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Posted April 10, 2021, 3:27 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Surgery Time

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Surgery Time

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Surgery Time
Some time later, Theo finished sealing the incision he had been forced to make in the counsellor’s skull and placed the instrument on the tray. He moved the surgical frame back and surveyed his handiwork. The task was not yet completed but it would have to do…for now. He had more tests to run.

“Thank you everyone.” He said to the collective staff. “Starling. Please take the patient to recovery. I’d suggest something for disorientation and nausea before you begin to bring her around. I’ll be by to check on her in 15 minutes.” He moved off, taking with him a copy of the surgical report on a PaDD.

Wonderfully fascinating specimen that one. he thought as he walked back to his office, uninterested in the other goings on around sickbay. He was absorbed in the readouts. Yes…wonderfully fascinating but decidedly much more complex than initially anticipated. Theodore thought as he considered the mind of the woman breaking into his subconscious space. He moved into his office and shut the door.

Some fifteen minutes later, Starling had moved their patient to recovery and was in the final process of checking her vitals when, true to his word, Knox made his reappearance, now back in his duty uniform and lab coat. “How are we doing.” He asked looking at the readouts himself. He sat then, to wait for Casela to come around.

Dr Knox

The readouts that had so concerned Knox had stabilized and everything else seemed normal. Until Casela began to wake up.

Floating in blissful unawareness, dark, warm, and mental fuzziness, Casela was quite unaware of the drastic discovers made when she should have been out cold. The heavier sedation given as Knox worked on her cranium erasing any possible memory of the medical restraints and her survival induced mental lashings of the medical staff. But as Starling began waking her up there was the confusion and discomfort at a distance that she willingly attempted to turn away from. A slight increase of labored breathing would indicate a returning to awareness. The pain increased with her awareness building her confusion exponentially. She was aware she’d had surgery and why but with modern technology there should be no pain. The light, even behind her closed lids, was blinding and burning. The sounds, the soft hiss of a hypo, air moving near silently though mouths and nose, the dull snick of closing tricorder, distant voices, all were like sledge hammers against her ears, burning through the auditory nerve. Nurses reading and recording information, Dr Knox discussing her condition with Dr. Knox, confused staff over strange sensations and stabbing pains, made her dizzy and nauseated. Fear, loneliness, love, happiness, frustration, curiosity, pride, triumph, failure: it all bombarded through her mind. The pain making her groan and then scream as it intensified. She tried to roll, she was going to be sick, but her ribs wouldn’t allow her to move. Where was Ryder? He could tell her what was wrong. No…no he would be with Gen. She didn’t want Gen here, the Doctor might hurt her too. No the Doctor was dead. Knox wouldn’t hurt Gen. Ryder, what’s wrong with me? Despite being unaware of what had transpired during the surgery, instinctively Casela knew she was not okay.

She cried out again her arms raising to shield her face as her sudden out burst brought the attention of the medical staff and those thoughts in turn increased the pain.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

The medical staff moved as trained to help but Theo held up a hand. “Thank you, that will do.” He said quietly. He positioned his seat closer to bed, almost silently and waved a hand dismissing the rest of the staff from the recovery area.

Once they were gone he made a concentrated effort to stem the flow of his thoughts and the noise of it therein and took Casela’s wrist itch his index and middle finger over her pulse point. “Can you hear me?” He asked in all but a whisper as he watched the woman return to consciousness.

Dr Knox

Casela made a surpreme effort to not make any more noise but anyone with empathy would know she was in a great deal of pain. The only sense that didn’t seem to be causing her pain was touch, but the sudden touch of the doctor’s hand to her pulse startled her slightly. Carefully and deliberately she put that hand down, the other still covering her face. “Yes” she wanted to scream at him. How could she not hear him when he was yelling, but she didn’t because the sound of her own voice made her wince. Of course it wasn’t his voice that was loud but his accompanying thoughts. But she was in too much pain and something was terribly wrong for her to tell the difference. The pain caused another wave of nausea, this time she turned her head, knowing her body wouldn’t move, certain she’d lose her dinner from the night before, coughing and gagging. The movement making thrumbing waves that muted every sense but the pain through her head.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

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