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Posted April 7, 2021, 8:35 p.m. by Ensign Dr. Madison Marsh (Senior Researcher (Exobiology)) (Matt Bongiorno)

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Hey Leviathaners,

as always some incredible lines for this month, from both older players and new, proving that this ship continues to be the place where all the best writers are found! hehe.
So please enjoy this reminder of your collective brilliance for March!

(Standard disclaimer by now - this is purely a bit of fun and doesn’t count towards anything official. It’s also inevitably skewed in favour of those who post daily, but that’s just the nature of me choosing a new line every day.)

Huge well done to everyone who earned a mention!

  • Sharon

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Date Character Player Line Post
01/03/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “Without a sound a shadow fell across her… the Breen. The helmeted figure simply stood motionless for a few moments, and then their left hand went into one of the numerous pouches on their belt and pulled out what looked like a blue sugar cube. They dropped it in the Ensign’s hand and walked past, not saying a word until they were almost out of sight. “I’ll be watching, Ensign.”
02/03/2021 Joseph Franklin Dave Eads “In the space of an instant, the wreckage and the bodies somehow cycled into the same physical reality as the Leviathan. The superstructure groaned in protest as instant mass gain took its toll on Deck 11. The deck plates rent here and there with the weight distribution changes. The same happened with the Bulkheads and ceilings. Metal squealed against metal and a deep shudder ran through the deck, quaking enough to knock someone off their feet. Conduits were severed and shorted out, systems fused with parts they weren’t meant to interact with, and ceased functioning. Bodies fell from where ever they’d been floating and crashed to the deck plates with a sickening series of thuds and smacks. The air was almost magically filled with Coolant, smoke, and other toxins, a blending of the two atmospheres.”
02/03/2021 Luna Christina Crafford “She thought it looked like food of some kind. She smelled it first old habits from long ago before reluctantly eating is. If it was drugged or poisoned she would kick the Warrant officers butt.”
03/03/2021 N/A Nicole C “I like my weapons pointy.” N/A
03/03/2021 Jeane Venneroe Kayte Moore “He went quiet, letting the words hang in the air as old memories played out in his head. The horror of what he had been through would always be there written all over him, even on his face thanks to the scar cutting through his right eye. “Thank you for finding my wings pretty.” He finally said, coming back to reality.”
04/03/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “I would make a terrible Doctor I’d end up putting peoples limbs on back to front, upside down and somehow inside out!”
04/03/2021 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “She was enjoying her chat. Probably more than she should. After all, who was supposed to want to sit and stay in the company of their Commanding Officer.”
05/03/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “Yes; hopefully the anomaly will not negatively affect the communication module. But please don’t concern yourself with that; Miss Surda - this… pastry has already claimed a ship!”
05/03/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “The helmet followed Cobb as he moved. At the parting shot to Vonn, the Breen actually moved… the shoulders shrugged. “I’ve eaten worse.”
06/03/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Casela stopped flipping the knife and took a slow appraisal of Lazol, looking for hints of deception. Why? because it was habit for people to make up horrible stories to trick a counselor.”
06/03/2021 DaiMon Lazol Brian Richards “The secret that Ch’otok holds? The debt I cannot repay? Ch’otok was the one to save him during the war. He didn’t know it was my brother and had to track me down because I’ve gone to lengths to hide him away with the best care, but he is a liability. One I am responsible for.”
07/03/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Get on the Voice Trumpet and instruct the medical personnel down in Laa-Laa land to prepare for a mass casualty situation, there’s no dipsy-ing about to be done so if we need to use the holodecks so be it, I’m sure the sun baby won’t mind the program being paused for some time until this nuu-nuu of a problem has been dealt with.” He paused and felt his stomach rumble, “Oh and can we see about getting some food brought up, I fancy one of those everlasting twinky-winkys…”
08/03/2021 Joseph Franklin / Akirel Ros Dave Eads / David Shotton “Finally, she broke through Neptune’s wrath, And reached far Eden’s shores. Now Ne’er returns our Augustine, Her Crew will sail no more.”
09/03/2021 Hawkeye Logan Christopher Logan “As 20:00 hours rolled around Logan then decided to set up the game and letting the captain know by combadge //^\ Logan to the captain it’s about almost 20:00 Kal-Toh is set up if you’re willing to come down. //^"
