulled up a chair to sit down, and begin to the short but cruel process of clearing the fog after such an event. It would be like losing her parents all over again.

Gen nodded. “Sickbay…” she looked around “mom?” She asked then spotted Casela and Ryder. Tears welled. “Mom.” She said again.

Theo stepped back to allow the two adults access to the bed.

Theo and Gen

And now she was asking for her mother. Casela wished she could bring her here, but…Mom Gen called her mom. She glanced at Ryder, on the other side of the biobed, her gaze slightly stunned and then it was gone. He’d only see it because he was close enough. Gen had never called her that, but it was very clear in Gen’s thoughts that was the name Gen had given to Casela. Casela had plenty of experience with kids, she loved them, but this was not expected, that was not to say not wanted, but her heart broke for Gen. She took her one hand and smoothed her hair back. “Yeah? It’s okay. We’re both here. You had an accident, fell through the floor, hurt your ankle and your shoulder. Hit your head.” She spoke softly to keep her calm.
Lt Synthi-er, (I’m a mom now?)

Seeing the visible drowsiness of Gen and her somewhat disconnection with the world he decided for the moment to let Cas speak, he couldn’t help but find it both innocent cuteness from Gens part and a little bit of pride towards Casela that Gen might consider her has her mum. He stepped next to Casela staying by her side to show support for both woman.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Theo left the small family unit for a few minutes. Slowly the girl calmed and sat quietly observing her surroundings. The doctor returned and busied himself with the readouts.

“Yes.” He said glancing at the two adults. “5 or 6 hours to make sure everything’s as it should be.” He said emphasising the time again, his gaze lingering on the counsellor as if hoping she would catch on to something. “Just so we can run some routine tests.”

Routine tests for Gen was a totally inaccurate term. Nothing, medically she felt, was routine for the girl. But she understood what Knox meant. She would not give consent without Ryder though. Casela was used to making decisions on her own, but Gen wasn’t just hers, she was theirs, and Ryder had the right to decide if he thought it was safe.

The nice thing about being herself, was despite the residual headaches Casela was still a strong telepath and she was able to keep Gen from hearing her thoughts if necessary. This was one of those times. She turned to look at Ryder, catching his eye so he’d ‘listen.’ Knox and I were talking about her differences. He wants to try to determine what went wrong and see if he can help her. The problem is Gen is afraid to find out. Someone she trusts, is going to have to stay with her. We don’t need her hurting herself or someone else. But before that perhaps you should talk to Knox to see if you agree with moving forward.

He turned to Gen who was frowning at him. “Does that seem ok with you young lady? Then we can help you organise yourself for a little sleep over here in sickbay? Won’t that be fun.”

The girl didn’t answer, her head tilted slightly as if she were trying to figure Theo out.

Theo and Gen

Casela watched Gen, she wasn’t talking and looked a little lost. Of course as a child Casela would not have thought a doctor very bright if he suggested a sleep over in sickbay was fun. She’d seen the nurse take off the soaking we socks as she’d watched from Knox’s office. She wasn’t even going to speculate. She stood up letting Ryder take her place, and let him work that calming magic he had. Casela knew first hand that sometimes a little girl simply needed the comfort of her father, and Ryder might not officially be her father yet, but Casela could feel how Gen felt about Ryder, and it was the same thing. Casela stepped away briefly, and getting permission from the nurse, she replicated a glass of water (not Gen’s favorite but best after the sedation) and a new pair of fuzzy socks, and returned with both and giving Gen the water and setting the socks on her lap.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“This has to be your decision Gen” Raauhl finally said watching to see if she would make a decision herself but when Knox was met with silence and Casela clearly looked to him on this he decided it was time, “I think you should do and we’ll be here with you the whole time. I think, if we dont find out what happened and why or how we could be putting you at prolonged risk Gen” He smiled, “And if you’re good through the whole thing I’ll cook you whatever you want, maybe even in the holodeck with any program you chose.” He hoped giving her a little risk-reward would prompt her to answer.

-Cmdr Raauhl, XO


Gen looked down at the socks and took the water in two shakey hands. She frowned considering and looked up at Theo again. “Why are there two of you?” She repeated.

The doctor gave her a warm smile. “That’s the medicine we gave you and the bump to the head you took…” he gave her head a scan again with the tricorder. “It should pass once you have a nice sip of water. Do you feel sick or dizzy at all?”

The girl shook her head and lifted the glass to her lips to drink then passed the water back to the doctor and looked to her parents for a reassuring moment. Finally she nodded. “Ok. But I want popcorn.” She told Ryder.

Theo laughed. “If you’ll both excuse me, I will talk to my staff and organise some things while you all rest here a little.” He excused himself.

interesting child. he thought as he walked away casually Very, we ought to be careful around her. Theodore decided as the list of tests he wanted flashed in Theo’s minds eye.

Gen and Theo

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