Sickbay Cerenity (test her trycorder )

Posted April 7, 2021, 5:50 p.m. by Civilian Cerenity (Luna's daughter) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay Cerenity (test her trycorder )

Posted by Civilian Cerenity (Luna’s daughter) in Sickbay Cerenity (test her trycorder )

Posted by Civilian Cerenity (Luna’s daughter) in Cerenity’s lab
Cerenity had spent then entire day in the consulting deck isolated in her Lab tinkering away with a broken medical trycorder. She was trying to get the silly thing to work again. Now that she could read she was going back and forth between asking the computer questions and reading the schematics for the device, and basic engineering textbooks. Once in a while she would go to the front desk to ask some one to read a word or explain a passage in the engineering book to her.

“Finly!” Cerenity giggled as the small device finally came to life. ” Now to test it” but she would not know if it was running properly. ” Oh I know ill ask on of the docters to test it.” She said happy and left the consulting deck. When walked into sickbay an quietly found a nurse. ” Excuse me, I think I fixed this medical trycorder, I was wondering of someone coucld test it i want to make sure its working right” she said happly.
(Cerenity unintentionally finding misgiff)

Nurse Starling smiled down at the girl. “I am sure we could, why don’t we go over here and I’ll show you how?” She asked leading the young girl to a station with some other devices on it and a stool she could sit on,

Nurse Clarice Starling

Cerenity smiled at the Nurse. ” cool thank you” she said sweetly and followed her. As they walked to the area Cerenity bumped into Nurse Clarice trying to avoid a shadow cast by a bio bed. ” Stay out of the shadows there evil” the four year old said. Once they got to the station Cerenity looked up at the Nurse. ” so do I try scanning you with it.” She asked.

A slight whisper caused the child to jump. Sheof course was the only one that herd the whisper. She turned glaring at a passing shadow. ” not now ” she thought quietly. She was working she did not have time for the shadows games today.

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