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Posted April 9, 2021, 7:02 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

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While on the outside Theo began the process of brain surgery, inside in a space that both was and was not Theodore found himself watching a confused looking version of the counsellor. He stood, dressed all in black, his black leather apron on and a pair of black elbow length gloves completing the look and raised both his eyebrows. “Well, well well…I must say this is an…” he paused to consider his words. “Shall we say unexpected pleasure. Good morning to you counsellor, welcome to the inner workings of my mind, I’d offer you a seat but we seem to be rather sparse on furnishings and I am otherwise occupied you see.” He indicated what for ease of explanation seemed to be a similar set up to a bridge view screen where he could see the counsellors prone form and his own hands busy working.

Casela blinked, she did not raise one brow as was her normal reaction to interesting or unexpected events, there were two of him talking in tandem, or almost like binaries. She glanced at the ‘view screen’ and chocked back the rising terror. It was clearly herself, and there was no doubt that the crew and location was Leviathan. Why was she trying to harm Knox? She’d clearly meant to attack him, but why? Her gaze turned back to the men, somewhere some self preservation or clarity came to her, “I’m booking the two of you appointments for the next month at least.” But then the clarity was gone with a sudden torrent of pain. Not just the migraines Hampton’s weapon had initiated but this was…she glanced out the view screen and really wished she hadn’t. He was mucking about in her brain (she turned her back firmly to it) but the pain didn’t match what he was doing, but her mental image waivered though her grip did not release.

“As to what I am doing to you, I am endeavouring to keep you alive. You were not entirely truthful with me regarding what was done to you by ‘The Doctor’ were you? Or regarding your current state of health.” His lips curled and he clicked his tongue. “ tut-tut-tut.” He emphasised the sound still smiling “it won’t do.”

Dr Knox

Being uninformed was an obstacle that Casela over came many times and it didn’t phase her. But this was more than that, she was confused, in intense pain, and had no idea what Knox was talking about. “I did not lie or hedge. You know as much as I do about what he did to me.” Know was there when she arrived on Centurion. He knew everything. She was confused and felt like he was trying to trick her. “What are you talking about? Why are you messing in my head? What’s wrong?” There was a sudden stabbing pain and a flash of repressed memory. She’d been unable to read the doctor’s mind with the blockers in place. She’d regained consciousness while he was working but all she remembered was pain. She resisted the urge to lash out. If Knox was working with The Doctor then she had to be careful or he’d give her drugs. “What did he do that I didn’t tell you?” She fought for the memories but they brought more pain, intense pain that cause adrenaline and brain wave spikes. Her grip released and her image flickered. “My health?” she had nothing to hide about her health. Other than Hampton she was fine, wasn’t she? “You’re trying to confuse me.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“My dear lady.” Theodore told her. “Why would I be trying to confuse you?” He stalked around her, his hands clasped behind his back as he walked. “Perhaps you are unaware. Interesting,hmm…” he said thoughtfully and paused to look at the screen where the part of him that was Theo was working.

Dr Knox

“Unaware of what?” Her voice snapped. He was talking in riddles and confusing her. She had a sickening feeling he was doing it on purpose. He was Section after all. She’d never had a reason to not trust one of their doctors, but she was starting to wonder. A biproduct of the repressed memories making incorrect connections to current events. “I am NOT your experiment!” But at this time Casela would be unaware of that. She was in no state to psychoanalyze herself. In sickbay she started to rouse, the anger, fear, confusion, and attempt to figure out what Theodore was talking about dragging her out of the fog. She began to vomit (anesthesia could do that, and why patients didn’t eat before surgery, which Casela had not) the realization that the sick feeling was actually people touching inside her body made her sick, and she was waking up in the middle of it. She desperately wanted Ryder, he’d help her figure out what was happening. But she wouldn’t reach for him and she wouldn’t tell Knox, what if she couldn’t trust him? But it was possible Ryder might feel her distress and fear through that deeper connection anyway.

“Aren’t you?” Theodore asked with another smile. “No matter, it is unlikely you’ll remember this anyway my dear.” He said then looked back to the screen “I think we should do something about this.” He added, not to Casela.

A thought returned, one that was Theodore and also not at the same time. yes I think you may be right.

The pain and nausea took her in intense waves and she wanted it to stop. “I feel sick. Doctor I think I’d like to not know what you are thinking anymore, I’d like a Psilosynine blocker and I’d like you to knock me out with more than gas please. I don’t want to be aware for this anymore.” Her image disappeared and on the surgical table she was desperately trying to push the medical staff’s hands away from her body.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Externally, Theo was busy running the sub-dermal regenerator over an area of the counsellors brain. “It would be in everyone’s best interests if the counsellor did NOT return to full consciousness.” He snapped at the medical staff present.

=^= Computer activate restraint field. =^= he said

The staff immediately attempted to stabilise Casela’s condition. Another dosage of the sedative was given. Theo frowned.

Internally Theodore tsked as Theo added. “I cannot block the Psilosynine right now. Your levels are too unstable and the damage to the area is more severe than I had anticipated.”

The medical staff glanced at one another slightly confused as to who he was speaking to.

That was unexpected. Theo thought. hmmm was the only thought in response. He switched tools and frowned as he worked.

Meanwhile, NE Starling had finished the rib repair and was in the process of closing the wound.

Dr Knox

The sedative took effect and it was blissful blackness for Casela just moments later. Casela heard the request for the restraining field and she tried to be still, she understood his concern for one brief moment before she blacked out again. But without the blocker it was like a living purgatory for the medical staff. Sudden stabbing headache pains that were gone as soon as they started, cold chills, stumbles from the feeling of being watched, insidious whispers, cries for help, and it went on.

The medical staff, under Knox’s instruction and their own incredible skills, stabilized Casela allowing them to finish their work, despite her erratic telepathic escapades. And true to his word, Casela wouldn’t remember any of it when she woke up.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Some time later, Theo finished sealing the incision he had been forced to make in the counsellor’s skull and placed the instrument on the tray. He moved the surgical frame back and surveyed his handiwork. The task was not yet completed but it would have to do…for now. He had more tests to run.

“Thank you everyone.” He said to the collective staff. “Starling. Please take the patient to recovery. I’d suggest something for disorientation and nausea before you begin to bring her around. I’ll be by to check on her in 15 minutes.” He moved off, taking with him a copy of the surgical report on a PaDD.

Wonderfully fascinating specimen that one. he thought as he walked back to his office, uninterested in the other goings on around sickbay. He was absorbed in the readouts. Yes…wonderfully fascinating but decidedly much more complex than initially anticipated. Theodore thought as he considered the mind of the woman breaking into his subconscious space. He moved into his office and shut the door.

Some fifteen minutes later, Starling had moved their patient to recovery and was in the final process of checking her vitals when, true to his word, Knox made his reappearance, now back in his duty uniform and lab coat. “How are we doing.” He asked looking at the readouts himself. He sat then, to wait for Casela to come around.

Dr Knox

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