10/03/2021 Joseph Franklin Dave Eads “The slim, dark-haired woman lay in a puddle of blood, breathing shallowly, part of the bulkhead pinning her lower legs to the deck. The hitch in her respiration was a sign one of her lungs had collapsed. A jagged piece of metal peaked out from its place in her torn gold uniform, just below her left collar bone. She didn’t have long before the lack of oxygen that had stolen her consciousness would also rob her of brain activity. Unless the blood slowly filling her punctured lung caused a rupture and further internal bleeding.”
10/03/2021 EvilJen Jennifer Ward “Something Bella had been screaming was nagging at Lanshay, and she was turning it over in her mind.Bella’s wordless screams turned to pleas. “Help! Wit me go! I don’t wanna go wit you!” Hearing her cries, Lanshay pushed her self up stumbling towards them, to help Bella. Bella was crying in earnest her words slipping from her normal clear speech. “I wish I’d neber wished bor you!” And the whole scene went quiet and still.”
11/03/2021 Tal Abara Trinity Fister “A shiver chased down her spine and infected her body with a deep, intangible chill. She shuddered. Tal strived to shake it away, but each spasm sank its claws deeper into her skin. “Do you feel that?” Her voice trembled. She lifted her chin to meet Elron’s gaze in search of solace, but she was met by a hollow abyss and lips moving without the comfort of sound.”
12/03/2021 Irida Kovacenkov Jennifer Ward “The big burly Klingon was their containment specialist. Irida started pulling what looked like pattern enhancers out of her pack and setting them around Franklin as Lihew took scans with his tricorder trying to pinpoint exactly what frequency Franklin was fluctuating at so that he could program the enhancers to keep him stable. “Chief Vonn, might I request that every one back up to at least 200 paces, just incase this doesn’t work the first time?” Lihew requested. He was good at his job and he and Irida had a knack for thinking on their feet but he’d like to avoid unnecessary casualties.”
12/03/2021 Luna Christina Crafford “The decorations consisted of brightly colored balloons and a few bright streamers all kept at a safe distance from the captens fish. Luna a had put a sign up to let the children know to keep the balloons away from the fish tank. She had pizza of several different varieties out as well as a birthday cake.”
13/03/2021 Jin’Lor Venneroe Kayte Moore “As nervous as the teen was, he waltzed in ahead of his father and smiled at the sight before him. Waving to Luna, he said, “Hello, Miss Luna! Is this what a birthday is supposed to look like?” Lavender colored eyes looked around at everything, taking in each and every tiny detail. This was the first time in his life he had seen something like this.”
14/03/2021 Anaya Ffion Grace “She buried her head in the Captains shoulder as another spasm of pain racked her body. Her voice… barely above a whisper, and muffled by the cloth of his uniform, he could still hear her voice....“Here but not here..... Far and yet near..... Here but not here..... Far and yet near...... Here but not here..... Far and yet near.....”
14/03/2021 Surda Leonora V “Surda wasn’t concerned for Vonn. He wouldn’t have made it this far if he couldn’t dodge a half-crazed man in midair.”
15/03/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “Captain. I am Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn. You are on the Federation starship Leviathan. You will refrain from further attacks on this crew. Do so, we will aide you. Do not, and you will be dealt with. This is not a negotiation. You are in a position to demand nothing. I, on the other hand, am in a position to grant nothing. Do you understand, Captain?”
16/03/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Maybe talking about babies before wanting to go to the bedroom was like talking about a shuttle crash before getting on a shuttle.”
17/03/2021 Madison Marsh Matt Bongiorno “She entered the office and her eyes met the Admiral’s gaze. “Hello Admiral. I’m Dr. Marsh. I was recently promoted to Ensign and am reporting for my fleet assignment.” Her accent was clearly Australian and she had a relaxed demeanor about her. She did not display any signs of nervousness around Admiral Roebuck and instead appeared completely confident in herself while being in the presence of prestigious company.”
18/03/2021 Hawkeye Logan Christopher Logan “You would be a fools to say no. So I’ll go ahead and get you another thing of whiskey. I know you humans love your whiskey.”
19/03/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “So that look was a family trait, and it made her wish he’d hurry up and get home. She found she missed him even when it was irrational. That she listened for his voice, afraid that she wouldn’t hear it, her dreams replaying over and over, reaching for him and not finding him in that shuttle bay.”
19/03/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “Vonn’s hand went to one of the belt pouches on their waist and pulled out a small, black, metal rectangle with a button in the middle of one side. Vonn held it out to her,showing her the button, and pressed it. A wicked looking blade popped out of one end. They pressed the button again and it slid back. Putting in her hand, Vonn said “So now you have a knife. And kindness is a gift you give to those you trust. And not everyone is worthy of such. Be kind, yes… but always be ready.”
