Suprize enginering lession ( Captens redy room)

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Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Suprize enginering lession ( Captens redy room)

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Cerenity was bord her attempt to fix the trycorder had ended with the stupid thing Zapping her. So she decided to take it to the Captain perhaps he could teach her how to fix it. The computer said he was in his redy room. She found it easy through the Jefferys tubs. Last thing she wanted was for Cas to catch her wondering the ship.

Eventually the three year old poped theow a panel right into the captens office. ” Ups” she said looking around. Hopfuly the captain had not seen her.

The captain had, of course, seen her. He was already slightly anxious of Gen’s proclivity for materialising from thin air when he least expected it. And now he had Cerenity appearing through walls!
“Miss Cerenity,” he looked down at the child as a teacher might regard a mischievous student, “it is for this precise reason that I ensured the Leviathan is fitted with doors. And plenty of ‘em.”

Cerenity looked up at him and smiled at him with that mischievous she did do well. She had to have gotent that from Loki. ” im sorry the shadows were harassing me again and I took a wrong turn i ment to just come out on this deck and use the door. But I kinda panicked and well. ” she pointed to the panel that was now open.

Then noticing the tricorder in her hands, he added more gently, “What have you got there then, eh? Have you come to scan me?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I can my trycorxer is right her.” Pulling the trycoder she had been given for her birth from her pocket.” This one she said holding the broken one up is a broken medical trycorder i tried fixing it and when I went to test it it zapped me and died I was hoping you could help” she asked.

“Well now, let’s see,” Cobb replied, holding out a hand for the tricorder, while simultaneously producing a small jar of cookies from the other. Laying the tricorder on top of his desk, the captain reached for the set of basic engineering tools in his drawer and then, one by one, placed them in a line before her.
“Hyperspanner, decoupler, phase coil resonator…” he named each item in turn. “Now, let us open this thing up and see what’s going on inside, eh?”

Cerenity nodded as the captain spoke. When he opened the trycorder he would notice that she had put several components in backwards and crossed multiple wires.

As he worked, Zachariah glanced down at Cerenity. “So, those shadows still troubling you?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” yah I’m sorry captain, its my fault there here they followed me from the Viking and now your ship and crew are in Danger” cerenity whimpered about redy to cry.

Immediately, Zachariah laid his tools down on the desktop and, reaching out, took hold of the child’s hands.
“Now you listen to me, Miss Cerenity,” he began, his tone gentle yet authoritative all the same. “Whatever has followed you from the Viking, whatever bothers you now on the Leviathan, it is in no way your fault. Do you understand? And if we are indeed in danger, then there is no other ship in this quadrant better placed to begin the fight back. Eh?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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