Sickbay - CWO Vonn, Algae Farmer

Posted April 8, 2021, 6:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Sickbay - CWO Vonn, Algae Farmer

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - CWO Vonn, Algae Farmer

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Sickbay - CWO Vonn, Algae Farmer
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The doors to Sickbay opened and the subject of much of the current gossip flooding the ship walked through the doors. Almost seven feet tall, fully encased in an armored suit and helmet, the Breen RTF Commander walked past two nurses with jaws agape and into the room, stopping in the most obvious spot they could without actually being in the way. To noone in particular, Vonn’s voice said “I am here to speak with the Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox.”

Vonn, RTF Commander

One of the slack jawed Nurses squeeked and fled across the medical bay. Very unprofessional. She vanished inside the CMOS office and a few seconds later the lab coat covered figure of the doctor emerged. The nurse nowhere in sight.

Theodore paused in front of this new crew member and surveyed them a moment before turning to the other nurse. “Nurse Rattched, Nurse Greene seems to have fainted in my office after conveying her message. If you would be so kind as to see to her.” He stared at the nurse a few moments until she managed to peel her eyes away from the new comer and did as he asked.

To Vonn, Theodore then turned his attention. “My Apologies it seems your reputation has already preceded you. I am Doctor Theodore Knox, chief medical officer. Can I assist you today? I assume you are reporting for a boarding evaluation?”

Dr Knox

The Breen’s helmet turned slightly to face the new arrival. A wholly artificial voice, devoid of emotion or inflection, came forth from the helmet and said “I am Chief Warrant Officer Vonn. Protocol stipulates I must check in with you, Doctor. Perhaps once your nurse has been attended to, we could speak in your office.” The last part could have been a question, but whether or not it was was left up to the Doctor.

Vonn, RTF CO

Theodore raised his eyebrows slightly and nodded. “The nurse will be moved momentarily if you’d like to follow me.” He said walking towards the office. Sure enough two others were moving the half revived nurse out of the way. She saw Vonn approach and swooned again. They hurried away out of sight to the nearest biobed.

The doctor stood at the doorway and waved his companion in front of him. “After you.” He said.

Dr Knox

The imposing figure of the Breen walked past the Doctor without a word and into the office. Standing wholly and completely motionless, Vonn waited for the CMO to enter and shut the door.

Theodore followed and did close the door. He moved to his desk.

Once that had been done, the voice came through the helmet again. “My apologies for the effect my presence had on your staff, Doctor. I am here to discuss my on-boarding assessment with you and to ask if you have the capabilities of hydroponic growth in a sterile medium kept below freezing.” it stated, standing in front of the desk.

Vonn, RTF CO

Theodore inclined his head, “Please, do not concern yourself. My staff will either learn to cope with minor unexpected situations or will seek an easier assignment.” He said pleasantly. No love lost there it seemed.

He considered “I am sure we can accommodate such a request. I would be remiss in my duty of care however if I did not ask why such a request would be necessary of course. ” He said and waved at a chair. “Please, sit if you are of the mind to.”

Dr Knox

The Breen remained standing, but it’s left hand dropped to the belt around it’s waist and opened a small pouch. As they did, a sort of puff of cold water vapor issued forth from the pouch, and their fingers pulled out a small, frost covered, translucent cube that glowed with a very soft blue light. “Algae. Native to my home world.” the synthetic voice explained. “It serves as the basis for all of our medicine; be that internal or topical. I will require a supply if I am ever injured.” and they set the cube on the CMO’s desk. They then produced an optical chip and set it beside the cube. “Schematics for a standard algae cultivation pod designed by the Breen. I believe form a medical logistics point of view, having one present in Sickbay would be beneficial. If you object, I will have one in my quarters as well. You can always retrieve a sample from there… although I would recommend anyone doing so prepare before hand.”

Vonn, RTF CO

Theodore watched the cube a moment then looked up. He was itching to pick it up and examine it. He kept his expression neutral however. “Of course. It is prudent to ensure you have access to medical care if required.” He said and indicated the cube. “May I?” He asked.

Dr Knox

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