20/03/2021 Gil Tom Shore “Gil had jumped at the chance to join given the potential to expand his understanding of Starfleet technology, of which he was intrigued to see how they went about containing these anomalies. It was a far cry from using force fields to capture rhino-boars on the planet he’d been dumped on when he was a slave, but he was confident that there was some overlap.”
21/03/2021 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “Nothing says special ops like someone getting a medal for coaxing a CO out from under a desk in a firefight ‘before’ he soils his britches.”
22/03/2021 Tal Abara Trinity Fister “I have limited data on these anomalies, so I cannot detail elaborate hypotheses or experiments just yet.” She was tossing a match into a cavernous abyss, hoping to illuminate something she knew almost nothing about. Tal Abara was a woman driven by wonder and concern. “But.. I can say I’m interested in examining the effects of anomalous encounters on the humanoid psyche, and vice versa.”
22/03/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “Well I’m sure it would take less paperwork if you didn’t work for such a shady organisation but who am I to judge right? I work for the ARU”
23/03/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “She grinned watching Zachariah run the course. Despite his self-misgivings he was a fighter and in fit form. Better than when he’d first appeared on board, drunk and passed out in the CIC in his chair-a life time ago. But then she was reminded of the image of him on the view screen from Valkyrja standing like an avenging god as the Leviathan appeared out of the nether of space to defend her tiny shuttle from the Breen ship-manned by Pakled children of all things. NOW she could laugh about it, not with him, but to herself. At the time…”
24/03/2021 Hawkeye Logan Christopher Logan “Of course captain. But know I’m someone who has the logic with this game. Like I said it involves with patience and concentration.”
25/03/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “You do realize that the role of the RTF is to apply tactics and scientific solutions in order to render anomalous entities either contained or destroyed, do you not? And the application of those solutions is often done against the will of the entity? And by the very nature of imposing our will upon said entities, we are often called upon to apply force up to and including deadly force?”
26/03/2021 Admiral Roebuck Sharon Miller “But please believe me when I tell you that the Leviathan is the most dangerous ship I have ever set foot on. And these creatures that you will be studying, these anomalies…they make the Borg look like teddy bears, the Cardassians like playful kittens.”
26/03/2021 DaiMon Lazol Brian Richards “I tell you this Captain because I want you to know why I do what I do. Why I tend to push scientific advancement over the ‘Starfleet’ safety concerns. Do I seek profit? You’ve seen my quarters, you know my record, I have enough gold pressed latinum to buy a fleet and that’s exactly how I got here.”
27/03/2021 Joseph Franklin Dave Eads “We tried to save them, but there was no place for them any longer in your reality. So we have given them to you, as part of yourself. You must leave now, there is no place for you here and we must not travel beyond this place. Our… condolences, Joseph Franklin. Farewell.”
28/03/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “Shrugging his shoulders, he returned to his makeshift workbench; after all, not all experiments were successes - and rarely did they go as planned. There was always the future.”
28/03/2021 Luna Christina Crafford Luna caught Durheims disappointment. She smiled ” you can always test it on pantspider next time he gets out.”
29/03/2021 Jeane Venneroe Kayte Moore “Jeane glanced to Jin’Lor for a moment as he stood there, wings pressing firmly to his back. “Nightmares again,” He said in almost a whisper. “I don’t like to sleep.”
30/03/2021 Gil Tom Shore “However when Gil sniffed the glass of whiskey Cobb had given to him he wrinkled his nose and opted to just cradle the glass in his hand and hope Cobb wouldn’t notice he wasn’t going to drink from it.”
30/03/2021 Joseph Franklin Dave Eads “Then he laughed. There was no joy in, but the bitterness of true understanding. The valve of grief allowing tension to decrease, but doing nothing to actually stem the tide of pain.”
31/03/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “Mr. Cobb had said “earliest convenience”, after all… And Jonathan could be a very literal person when it suited him. Not that disrespect was intended, of course.”
31/03/2021 Madison Marsh Matt Bongiorno “It seems that at least some of the rumors of the Leviathan are true. This ship is a haunted house and you totally earned a nice scare there.”

Wow! These are all outstanding lines from the crew. There are definitely wonderful writers aboard! Thank you for sharing this with us Sharon.

  • Matt

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