Pre-Sim: CMO - Medical Check-in

Posted April 9, 2021, 2:06 a.m. by Ensign Dr. Madison Marsh (Senior Researcher (Exobiology)) (Matt Bongiorno)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim: CMO - Medical Check-in

Posted by Ensign Dr. Madison Marsh (Senior Researcher (Exobiology)) in Pre-Sim: CMO - Medical Check-in
After checking in with one of the nurses in sickbay, Madison sat down on one of the many biobeds. Just like the bridge, the Leviathan’s medical center was without any doubt state of the art compared to any Madison had ever seen in her life. She crossed her legs at her ankles as her feet dangled off of the biobed. Madison was clearly off duty sporting a fuchsia tank top, bright blue leggings, and color coordinated runners. The bright lights reflected off of her blonde hair that was tied in a loose top bun style. There was no question that this woman had a great fashion sense and an elegant style when it came to her appearance. She appeared to be ready to run a marathon afterwards in one of the holosuites. She had already booked her first hour earlier that morning and was ready to have some time to herself to reflect on her new role as a Starfleet Officer. After waiting for a few minutes, she saw the Doctor heading towards her. Madison politely looked up to meet their gaze and provided them with a friendly closed lip smile upon their arrival.

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher - Exobiology

“Good day.” Theo said with a smile as he pulled a pair of black , elbow length gloves from his hands. “I am Doctor Knox. Can I assist you?”

Dr Knox

Madison had a slight closed lip smile come across her soft pink lips. “Hello Doctor Knox, I am Doctor Marsh.” She offered her hand to Doctor Know for a firm handshake and to greet him in a professional manner. “It is a pleasure to meet you sir. How are you doing on this fine day?” There was a twinkle in her sky blue eyes as she made direct eye contact with Doctor Knox and spoke with a tone of confidence in her voice. “I was recently assigned to the Leviathan as an Ensign Senior Researcher in Exobiology. I have come here for my boarding physical.” Her voice was calm with a definitive Australian which immediately stuck out like a sore thumb in the conversation. “I am ready to begin when you are sir.”

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher Exobiology

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